The girl has a small white point on her chest. What is it?Is it a sign of the disease?


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In many people imagined

Girls’ breasts may be smooth and round,


But in fact

Such a chest may indeed only exist

Virgin imagination

General chests will have such characteristics

For example, there will be some small particles above

Some of the most cutting -edge are recessed

There are even asymmetric asymmetric

Let’s explore the first question first

1. Why will there be a circle on the chest?

The mysterious white little point?

This is actually a normal physiological phenomenon

In the chest

There are some glands you can’t see

Called "Moncore glands"

It was quietly staying inside

Until the change of female hormones

Such as pregnancy or something

This glands will be stimulated to become raised

Become "Montessori Nodule"

That is what you can see with the naked eye

A small white bump around the areola

You just think this thing is observed

That’s wrong

They protruding at this time are useful

It can secrete a "lubricant"

Make women’s chest softer

Convenient to feed your baby

2. Why do some chest and nipples fall in?

The degree is not the same

Once: Just part of the head in I am injecting

Can be squeezed out by hand

Two degrees: The nipples are completely trapped in

Squeeze out with your hands for a while and shrink back again

Three degrees: nipples are completely buried in

Can’t squeeze it at all

This phenomenon may have men and women

Not a big problem

It’s a small disease called nipples

Some even have no need to intervene at all

I can pull it out by myself for a while

Or find an object to pick you up

You can go to the hospital for "attractive therapy" in the second degree


Three degrees require a nipple bracket


If you have been good before

I fell in after myself

That is most likely mastitis and mammary ducts

Caused by diseases such as tumors

It’s best to go to the hospital for an examination

3. Why do some chests be big on the side?

I have to tell everyone a fact

There are almost no fully symmetrical chest in the world

One big and one is normal

But some may not be able to see it

Data Display

About 10%of the breasts will exist

Obvious asymmetric visible to the naked eye

Of course, it is also divided into innate and acquired days

Two cases


It is when adolescent development

Estrogen to remind them to grow up

Sensitive, just grow long as soon as you call

Slowly, I don’t wake up if I shout

Finally, it turned into a big one


It may be different living habits

For example, some people like to use their left hand to raise things

The muscle exercise over there is greater

It will also make people feel asymmetric on both sides

Don’t worry

It can be regarded as your unique personal characteristics

4. Why are there black hairs of the chest president?

Like this

It’s a bit hindered

Make many girls and objects frankly meet


But in fact, this is normal

The hair follicles are distributed in our body

There are also around the nipples

Naturally, some hairs will come out

As long as it is not too exaggerated

Black Mao Daosang

Presumably the other party will not mind

5. Touch the lump in the chest, is it cancer?

Some girls touched themselves

Might discover

"Why is it hard?"


Actually you may feel through the feel

Come and judge what the problem is!

If you feel irregular

A few small pieces

It will hurt a little bit when you touch it

So it may be breast hyperplasia

Tumor is not tumor or cancer

It’s endocrine disorders

It’s okay to rest well

If you feel it, it is the hard block of the rules

Push push and can slide, and it doesn’t hurt

That may be breast fibroma

A common benign tumor

The threat is also relatively small

But if you feel a lot and hard

And the kind that can’t be pushed, and it doesn’t hurt

It is very likely that "breast cancer"

Go to the hospital to check carefully!

The above is about the whole chest

Some little knowledge

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