The man raped his friends and daughters many times to get pregnant, and took the initiative to compensate for the crime. How can the court judge?

There is a saying that "friends and wives cannot be deceived, friends and husbands cannot care", what we should keep distance with friends’ wives should not be too close, and his friend’s husband cannot have a direct relationship.

The incident happened in Hunan Province. A man repeatedly violated the daughter of a friend. What made people even more angry said that when he was arrested, "his daughter was active, and the two of them were willing." What kind of judgment should the court make?

Shan Mou and Sun have grown up together since childhood. The relationship has always been very good.Shan Mou also regarded Sun as a brother early.He couldn’t think of Dan Mou. He regarded Sun as a brother, but Sun used him as a fool, and he had the idea of his daughter.

Shan Mou had a well -known daughter named Ru Ru. She was just 13 years old. She had a congenital intellectual obstacle from an early age, which led to Ru Ru’s only five -year -old IQ.Although her IQ is only five years old, she should develop well, so she is not like a little girl who is just 13 years old on the surface, which also causes many boys to think about her.

Shan Mou has an elderly mother, but he is not in charge of care, and his wife is busy with work. Ru Ru is only 5 years old.When he was still worried about it, he suddenly thought of his "brother" Sun. After all, he had known him for decades. He asked Sunmou to help take a look at his daughter and immediately called.

Sun also agreed quickly at the time, and immediately said that he was taken care of as a biological daughter, so that he could rest assured that he was busy with himself.

Shan Mou heard the words of Sun, and the stones in his heart fell down, that is, this decision directly pushed his daughter to the abyss.

Sun Mou and Shan’s family are similar. The difference is that Sun’s wife works outside, and a son is studying outside. He goes home during the cold and summer vacation every year.

Because his wife was not at home for a long time, his inner desire could not be vented, and Sun gradually became lonely and began to be attached to the incident between men and women.When the brother asked himself to help take care of his daughter, Sun was even more happy, because he knew that Ru Ru’s IQ was only 5 years old, and he should have grown up.Now I took the initiative to find the door, just taking this opportunity to make a matter of incompetence.

Early in the morning, Sun came to the brother’s house with her daughter, and told a few words and left. Sun Mou took Ru Ru to the bedroom. When he saw Ru Ru’s first glance, Sun Mou caught the cat in his heart.I couldn’t help it.In order to confirm that Ru Ru really had a problem with IQ, he did not start directly, but tentatively said to help get his clothes. Ru Ru did not refuse after hearing it, but nodded and agreed.

Sun confirmed his conjecture. He could no longer restrain his inner fire, and extended the demon’s paws to Ru Ru. The whole process Ru Ru did not make any fierce resistance.

Sun was dressed and told Ru Ru that everything that happened could not let others know that this was the password between them, and then they went to the kitchen for cooking without happening.There will be countless times later. In the time after Sun, he will take the opportunity to violate Ru Ru every day.

Can’t hold the fire, how can there be a windy wall.About five months later, the family ate together, and Ru Ru’s mother found that she began to vomit, which made her mother very worried that she was afraid that her daughter’s body would not be good. She took Ru Ru to the hospital for examination before the meal was eaten.

After the examination, the doctor told Ru Ru’s mother that she was pregnant. The mother was surprised at the time. She immediately asked the doctor if she was wrong, because Ru Ru was only 13 years old this year, and could not be pregnant with any male contact?

The doctor was very anxious to see Ru Ru’s mother, so he comforted whether he was really pregnant to make a movie.After listening, my mother answered "Shoot, shoot, shoot quickly."

After a few minutes, the film came out, and the mother immediately asked the doctor.The doctor read it wrong, Ru Ru was really pregnant.

She immediately asked Ru Ru about what happened in the past few months, and began to start Ru Ru very afraid and not dare to say, but under the guidance of her mother, Ru Ru finally told the truth of the matter.

Knowing that it was done by his husband’s good brother, Ru Ru’s mother was angry on the spot. When she returned home, she told her husband about what Sun Mou did to her daughter.

Shan Mou was shocked after hearing it. Why would he not think of his brother? It turned out to be such a beast. This matter could not be calculated, so the couple discussed well and finally decided to report the case.

After receiving the alarm, the police station learned that the victim was a 13 -year -old minor and attached great importance to it. After all, rape minors are felony.

Soon the police arrested Sun and returned to justice. In the police station, she was still nothing about it. The police asked whether she raped Shanmou’s daughter Ru Ru.

In the face of such a situation, Sun did not admit that it was all he did. The police also expected that Sun would die and not admit it. In order to let him die, the police brought DNA comparison results.Faced with the evidence in front of him, Sun lowered his head like a cucumber, admitting that he had a relationship with Ru Ru.

What is even more angry is that they even proposed compensation for Ru Ru, and wanted to reduce the punishment of the law in this way.Obviously this is dreaming during the day, and she should be sanctioned by Ru Ru’s actions.

In the end, Sun’s behavior was sentenced to 11 years in prison for invasion of young girls under the age of 14.


Even so, his damage to Shanmou’s family can never be made up, especially for Ru Ru. He was pregnant at the age of 13. It is difficult to imagine how she should face the world in the future.

This case also tells us that we must learn to prevent and crack down on such cruel sexual behaviors. Only with the joint efforts of schools, parents, and the country, can our children grow happily in a healthy environment.

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