The Guangdong woman was pregnant in December, and her belly weighed 60 kilograms, but the examination did not get pregnant.

In 2009, the 24 -year -old Guangdong woman did not produce in December with a weight of 110 kg and a giant belly of 60 kg.Unexpectedly, after the examination, he found that he was not pregnant, and the husband said: You go.

Peng Ximei, born in Huazhou, Guangdong, has been headed by poor children early. Peng Ximei, who dropped out of school early. In order to take care of the elderly parents, she grew 2 early workers every day.

Girls of the same age have long been married, and their children are already in several years.

In recent years, many matchmakers have come to the door one after another, and she has been politely rejected by her.

Waiting until the age of 24, Peng Ximei was introduced to the guy in the same village by the person.

In her heart, there was a heart that eager for love, but she understood that the ideal love was not a matter of two people. It was related to the running -in of the two families, and she needed to work hard to create.

In this regard, she knows more than most girls.Life after marriage was also considered as her husband, as she thought.

During the day, Peng Ximei was always busy, cooking, sweeping the floor, and cleaning up the house. The seemingly ordinary house was cleaned up as new as she took care of and won the praise of the neighbors.

Not only that, she also took the task of cleaning her in -laws. She was busy at night, and she also watched TV with her in -laws, chatting and laughing.

According to her words, as long as she is diligent and strives to make the daughter -in -law’s duty, she can win the affirmation of her husband and in -laws, and the future will definitely be better.

Unexpectedly, only two years after marriage, her eyes were simple and happy, and she suddenly changed her taste.

In the past two years, family relationships and neighborhood relations have been properly handled by Peng Ximei. Only the stomach has not moved.

Gradually, seeing the words of the neighbors and the seven aunts and eight wives, the mother -in -law’s attitude also changed 180 degrees.

Especially when the grandparents took the grandson, the expression on her mother -in -law’s face was particularly stiff. After returning home, she changed to Faer to find Peng Ximei’s stubble.

At the beginning, Peng Ximei thought that she was in a bad mood before she was in a bad mood. Later, she found that her husband also changed his attitude towards herself, and she realized that the problem came.

On one occasion, Peng Ximei was busy all day long, and she was too tired. She finally supported her body to make dinner well, so that her in -laws and husbands would eat first, and she fell asleep when she was cold.

I accidentally heard her mother -in -law said to her husband, "It’s not a pregnant person, and it will be exhausted. It is too delicate." I thought that her husband would help her say good. I did not expect her husband to stand on the side of her mother -in -law.

After listening to Peng Ximei, she shed tears silently, and pretended nothing to happen the next day.

A few days later, my mother -in -law listened to the words of some three aunts and six wives, and found all kinds of folk recipes, so that Peng Ximei was boiled into soup.

Peng Ximei didn’t think about it, and did not hesitate to accept it. She felt that as long as she could conceive her child early, she could accept it no matter what prescription.

This medicine is really bitter. It makes people not want to eat for a day.

I don’t know if these prescriptions played a role. After 3 months, Peng Ximei’s belly began to turn slowly.

She happily told her husband and mother -in -law that the two attitude towards herself gradually improved.

As the belly became bigger and bigger, Peng Ximei felt more and more tired, but the housework at home was not less. She dragged her tired body and walked around.

When her mother -in -law said that when she was young, she could still pick up on the street. Where did you work like you?Peng Ximei just endured crying and didn’t speak.

After finally surviving in October, she was pregnant. Seeing the due date, she was about to come.

I don’t know, I thought Peng Ximei was pregnant with 3 twins.

It stands to reason that as long as you are pregnant, you basically go to the hospital for examination every month to see the growth of the fetus.

However, her husband and mother -in -law never took Peng Ximei to do any inspections. The mother -in -law felt that in their days, they did not have a check. There was no need to go to the hospital to spend the money at home.

Later, the Zuo neighbor and right house couldn’t stand it anymore. I felt that Peng Ximei’s belly was a bit strange. It was recommended to go to the hospital for an examination.

I do n’t know. At first glance, after the inspection report came out, Peng Ximei learned from the doctor’s mouth that there was no fetus under the huge belly. Not only that, she also suffered from ovarian cancer.

This is like a thunderbolt on a sunny day, and Peng Ximei was caught off guard.

Doctors are more vague, and they are actually more troublesome than expected. Even if the surgery is removed, it will not guarantee whether it will recur again in the future.

At this time, the husband and in -laws were silent in the collective, and they didn’t say a word.

Instead, Peng Ximei was particularly calm. She didn’t ask the doctor what to do, and she immediately turned around and walked back.

After returning home, her in -laws returned to the house. Peng Ximei rubbed her sweaty palms, dragging her tired body and said to her husband, "At this point, let’s not spend this injustice. I decided to give up treatment.","

Peng Ximei rushed in her eyes, thinking that her husband would give her some comfort, but she did not expect her husband to hand in a paper breakup agreement.

At this moment, Peng Ximei’s head was buzzing, and at all, she didn’t hear some of the unpleasant words that her husband said. Her tears fell down like a bead. She signed the agreement silently, and turned to clean up the door.

However, all of this, Peng Ximei did not disclose a little news with her parents and carried it silently.

At this point, she had nowhere to settle. As I thought about it, she thought about countless species that might end all of this.

Just as she was sitting in the corridor of the hospital, she was helpless at the big belly that she couldn’t cover her clothes, and Dean Xu, who came from Guangzhou, found her from Guangzhou.

As a 46 -year -old doctor, he has never seen such a huge stomach. He stopped and asked Peng Ximei’s situation.

Unexpectedly, in a day, Peng Ximei’s life was like a roller coaster. After falling into the bottom of the valley, she climbed up again.

The dean Xu was good at diagnosis and treatment. He took the initiative to treat Peng Ximei and personally led the team to make a detailed treatment plan for Peng Ximei.

The process is relatively long. Dean Xu often encourages Peng Ximei to be strong. No matter how hard, he must live for his parents.

In order to discharge the effusion under the huge belly, Dean Xu spent several months, and after one year, Peng Ximei was sent to the operating table.

After a period of treatment, Peng Ximei’s belly gradually recovered.Although she still needs to be checked and treated regularly, her heart is full of hope.She understands that no matter what difficulties encounter, she must persist.

Later, Peng Ximei decided to use her for the rest of her life to thank Dean Xu for their kindness. She chose to be volunteers at Fu Da Hospital to help those who needed help with her.

At the same time, she shared her experience and the growth of her soul with everyone who went to the hospital to seek hope, and brought them strength and courage.

One day, Peng Ximei was organizing items on the corridor of the hospital, and suddenly felt that someone looked at her.Looking up, it was her ex -husband.He looked at Peng Ximei and came over complicatedly.

Peng Ximei did not avoid, she smiled and greeted her husband: "Hello, I haven’t seen you for a long time."

The gaze of her ex -husband stayed on Peng Ximei for a while, and found the woman in front of her, revealing a confidence and strength, as if she saw a brand new Peng Xiumei.

"Peng Ximei, you changed, really." The ex -husband said happily.

Peng Ximei responded calmly: "Yes, I changed, but I didn’t change. However, I learned to put my kindness and love to the place. I want to use my life to help those who need help those who need help., Bring them hope and warmth. "

The ex -husband nodded sadly, and his expression was late with the late regret and embarrassment.

In this way, Peng Ximei was in the hospital for 13 years.She dedicated her power at the University of Fuma Hospital to inspire and inspire every patient to enter the hospital with her own stories.

She told them that no matter how difficult and setbacks they encounter, as long as they have firm beliefs and efforts, they can create miracles.

Peng Ximei’s story spread throughout the hospital, and she became a legend of inspiring people.

Although her life has gone through a huge fluctuation, she chose to face it positively, chose to dedicate the happiness of others, and to pursue her mission.

Her story will always be remembered in the hearts of everyone who has experienced difficulties and become their motivation to move forward.

Such brave girls and kind doctors are really praised by more people!I also hope that all kind people will meet good people!


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