The menstruation does not come, the pregnancy test stick is deeper and shallow, is it pregnant?You know after reading it!

Under normal circumstances, menstruation is delayed, and many women with sexual life are worried about whether they are pregnant.So after getting up in the morning, use the pregnancy test stick to detect morning urine.At this time, he found that the pregnancy test stick was shown and shallow, not two obvious red bars, so is this situation pregnant?In other words, menstruation does not come, and the pregnancy test stick is deeper and shallow. Is it pregnant?You know after reading it!

In fact, the control line, if it is deeper and shallow, the possibility of pregnancy is very high, but it is not necessarily pregnant. If you want to ensure the result, it is best to wait a few days before re -testing or go directly to the hospital to check the HCG content.You can know if you are pregnant.And the pregnancy test stick is shallow, which may be related to other reasons.

1. Just pregnancy HCG test is not obvious

Well, the delayed use of the pregnancy test stick test shows that it is shallow. It is likely that you have a short pregnancy time, the HCG secretion level in the body is relatively small, and the content is less, so this test result will be caused.If you want to determine whether you are pregnant, you can wait for the last 3-5 days before re-testing. If the two red bars are very obvious, then you are pregnant.

2. Low urine concentration

Pregnancy sticks are the HCG content in urine, which is usually referred to as choric membrane to promote adenoma.If you drink too much water before going to bed at night, or drink too much water before testing, it is easy to dilute the urine, resulting in a low urine concentration.The shallow situation.In this case, it is best to drink less water before going to bed at night. After getting up in the morning, use the first urine to test it, and the results are more accurate.

3. Ectopic pregnancy leads to low HCG

In fact, if you have an ectopic pregnancy problem, it is easy to cause a deeper problem with the pregnancy test stick.Because once an ectopic pregnancy problem occurs, the secretion of HCG in the body will occur abnormal, and the secretion amount will be reduced, which will affect the pregnancy test results.Therefore, when an abnormal situation occurs in pregnancy, it is best to go to the hospital for a timely examination to rule out the problem of ectopic pregnancy.

4. Drugs or diseases

In fact, when a woman suffers from some physical illness problems, it is also easy to cause the gestational rod to show a deeper and shallow situation, such as suffering from uterine cancer and ovarian diseases.Or women usually take some hormone drugs, which will also affect your pregnancy test results.

Therefore, when the menstruation should come, the menstruation does not come. If the pregnancy test stick is used, the deeper and shallower is measured. It is best to go to the hospital for confirmation in time to see if it is pregnant or other problems.treat.If you have other questions about this, you can comment on a comment below.

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