The girl first tasted the forbidden fruit and concealed the abortion surgery from her family.

There are countless flower season girls lying on the cold operating table. Due to the initial tasks, they suffer from physical and mental torture.

In Shanghai, a hospital that specializes in an accidental pregnancy service center for the girls is set up, and there are endless streams of people visiting by phone or QQ every day.

Today, the girl Xiaowei came to the hospital alone for abortion surgery. After registering, it ranked No. 13.

Behind Xiaowei, there are still many girls waiting outside. They have no smile on their faces and face.

In the operating room, the pale yellow light seemed to be so warm, and the doctors were performing surgery in an orderly manner.

In the office, the call call is still continuous.

After investigation by the hospital, there were many little girls who came to the abortion surgery during the summer vacation of the school.

In this case, Dr. Yu has seen it many times.

When it comes to Xiao Wei, Dr. Yu was curious and heartache.

A week ago, Xiaowei sent a information to Dr. Yu through QQ.

When I saw the other party as Xiao Wei, Dr. Yu suddenly remembered the little girl who had come to the hospital once.

Xiaowei said on QQ that she was going to the hospital to find Dr. Yu today. Xiao Wei thought for a long time and made a few words in the chat box: I was pregnant again.

Seeing this news, Dr. Yu stunned for a while. In just a few months, why would this little girl get pregnant again?

Dr. Yu clearly remembered that half a year ago, Xiao Wei came to the hospital for help.

When Dr. Yu saw her for the first time, the first impression was that the girl was very wild.

Xiaowei said to Dr. Yu: "Doctor, come to you when you are pregnant?"

Doctor Yu replied in surprise: "Yeah, how do you know that you are pregnant?"

Xiaowei claimed that he had already tested at home, showing two red bars on it.

As a result, Dr. Yu asked if Xiao Wei had had a heritage before, however, Xiao Wei bowed his head and said nothing.

She was silent for a long time, and finally said: I did it once.

This made Dr. Yu very heartbroken. In Dr. Yu’s view, such a small girl’s body has not been fully developed, and she is about to face the third abortion surgery.

This will not only cause great harm to her body, but also have a negative impact on her psychology.

In a hurry, Dr. Yu immediately advised Xiao Wei to come to the hospital for a regular examination.

After Xiao Wei came to the hospital for examination, she found that she had been pregnant for more than two months.

When Dr. Yu talked to Xiao Wei about pregnancy, when he mentioned her boyfriend, Xiao Wei became extremely excited.

Xiaowei said to Dr. Yu: "I really listen to him, and want to stab him to death."

Dr. Yu paid special attention to this kind of radical thought.

So, what happened between Xiaowei and her boyfriend?

Xiaowei has lived in a insecure family since she was a child. His parents often quarreled and lived in such a family, so that Xiaowei rarely felt the harmony and warmth of the family.

Xiaowei said that her father could not do business all day long, and she would have gambling the house because of gambling.

In order to maintain her livelihood, Xiaowei’s mother went to work abroad when she was in junior high school, and her father seemed to treat her mother as a cash cow. She always asked her to ask for money, and her daughter became a punching barrel when he was frustrated.

Under his father’s scolding, Xiao Wei, who was adolescent, gradually had a rebellion.

I do n’t go home frequently, I have been staying with my friends.

Once when she went to the nightclub, Xiao Wei met a sister, and she was also taken care of by her sister, just like her sister.

At that time, Xiaowei was contaminated except to be a lady.

After Xiao Wei’s mother returned to China, Xiao Wei was also very strange to her.

Several times Xiaowei took her boyfriend home and was scolded by her mother. She didn’t want her daughter to mix with the man outside.

In the anger, Xiao Wei left the house.

After that, Xiao Wei found that she was pregnant. When she told this matter to her boyfriend, he directly denied that he was his child.

This made Xiaowei hurt her, and her boyfriend did not dare to tell her mother regardless of herself.

However, the paper was always unable to cover the fire, and her mother still learned about it, and she was very angry.

The hospital also considers that this is the third time Xiaowei had a abortion surgery. Therefore, in order to recover after surgery and psychological suppression, Dr. Yu called Xiaowei and his mother to the hospital for guidance.

Here, Xiaowei’s mother also felt that she had an unspoken responsibility before, and finally accepted Xiaowei and brought her home.

In addition to solving Xiaowei’s problem, Dr. Yu must also pay attention to another girl Wenwen.

Wenwen is very quiet, but when it comes to the flow of abortion surgery, when she needs her parents to sign, she seems very conflict, saying that she does not want her parents to know what she is.

At the same time, she also said to the hospital: "If you tell my father this matter, I will jump off the building."

Through Dr. Yu’s inspection of Wenwen, she was more than four months pregnant.

The hospital stipulates so. For minors, the hospital’s surgery must be signed by the guardian.

The hospital was helpless. Since Wenwen didn’t want her father to know, Dr. Yu thought of finding her boyfriend to discuss.

When I mentioned her boyfriend, Wenwen’s face appeared with a smile, and the relationship between the two sides should be deep.

Wenwen and her boyfriend chatted on QQ. Whether it was at the beginning or development for a long time, her boyfriend has always regarded Wenwen as his life.

Since the relationship, Wenwen has been very happy, but what he did not expect was that the accident would come to her head.

Normally, Wenwen felt that her body was very uncomfortable, and she wanted to vomit as soon as she lay down. She wondered if she was pregnant for the first time.

The anxious Wenwen told her boyfriend first, and her boyfriend asked her to buy a pregnancy test stick to check it yourself. As a result, she was really as expected.

So he came to the hospital with his good friend. Wenwen had never dared to tell his father this matter, so he called his boyfriend.

My boyfriend’s words make Wenwen feel slightly comforted: You can rest assured, I will help you solve it.

After listening to her boyfriend’s words, Wenwen was no longer as nervous as it was.

However, after two days in a row, Wenwen, who was lying on the bed, still failed to wait for the news of her boyfriend, and did not answer the phone.

All this gradually disappointed Wenwen, as if he had fallen into the abyss.

Because no one signed, Wenwen’s induction of labor has not been able to perform, which also made Dr. Yu start to worry.

As a result, Dr. Yu talked with Wenwen.

During the conversation, Dr. Yu found that when Wenwen was three years old, his parents had been divorced, and Wenwen also sentenced his mother, but later, his father insisted on picking up Wenwen and raising her carefully.

After that, the father also found a second marriage, and Wenwen began to live with her grandmother. Gradually, Wenwen grew up.

Due to the unsatisfactory grade, Wenwen studied his job high, and when he reached the back, Wenwen was not interested in learning, and he was fascinated by chatting online.

Occasionally, I met her current boyfriend on the Internet. Therefore, Wenwen also had a grandma dating her boyfriend many times, and occasionally spent the night outside.

Today, Wenwen knows that it is no longer possible to rely on her boyfriend and can only rely on her father.

Dr. Yu had to call her father. However, her father said such a sentence: I didn’t expect what I was worried about happened.

At this point, Wenwen’s father had to agree to sign the surgery of his daughter to the hospital. However, Wenwen’s father was unwilling to go to the ward to see Wenwen.

For girls who are in adolescence, what they want most is the care of their parents, and a warm and harmonious family is stronger than anything.

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