The husband and wife lived for two years, and the son suspected that his mother was pregnant, which caused his parents to fight

A middle -aged man was saying: All things have to be checked with you … just face a big mouth on the face, the man stood up and pushed the woman with his elbow, and several people around him quickly came up.Persuading, it has eased a little bit.

The beating woman was Liu Wenhong, and she was playing with her own husband Luo Zhihua. They were originally a pair of life and beauty, but today, why did it cause today?The reporter interviewed a young man named Luo Bin. He was the son of Luo Zhihua and Liu Wenhong. He told us the story behind this: the relationship between the mother and father is not good, and now he has been in a state of separation for a long time.However, Luo Bin found that her mother was wrong. She always walked very close to a employee in her own restaurant, and handed over large and small affairs to the male employee for handling.Master in the hands of that employee, including rental and other affairs.From the interview, we can see Luo Bin’s dissatisfaction and complaints about his mother’s practice. Luo Bin also found that his mother Liu Wenhong’s belly seemed to be wrong, as if he was getting bigger every day, he began to doubt whether his mother was pregnant, plusMother Liu Wenhong recently walked very close to the male employee, and it was inevitable that people were suspicious.Before going to the hospital to check whether his mother was really pregnant, he immediately called his father Luo Zhihua’s phone. Luo Zhihua learned from the phone that his wife was actually pregnant.Bin told his father that he suspected that his mother was pregnant and might be living with that man before she was pregnant.So, as the son Luo Bin said, is his mother Liu Wenhong derailed male employees and conceive the opponent’s flesh?So what are the measures to know Luo Zhihua and Luo Bin after the truth?

The reporter saw Luo Zhihua rushed back in the hotel room. He claimed that he must find out this matter, so he came to the hotel to see his wife. Liu Wenhong appeared in front of the camera in a pajamas. When his son saw Liu Wenhong, he began to say that his mother andThe man outside has an improper relationship. He did not think that this sentence directly angered Liu Wenhong. She pointed her son Luo Bin with her finger, refuted the debate, and was aggressive. Now the father and son are doubting herself. Liu Wenhong is very angry because she claims herself.There was no unfair relationship with Xiao Wei, while waved a arm, and accused Luo Zhihua in the first priority. He abandoned himself at the beginning, and now he has slandered himself, as if there are some mysteries in the situation. How can this pull the husband?Have you abandon your body?Liu Wenhong told us that at that time he had gallstones and needed to go back to perform surgery, and he couldn’t take care of his daughter. He wanted to let her husband bring it. Because of the problem of taking care of her daughter, Liu Wenhong rushed her husband Luo Zhihua ashamed.Is Liu Wenhong pregnant at present?Faced with the questioning of his son and husband, Liu Wenhong put his own momentum and proposed to go to the hospital for examination. Then he discussed with Liu Wenhong to go to the hospital, but Luo Zhihua retreated.In the face, the man’s momentum is missing. His son Luo Bin also told reporters that his father was weak and liked to escape the reality. Later, he went to the hospital together. After the inspection was completed, he returned to the hotel and found another place.The parties -Xiao Wei, but this man has his own rhetoric. He explained that he was afraid of Liu Wenhong with a child in the evening, but Luo Bin said that he saw Xiao Wei stayed in his mother Liu Wenhong in the middle of the night and faced the reporter.In the interview, Xiao Wei also said that he was not ambiguous with his boss, and he was innocent and was not afraid of investigation. If he was so, he could go to the law.His mother Liu Wenhong denied that Xiao Wei also denied that his son Lu Bin had other intentions?Liu Wenhong and his son were so noisy. As a man, Luo Zhihua sat silently on the stool without any saying. Liu Wenhong said that he had quarreled with her in -laws.This made Liu Wenhong’s discouragement to her husband. Later, she checked that she was not pregnant. Liu Wenhong pulled her husband Luo Zhihua to slander her innocence. Luo Zhihua’s own personality was weak. In the face of Liu Wenhong’s strength, he was unable to fight and think about it.After leaving, he was dragged by his wife.

So this is the end. Luo Bin complained that because of his mother, he was unhappy since he was a child. There was no beautiful childhood. It was the mother who was wrong.End of this family, this oolong can be said to make this family worsen and fragmented.I hope that everyone must fulfill their responsibilities in family relations and maintain and operate their own small home with their heart.

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