The hospital infusion of 6 weeks of pregnancy actually found that the medicine has been expired for 3 months!Check again, the fungus in the body exceeds the standard …

it is known

Pregnant women usually take medicine with caution


Mr. Gao in Xi’an discovered

The wife who is pregnant

The medicine for infusion has been expired for three months!

According to Shaanxi Radio and Television Station, recently, Mr. Gao’s wife has been pregnant for 6 weeks and has recently experienced vomiting symptoms. Therefore, he came to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Chang’an District, Xi’an. The doctor suggested that the hospitalization infusion treatment.


What made Mr. Gao didn’t expect is

When infusion to the second bottle

He discovered unintentionally

Pharmaceutical validity until January 2019

In other words, it has been expired for 3 months!

This bottle of expired medicine is the glucose intravenous injection. When Mr. Gao discovered, the expired liquid had been injected by half. He quickly called the nurse to pull out the infusion tube.

After pulling out the infusion pipe, Mr. Gao immediately contacted the doctor and then transferred directly to the Shaanxi Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital for examination.Doctor’s examination found:

The fungal value in the wife’s body

It has seriously exceeded the standard

Does the later period affect the fetus

Doctors are not allowed!

Mr. Gao told reporters that he is now worried about his wife during pregnancy. Will there be problems with expired medicines and even affect the fetus.

Moreover, the attending doctor at the time took Mr. Gao to the provincial maternal and children to leave after the number of women and children had left, but she was sorry, and then no one from the hospital contacted him again, and she did not explain why there was such a problem …Elastic

Subsequently, the reporter interviewed the staff of the hospital, and the response gave:

"I am also sorry for this kind of thing. It should not be or allowed for us. Since it has happened now, we have already begun to deal with it. The question is under investigation."

News video

At noon on the 15th, the official Weibo release of the Health and Family Planning Bureau of Chang’an District, Xi’an, explained that the traditional Chinese medicines of this incident were indeed expired medicines. At present, the dean involved in the incident is suspended, the deputy dean is removed from office, and the remaining eight people are seriously held accountable.

The results of the survey were announced in the description: The infusion of expired medicine was because the pharmacy personnel mixed with the expired liquid of the early counter with the newly added liquid, and the second was that the nurse did not operate in accordance with the standards, and the third was that the hospital had poor systems and poor regulation.

The full text is as follows

Netizens have said: So terrible!

@小 www: It’s terrible, what will happen to the glucose expire?What impact on the fetus

@兴: I am afraid that this bottle will be more than expired. If this discovery maybe it is still discovered, it is a bit terrible

@吧 _chow: That’s how the baby’s baby.EssenceEssenceIt’s okay.Feel.EssenceEssenceSo worried

@Clear: Is this a small life? This hospital is not cautious at all?

@: Now I know why I have gone to the apology. Others are still pregnant?

@上 I want to be glory: I have a aunt because I died because of the error liquid, and the expired food can’t be eaten, let alone the medicine

My gods are still pregnant women, and do not find that the hospital will continue to give the expired medicine to the patient. I really have to check it carefully.

@小 I: I also think that the hospital is very important to make a joke.

@Is not sweet: things have happened. Under this premise, sorry for this behavior is okay … It is to see follow -up, but the expired medicine is still too animal, and it has nothing to do with the infertility.

Drug management and use are strictly standardized

According to Article 49 of the Drug Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China: those who have not indicated or changed the validity period; those who do not indicate or change the production batch number; medicines that exceed the validity period, according to inferior drug theory.

In addition, the relevant provisions of the nursing system must be compared carefully to the patient’s bed name, name, medicine name, dose, concentration, time, and usage when medication is used for medication.

Materials integrated from Shaanxi Radio and Television Station, China News Agency

Edit: Shi Yu

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