The layoffs have nothing to do with your hard work work

It spent five years and eight months in this company.In the second year of the company, I was pregnant.In that Spring Festival, the epidemic was raging, and I was pregnant for nine months.From the second day of the New Year to the fifth day of the year, I work every day to three o’clock in the morning, in order to complete the health checkup procedure within a company.Eight days, from design to development to testing, to online, after the holidays, all employees need to use it.

After the end of pregnancy, I just returned to my post. During breastfeeding, I needed to work until one o’clock in the morning.Because we need to demonstrate the system to the customer, we are also on the weekend.My child was one year old, and I had to keep milk and sent him to my uncle’s house.It was a thousand miles away. It was inconvenient to go back and forth, and the impact of the epidemic, I often see him for a few months.But I have no way, the pressure of work is too great, I can’t take care of him.I can only watch the videos sent by my uncle on the subway, and endure my thoughts.

People say that the Internet industry is the rhythm of 996, but I want to say that 996 has passed.During the epidemic, we often work until two or three in the morning, and we have to get up early the next day, because our company will check in at 9:30 at the latest.We were in the state -owned enterprise. The leader said that we served the people. We did not work overtime and did not raise wages. This was an obligation for the company. For me, I just wanted to stabilize.

In 2023, the epidemic was fully liberalized. I thought the economy would improve. As a result, there were a large number of layoffs on the market, and the front -end positions were fiercely competitive.But I didn’t take it at my heart. I think I am in the state -owned enterprise, although tired, but stable.However, on June 15, 2023, HR informed me that our department had to merge to the new department because of its long -term non -profit, and my post was redundant.I need to be laid off.This is a huge blow for me.

I have never figured out why our department has no profit, because there are very few developers in our department, and everyone must take care of two or three projects.We have no overtime pay, the salary of central enterprises is not high, and the cost of personnel is not high.During this time, I was in a low mood, but I knew I couldn’t always do that.I set a plan for myself, I have to take the high item, improve myself, and then find a job.I won’t give up, I won’t be sluggish, because I still have a child waiting for me.

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