The husband was paralyzed by her husband because of drinking, her mother -in -law begged her daughter -in -law to give birth to the child

The husband’s drinking caused her whole body to paralyze. The wife who was pregnant for seven months was going to give birth, and her mother -in -law kneeled to ask her daughter -in -law to give birth to the child.Because her son was paralyzed, she didn’t want to lose her only grandson.


Originally a strong guy, but now he is lying on the bed, not even his fingers, and weighs only more than 80 pounds.The matter has to start from three months ago, Hu Mou and his friends drank outside, because the continuous greedy cups in the process.As a result, the drunk and his friends drank. On the way home, the drunk friends were not very important, and accidentally strained Hu’s cervical spine.Hurry up to the hospital, and the Hu family smashed the pot to sell iron for Hu Mou had cervical correction surgery.

Although his life was kept, Hu Mou’s life was paralyzed, and he was fed by his family every day.It has spent all the money, because the economy is really difficult, the family picked up Hu home to take care of it.In order to save money to buy medicine, my father made a simple suction machine. It was also because of this ventilator. Hu Mou needed a person to keep it for 24 hours.

Hu knows that his condition has affected his family. The reason why he has been supporting it is now that he has a wish in his heart. If he wants to see a child who has not been born, he will be satisfied and will not drag his family anymore.In the figure, did Hu’s wife not want to be involved in the Hu family? Does his wife choose to escape reality?

When his father saw his son always remembered his pregnant wife, he went to his relatives on his way to bring his daughter -in -law back.Seeing the arrival of Hu’s father, he kept complaining that his daughter had suffered in his house.

It turned out that his wife He Mou didn’t want to escape after seeing her husband’s paralysis, but because her father -in -law also asked her to take care of her son when she was pregnant. He did not want to suffer from his daughter in the second half of his life.

He persuaded Father to leave his son and don’t think about his grandson anymore. If he wants his grandson, he must make a choice.After listening to his own house, Hu Father’s heart was unable to give up on both sides.

He followed his daughter to the hospital to kill the child. The Hu family rushed to the hospital to kneel and begged He to give birth to the child.

What do you think of this, do you support He Mou or give birth to a child.

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