The journey of a "quasi" single mother: unmarried pregnancy, the risk that girls need to bear

Xiaoxiao was pregnant, but she was not ready to be a mother. To be precise, she was a prospective unmarried mother.

Xiaoxiao and her boyfriend had been with her boyfriend for 5 years. They had been born many times for him. Xiaoxiao couldn’t remember, and dare not remember. Even if she saw the child, she was inexplicable, accompanied by the sad row of mountains and the sea.

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Sometimes Xiaoxiao dreams of children, one, two, and many children calling her mother around her. When Xiaoxiao wants to hug them, the children suddenly disappear.

Xiaoxiao felt that because she had too many abortion, the child came to punish her.

Xiaoxiao stroked her belly and checked in the hospital. The doctor said that the child was very good and asked her to raise a baby with peace of mind. It was necessary to protect the child. If this miscarriage, it may not be possible to give birth.

I can’t get pregnant this time …

I don’t know if her biological mother, knowing her daughter, becoming a person who is not self -loving, will she regret throwing her off her?

Perhaps the mother didn’t care at all.

Xiaoxiao was picked up by her adoptive parents. When she was very young, she was discarded on the side of the road. When Xiao Xiao’s adoptive mother passed by, she heard crying and picked her back to raise it.

The adoptive parents are like her own parents in Xiaoxiao’s eyes, but there is always a empty cave in her heart. The adoptive parents once asked her, do you want to find her biological parents?The current information is so developed, and maybe they can see them in their lifetime.

Xiaoxiao shook her head, and her parents didn’t make much sense for her. Even if she found it, she was just a name. She didn’t need it now.

Her boyfriend had knelt in front of her and said I’m sorry.Sorry, what?If you want to say something wrong, you can only blame him to be inadequate and can’t afford her marriage.

His boyfriend is 26 years old, and he still has a good youth, and Xiaoxiao is 28 years old. In their hometown, girls have given birth to children at this age.

Xiaoxiao can’t afford to wait. If she can’t get married, she must leave.

Xiaoxiao came out of the hospital, and the sun shone at her head dazzlingly. Xiaoxiao was a little dizzy. She leaned on the bus of the bus and looked at the crowds who came and went.

One day I have to leave, why should I work so hard, and why bring life to continue so hard.Xiaoxiao seems to have an idea, this child will not stay.

Back to the rental house, her boyfriend was also there. He asked Xiao Xiao if he was pregnant.

Over the years, the person who knows her most is her boyfriend. As long as he sees the expression hanging on Xiaoxiao’s face, he can guess her thoughts and be inseparable.

Just as Xiaoxiao knew, he didn’t need to speak, so he knew that the child was not so lucky.

Xiaoxiao said with a smile, "Yes, what are you planning?"

My boyfriend replied without thinking: "Born, we get married."


Xiaoxiao is bitter and full of hatred:

You said so early, do I have to have so many tires?You have always said that your career has not started, and you have no money to marry your daughter -in -law. Whenever you save some money, you either send it to your hometown or to help your brother.

I have fallen so many times, and your eyes don’t blink, yeah, your body is not yours.

But now, why do I listen to you, do you accept your alms?Finally let me give birth to a child?

I would rather be a mother, and I don’t want you to marry me because I can’t get an abortion.

I am not easy to pull, just for a little residual value, pray for you to pick it up and have children for you.

Thinking of this, Xiaoxiao said to her boyfriend very calmly:

"let’s break up."

After speaking, Xiaoxiao started to clean up.

Xiaoxiao paid attention to her boyfriend with Yu Guang. Sure enough, he no longer had any statement. This result was exactly what he wanted. Xiaoxiao was discouraged.

Her boyfriend stood in front of Xiaoxiao, watched Xiaoxiao clean up, Xiaoxiao asked him to roll, she didn’t want to see him.

he’s gone.

Xiaoxiao suddenly didn’t want to clean up, and took a few pieces of clothing and went out.

She took a taxi to the train station and bought the tickets on the same day. Now she wants to go home and misses her adoptive parents. She hasn’t seen them for a year.

Xiaoxiao’s adoptive parents also have two brothers and sisters, who have become home.She got off at the county seat and bought some children’s clothing and toys.

When I got home, everyone asked her how to come back alone.

Xiaoxiao said: I broke up.

The sister -in -law exclaimed: When do you marry someone, how to break up, how old are you.

Xiao Xiao raised his face and instantly made a defense posture, full of tears in his eyes.

Xiaoxiao stood there, and the toys in her hand had not had time to assign them to the nephews. She thought very sadly:

How can you wait for me to marry, worry about me grabbing your rice, or is it to grab the tiles of your family?

Rest assured, I ca n’t grab it, and I do n’t want it.

Xiaoxiao hates such a "question" in her heart. She hasn’t returned a year. Now she is in love and broke up. This is not a big event. Even if you don’t care about me, please don’t sprinkle salt into my scars.

At night, I ate the braised pork made by my adopted mother. Xiaoxiao’s belly was a little uncomfortable. She thought that it would be like this in the bumps in the car.

Xiaoxiao stroked his belly, thinking of what the doctor said, he was a little reluctant. If he really removed the child, he would not be a mother in the future.

In the evening, Xiaoxiao was lying on the bed, and the stars outside the room could be seen from the window. The stars in the countryside were particularly bright and beautiful.

Touching his stomach, thinking that the previous children should look at her in the sky, like the stars with bright crystals.

Xiaoxiao made a decision: I want to give birth to this child and let him be my moon. I am accompanied by him regardless of yin and clear.

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The girls are more emotional than boys, and they seem to be more emotional on the surface. Of course, I do n’t say that boys do n’t pay attention to their feelings.

The feelings of female friends are relatively exposed, so we often hear which girl is "crying, two troubles and three hanging". On the contrary, the performance of boys’ crying and troubles is extremely rare.

Women’s way of expressing emotions is relatively significant.

The girl in the text, she had a injury in her heart, brought by her native family, she was insecure, because she was abandoned by her own parents at birth.

Everyone may have a feeling after reading: this girl is a poor man.

There is a saying called "Poor people must have hate". The first half of the girl’s life is really poor, because birth is not what she can determine.

However, in such a background, she created her rebellious character today.

There is a worrying problem. Her current situation is difficult to get out by herself.

She is currently urgently needed to use a link with the outside world to reshape her defects in her character. She can find a professional psychologist, and she can also contact people with more positive personality, positive energy, and active style.

Strive to pull yourself out of the dark time and let yourself cross a brand new stage.

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