The inconspicuous yam is also a contributor to hypoglycemia. Chinese medicine and you share the way of eating yam without sugar!

With the gradual enrichment of material life, people pay particular attention to physical health.However, under the influence of some bad life and rest and eating habits, there are more and more chronic diseases, especially diabetes, and even known as "immortal cancer" in medicine.Patients need to pay more attention to their diet.

Everyone knows that vegetables in life are good. In fact, more or less contains sugar.Of course, the sugar content of yam is very low. The most content in yam is dietary fiber. Eating yam has a certain role in assisting hypoglycemic, because yam can control blood sugar to rise in a short time, long -term delay and control can be possible.Auxiliary conditioning the effect of lowering blood sugar, so eating yam does not affect blood sugar, and you can eat some proper health.

Yam and pumpkin can be made into yam pumpkin porridge. Old pumpkin and yam are appropriate, chicken racks, and rice.

Method: 1. Peel the old pumpkin and wash the slices and steam it until it is broken. It is best not to completely steam it; then the yam peeled and washed and cut into pieces. It is best to soak it with clean water.

2. Then wash the chicken skeleton in the stew pot and boil the soup on a low heat. When the soup is boiled, put two slices of ginger in. After the chicken skeleton is boiled, wash the rice and pour it in and cook together.

3. After the rice pot water is boiled, turn it in low heat and boil it slowly, and then add the old Nangua Melon slices and yam blocks to cook together.Fire, add some seasonings and season.

Pay attention to the soup must choose a bone with less fat to boil, which can not only increase fragrance and improve nutrition, but also not cause the body to absorb too much fat.

Yam is a good product for medicines and food. Traditional Chinese medicine calls it "top product".It is flat, sweet, spleen, lung, kidney meridian, has the effects of nourishing the lungs, strengthening the spleen, nourishing kidney and filling essence.Yam can nourish the kidneys and fill the essence, and the fine is strong.All the medicines of Shangpin should be served in the nine, and many of them are life -long, and few years, and they are in the raised people of the grain to Zhenshou.

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