The hard -to -open juvenile mind

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Today, I will share with you a beautiful text of my good friend Su Xixi. He Zi was a column in the paper media period. Numerous ups and downs stories are like having a soul in her writing. I think she is the best way to write a story in the circle.One of the owners, not much to say, let’s read the text together ~


After half a month when Chen Lijun enrolled in high school, he first met his class leader.

Teacher He was 25 years old, and he was completely incompatible with the image of Kelvkko in the legend. He was thin, small, with a large slap face pale as paper. The diamond lips did not have a trace of blood, and the whole person was thin.

Such weak and fibrous fiber is still amazing. The best thing is those dark and deep eyes.

In the summer of the past, she encountered the biggest change in her life. Her newly married husband died in a car accident. During the funeral, she lost her four -month -old fetus due to excessive sadness.

The teacher in the school sighed, and was a baby boy who had already been formed. This woman, his life is hard …

As soon as Chen Lijun started school, he was tentatively scheduled to be the squad leader. He originally wanted to find an excuse to resign. After Mr. He discharged the head of the staff, he was silent and accepted the arrangement.

At that time, the provincial swimming team officially threw olive branches at Chen Lijun.

Chen Lijun has been practicing swimming since the age of five or six, and he has entered the city swimming team. Junior high school has achieved great results in large and small events in the province. His coach previously recommended him to the provincial team, but he has not been approved due to his thin figure.In the past year, Chen Lijun seemed to see the wind as if he was angry. From 163cm to 188, he won the 200 -meter freestyle gold medal in the Provincial Youth Swimming Championship in the summer.

The coach joked that the provincial team could not wait to recruit you.

There is no small difference between Chen Lijun and his family. Chen Mu believes that his family is good, and his son cannot commit desperately for the competition.On the road to career competition.

Chen Lijun felt that this was his dream. He liked to swim and also had this talent. Although he practiced swimming because of his weak constitution, he could persist later, and he was more interesting.

He dreamed of the provincial team as a springboard and joined the national team to win glory for the country in international competitions and even the Olympic Games.

The mother and son were fighting and tongue, and tried to persuade each other. After half a month after the school started, Chen’s mother won.

Chen Lijun promised his mother to go to the Test of Trial Education. Anyway, his grades are not bad. After graduating from college, he may help his mother to take care of the company or take the career of his father.The future is infinite.


Chen Lijun began to work in tuition homework. He is the kind of boy with strong personality. He strives to be the best. When you swim, you have to do the one who swim the fastest.A very small one.

Other homework was quickly made up, but English was the exception. Mother Chen invited him to the expensive online foreign teacher, and it still had little effect.

Chen Lijun accidentally revealed to his mother that the English teacher He Qing taught it well. It is said that the daughter of the physics teacher was English scum. In the previous school year, he asked Teacher He to tutor English. He never had a replenishment to a full score, which was enviable.

The speaker was unintentional listener, and Hemu quickly contacted Teacher He through the school.

He loved it at first, but in view of Chen Lijun’s father was the leader of the Education Bureau, the school may put pressure on her. Soon she was loose and promised to help Chen Lijun open a small stove to make up for English.

The meaning of Mother Chen is to ask how to ask for a family of teaching. The salary is the highest as the market price, and the monthly calculation is higher than the salary.It is also very convenient to go back and forth, but since He Qing accidentally fell into the tree pit on his way to his house, Chen Lijun refused to receive her door -to -door counseling after learning that she had night blindness.

Chen’s fox stared at her son suspiciously. In the monthly exam, Chen Lijun’s English had improved a lot. She was really reluctant to give up Ho Qing’s one -on -one counseling, but she was so suspicious of her son’s "consideration".

Chen Lijun was indifferent. Last night, Teacher He fell down and did not tighten it, but she was a young woman. If she went home at night to meet the people, something happened, and my father’s career was here.

Mother Chen thought about it, and felt that her son was very detailed. As we all know, the teacher at school is not allowed to be a tutor.The impact is not good.

After groaning for a long while, Mother Chen discussed with her son. Otherwise, you went to Teacher He’s house every night. Anyway, she lived not far away, so she was relaxed on the road and moved her hands and feet.

Chen Lijun had to agree.


Although He Qing’s community is separated from Chen Lijun’s house, it is obvious that one is a high -end residential area with green plants everywhere and flowing water.

He Qingjia is more than 80 square meters of small two -bedroom, with a small area, but the layout is extremely warm. Although the male owner leaves, the huge wedding photography of the master bedroom bedside has not been removed.At a glance, the man in the photo was handsome and handsome, with a smile on his smile, and he stunned.

He Qing quickly walked over to close the door and let him go to the study next to him.

The study room can be seen in the children’s room. The roof is drawn with a starry sky pattern. The double -layer children’s beds are covered with cartoon sheets of likes sheep and sheep, and a row of fluffy puppets on the bed.

Chen Lijun looked at the bright children’s bed and the puppets on the bed, and suddenly the heart seemed to be in pain. Even his outsiders saw these and so sad.Intersection

The two make up lessons, and they don’t talk much.

He Qing’s lectures are clear, the focus is outstanding, and the standard is very high. Chen Lijun also learns very seriously. When you encounter a timely question that you do n’t understand, it will always end in one hour.

He still wants to ask what to ask more.

I will leave if I know this tone.

Let’s continue tomorrow. Too late, your family will be anxious.

Chen Lijun smiled bitterly, and he also knew his mother’s virtue, and he would call him for five minutes to go home for five minutes late.

Later, as soon as He Qing looked up at the watch, Chen Lijun immediately started packing the schoolbag.

His English scores have begun to rise steadily, from time to time, from passing to good and excellent, the final score is basically stable at more than 130 points, ranking the top ten in the class.He also tested more than 130 points, ranking first in the whole level.

The family felt that he had no major problems in English. He canceled Teacher He’s English tutoring. Soon after the monthly examination, Chen Lijun’s scores immediately fell to the line. There was no way. English tutoring could only continue.

This is more than a year. When the second semester of the second year of high school, He Qing repeatedly resigned on Chen Lijun’s parents and said that Chen Lijun’s English foundation was strong enough. As long as you listen carefully to class, you can easily maintain excellent level.Extra counseling.

After careful consideration, the parents of the Chen family finally agreed with her request.

From beginning to end, no one asked Chen Lijun’s thoughts. Perhaps all three adults thought he was a child. He was supplemented without tutoring and did not make up for tutoring. He was determined by his performance and flat performance, not depending on his wishes.


Almost at the same time, a man began to pursue enthusiastically.

That man is a rich second generation. He is one year younger than He Qing. He is a large meat duck processing factory at home. Seeing his appearance is quite Zhouzheng. When you are out of school every day, he holds a large bouquet of flowers and leans on Hao.If you sucked cigarettes in the car, you can go out, and the public opinion is uproar for a while, and everyone is well known.

He Qing never picked up his flowers or took his car. After get off work, she walked home after work, and the man drove behind her. She was fast, and she was slow.

Chen Lijun rode a bicycle and followed them not far away. In fact, his family was very close to the school. Only in less than two stations. He often walked and went to school like He Qing.

When waiting for a half -half red light, the man got out of the car and wanted to drag He Qing into the car, and he struggled desperately. Chen Lijun quickly stepped on the bicycle and rushed over.Single -footed, turn your head to He Qing, Teacher, get on the car!

He was hesitant. The man turned around to pull her. She couldn’t think about it. She quickly jumped into the back seat. Chen Lijun stepped on the pedal quickly. After turning right, she entered a narrow roadway from the sidewalk and quickly disappeared without a trace.

The man scolded his feet behind him, and the speed was too fast. He loved the corner of his school uniform tightly, and the boy’s cheeks floated with a smile.

In front of the young child suddenly came out, Chen Lijun made an emergency brake. He loved his head on his back, and then jumped out of the car.

"Thank you just now," she raised her hand and raised her long hair in her ears. "In the future, don’t intervene in what happened between adults, go home quickly, my family is so anxious."

Chen Lijun slowly came down from the car, "The man who stunned you, would you like it for you for you?"

He love was startled, "Don’t use it, just concentrate on studying, and that man didn’t treat me, you don’t have a branch, hurry up home, ah!"

Chen Lijun patted the back seat, "I take you, and go out of this alley to the door of the community."

"No, I think of something falling in the school, you can go back first." He loved it, walked in the direction when he came, and waved with Chen Lijun while looking back, "Goodbye!"

Chen Lijun stood in the alley and looked at the love of a white skirt.

The breeze raised her long hair and skirts, and she was weak, thin, and moving.

Chen Lijun knew more than anyone. In such a seemingly thin and fragile body, there was a stubborn and tough soul hidden, and no one could shake it easily.

In addition to being unable to compete with Duoyu’s fate, she controls everything around.

Leaders rely on heavy, colleagues are harmonious, and students are respectful. Although there have been unbearable rumors, she is indifferent, neither calm nor arguing. With the time of transit, she successfully appeared in everyone, and he confirmed that this is extremely confirmed that this is extremely confirmed that this is extremely confirmed that this is extremely confirmed.That’s what she wants.


He once chased her like the rich second -generation duck.

In the middle of the two communities, there was a home to shop early. When he was in high school, he accidentally found that she was drinking soy milk to eat fritters in the early days, so he waited for her every day early, after eating breakfast, and then togetherGo to school with each other.

Three days later, he waited for almost being late at that family, and did not wait for her figure. Later, he knew that she had changed at home to eat early and rushed to school at the sky, so he also changed his work and lied to his family.Run, get up earlier, wait for her at the entrance of the community.

Who can understand the humbleness of a love teenager. In the early morning of the cold winter, he stomped his feet and rubbed his hands. When he frequently looked at her, it was almost frozen, she appeared, and she was surprised.It was very good to cover up. On the road, she smiled and asked him. Are you waiting for me?

He didn’t know that he should nod or shook his head. She smiled and handed him a warm hand -warmer treasure of a makeup box. Don’t wait for me in the future. The teacher likes to be quiet. A person feels on the road. You can return this freedom to me.?

Warmly, warm, and warm, her smile was warm. Since then, he never intercepted her on the way to school or school.

Even if he met, he kept a proper distance behind her, and never caused any trouble for her.

At the beginning of the school, he used his own duties to use his strong physique and prestige that had accumulated in his classmates for a long time.Talk to talk alone and care about care from the heart.

Later, their attitude towards her gradually changed, and no matter how bad boys, they no longer blatantly provoked their troubles. Instead, they took the initiative to maintain her authority. He knew that everything was no longer because of his threat and intimidation.treat.

Even if he pressed his father’s title, she had to make up the class to make up the class at the spare time, and she never showed the slightest. Instead, she talked with his parents.In the time when people get along alone, they have never let go of an ambiguous and embarrassing generation.

Although, he had lost his attitude in front of her more than once, either staring straight at her forgot to take back her eyes, or she smelled her fragrant face after bathing, and was out of control.

Perhaps she was really too slow and didn’t notice the burning and enthusiasm in his eyes, but it was more likely that she didn’t go to her heart at all. There were too many boys who had a good feeling for her. In her eyesThere are no different little boys who have opened their love sinus, so she showed weights lightly and was in control.

The figure of the black white skirt was turning a corner and disappeared. Chen Lijun held the handle with one hand and slowly walking in the direction of home.

Why, one day you will understand that I am not the same as other boys. I will never be a passenger in your life, and I will definitely become your final return.


When the summer is coming, I love for a day off. When she came to work the next day, a small silk scarf was surrounded by the neck, but Chen Lijun still keenly discovered that there was a trace of people on her neck, and her lips were also on her neck.Swelling.

The female teacher with gossip whispered in the corridor, saying that Teacher He almost dragged into the house by the rich second -generation suitor at the door of the house the day before yesterday.It really encountered it.

Chen Lijun walked from the side, holding his hands on his side and fisting.

Within a few days, there was a major event in the processing factory of the duck’s family. Not only was it reported that various chemical raw materials and swelling agents were added to duck blood illegally, but they were also sold out of duck meat vendors at cheap dead chickens.Flying and insects are everywhere. Some people have taken a video and uploaded the Internet after unannounced visits. Overnight, the largest local meat duck processing plant was seized by the market supervision department, fined hundreds of thousands of yuan, and ordered to rectify within a time limit.

The fines are small, and the reputation is large. After the video is out of the video, all the local large merchants have clearly refused to accept the supply of duck meat in his house.

During the sealing and rectification of the factory, the second generation of the rich slapped, "Damn, everyone said that you can overcome men, I don’t believe it, who fucks who is so bad …"

His second slap was about to fall. Someone in the oblique thorns held his wrist. He opened a hook on his nose bridge, and the blood was full of his entire face. Then Chen Lijun rode on him crazy, and opened the bow from the left and right.There are countless people around them who can’t pull it. Seeing that the second generation of the rich second generation was beaten into a pig’s head, and even the teeth were removed from two. In the exclaiming of the teachers and students, he was dragged by more than a dozen people.When he pulled up, the moment he was pulled away, he still kicked his belly …

Suddenly, He Qing’s face flashed in front of his eyes. Her fair left face was printed with distinctive five finger marks. The scars on lips collapsed due to shouting. The blood beads in the corner of the lips were shocked.Reaching out, trying to get rid of her tears and blood stains for her.

He Qing quickly twisted his face and avoided his fingers. She was trembling violently, unable to distinguish it because of anger or fear, "Chen Lijun, are you crazy! Why do you have to hit people, what do you have to do with you, hurry up!"

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