The harm of smoking to pregnant mothers is more serious than you want

In recent years, women’s smoking rates should continue to rise, but if there is a pregnancy plan, the relevant impact still needs to be understood to prepare measures in advance to ensure that a healthy baby will be given.

The risk of front placenta.In addition, there are also risks such as increasing death and newborns.

Cigarettes contain more than 2,500 chemicals, and some types of birth defects will increase. During the development of the fetus, nicotine will cause blood vessel contraction, affect the occurrence and development of certain organs, leading to corresponding deformities such as rabbit lips, jaw fissure, abdominal abdominal abdominal, abdomen, abdomenCracks, anal atresia, heart malformations, multiple fingers and deformed, kidney dysplasia, etc., but these malformations only increase risks among some people, which may be related to genetic susceptibility.

Smoking will reduce the amount of secretion of milk meal, reduce the content of fat in milk, and reduce the duration of lactation.For smoking mothers, the child’s sleeping time after breastfeeding will be relatively short.

The risk of mothers who smoke a fierce mother -in -law will increase in future imaginative diabetes.

It will increase the incidence of dead tires, the incidence of birth defects, and the incidence of low birth weight. It does not seem to increase the incidence of miscarriage or siege dying.If you continue to be exposed to second -hand smoke after birth, children are prone to asthma, allergies, and more prone to infections in lung and ear, and the probability of sudden infant death syndrome will increase.

The sooner the smoking quitting after pregnancy, the greater the benefits of mothers and fetuses, but quitting smoking at any time will be good.

It seems that the number of daily smoking does not seem to have evidence of the improvement of the end of the siege. Therefore, it is best to encourage completely quit smoking, that is, smoking is completely prohibited during pregnancy.

I am Dr. Wu, the obstetrics and gynecology department of Chengdu Monova Women’s and Children’s Hospital. If you have any other problems, please leave a message for consultation.

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