The man finished the sterilization surgery, and his wife became pregnant after 4 months

Three months ago, Liu Shi, a man in Deyang, Sichuan, had a ligation surgery at Shudu Hospital, Chongzhou, but on October 26, his wife was diagnosed with pregnancy.

"After the second review effect, we felt that the ligation could fail. The wife was panicked every day and did not expect to be pregnant." Liu said that on the grounds of poor medical quality, he said to Sichuan Province’s sanitary hotline 12320 12320complaint.

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The Chongzhou Health Bureau intervened in the investigation and found that there was no maternal and infant health technical service permit for Chongzhou Shudu Hospital. Moving surgery was illegal operation.Under the mediation of the bureau, the hospital compensated the patients with 50,000 yuan, and the two parties reached a settlement. The hospital involved will face corresponding administrative penalties.

Liu and his wife Jiang had been married for two or three years. Jiang was poor. The two never wanted to have children and adopted a child.

"If you do n’t have a child, you want to find a regular hospital for surgery. After finding Deyang and Chongzhou, he found that most hospitals have been canceled. I heard that Shudu Hospital is going to do it, so I ran away."

After the surgery was determined, he spent more than 7,000 yuan for surgery. After the operation, the doctor told him that he did well.

In the following two months, he operated strictly in accordance with the postoperative process and strictly contraception.Two months later, on September 5th, he went to the Shifang Second People’s Hospital for review.

During the National Day, he observed the changes in the semen character, felt that the ligation was successful, and he did not do contraception anymore.On October 19th, he went to the People’s Hospital of Wenjiang District for a second review. The inspection report tips that the sperm activity is 2 degrees, and the sperm count is 23 × 10^9/L (50 × 10^9/L as theNormally, reporter’s note), the doctor interpreted and ligated surgery failed.

"From that day, the wife felt that she might be pregnant and bought test strips to test every day." Liu said that on October 26, his wife was diagnosed with pregnancy.He has undergone abortion surgery and is currently resting at home.

Afterwards, Liu went to the attending doctor, and the doctor said that he had signed an surgical consent before surgery to explain the possibility of failure.

"It is said that the failure is because of personal constitution, which cannot guarantee 100%of the success. The statement is completely different from before surgery." Liu said that he complained to the provincial 12320 health hotline on the grounds of ligation surgery.

On November 18, the Chongzhou Health and Health Bureau organized a mediation for doctors and patients. During the mediation, Liu learned that the hospital did not have a ligation surgery permit.After the confidentiality agreement, Liu would not be able to talk about it again.

Dean Su (Yin), the head of Chongzhou Shudu Hospital, said that the hospital did not have relevant permits and had never carried out related businesses for ligation surgery. Liu was a friend of a doctor friend.

According to the relevant person in charge of Chongzhou Health and Health Bureau, the hospital involved will face the administrative penalty of "confiscation of illegal income and three to five times the amount of income income".

Male ligation surgery, medical professional terms are called voltage tubular breeding, which is currently recognized as a safe and effective permanent contraceptive method internationally internationally. The percentage rate of non -willing pregnancy women in the first year is 0.15%~ 0.10%.It is mainly to cut off the sperm’s vas deferens to prevent sperm from entering the semen and play a contraceptive effect.

It should be noted that ligation is blocked by the transparent pipe pathway from epididymia to seminal gland, but it does not eliminate the sperm in the vastered pipeline itself.This means that a small part of sperm remains in the vascular pipes after surgery.Therefore, it is generally required to review the semen twice after three months after the ligation operation. It is necessary to ensure that there is no sperm to give up using other contraceptive methods.

But this is not to say that after men’s ligation, it can "do whatever you want."Because ligation does not prevent and avoid sexually transmitting diseases.Therefore, even after ligation, if there are multiple non -fixed partners or sexual partners, you still need to use a condom to protect it.

Source: Red Star News, Metropolis Express, etc.

Edit: Ma Xiaoya

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