The most detailed and detailed production check process during pregnancy.

① First of all, when you find pregnancy with a pregnancy test stick, you can go to the hospital to test the blood test of progesterone and HCG to confirm the pregnancy. The value of progesterone and HCG can also reflect your state of pregnancy in some aspects.At the beginning, if these two values are relatively high, there will be no big problems.

② In the 8th week, go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound to determine whether there is a fetal heart, that is, to determine whether the fetus survives normally, because if there is any problem with a pregnant mother or what the baby has any problems, in the 8th week or in other wordsIt is basically no fetal heart before the 10th week, that is, the so -called natural miscarriage or biochemical pregnancy will appear. Maybe this is also a principle of survival of natural selection in nature.

③ In the 12th week, go to the community hospital where the residential area is located and receive the mother and child health manual. This manual will be brought to each in the future, and it is also necessary to enter the park after the child is born.This inspection is mainly to test blood and urine, check your basic physical parameters and whether there are some infectious diseases. This time the checkup is free.

④ Of course, there is another important NT examination in about 12 weeks. In fact, it is also a B -ultrasound in essence, but it mainly checks the fetal neck. You need to make an appointment in advance, because this instrument may not be an ordinary B -ultrasound before the ultrasound of the previous B -ultrasound.That instrument, so it was very hot, and it couldn’t do it after missing the time period.

⑤ At about 16 weeks, the doctor suggested that we have a Tang family screening. This requires an empty stomach to draw blood, and then according to various data data, the probability of being suffering from certain congenital diseases is detected.Because the results of my Tang sieve are all low risks, I did not do amniotic fluid puncture or a non -invasive DNA examination.

⑥ At about 24 weeks, at a time of a large row, which is what everyone calls the system B -ultrasound or four -dimensional B -ultrasound, it can test whether the baby’s various organs development has obvious malformations.

⑦ At about 28 weeks, when it comes to sugar sieve, this sugar sieve is a screening of diabetes for pregnant women. It is mainly to detect blood sugar before meals by blood tests to determine whether the pregnant mother suffers from pregnancy diabetes during pregnancy.EssenceThis test has a little pain, and three bloods are taken.Pump once on an empty stomach, and then drink a large cup of sugar water. One hour after a meal and two hours after meals, the blood will be pumped again.

In about 30 weeks, I did a B -ultrasound in the hospital, which is equivalent to screening in the third trimester to check the conditions of amniotic fluid and baby’s umbilical cord.That is, in this B -ultrasound, I have been watching the computer of B -ultrasound and accidentally saw the baby’s reproductive organs.Because at this time, it has reached the third trimester, and the baby has developed very complete.If the doctor accidentally swept to this position, in fact, Baoma would easily see the baby’s reproductive organs, especially the male baby, which was super obvious.

Starting at 34 weeks, fetal heart monitoring is performed every week, and umbilical blood flow examinations have been performed to determine whether the baby is hypoxic in the stomach.

At about 37 weeks, I did a B -ultrasound. It can check the baby’s development, estimated the weight of the fetus, the condition of amniotic fluid, and assist in judging the production method.My baby is too heavy, the head is large, the head of the bowl is not called, and the pot cannot be entered.

In the end, a healthy pig baby was born in a caesarean section at 38 weeks, seven and a half pounds of big heads.

During the pregnancy, the major and small are mainly this 10 birth checkups. Every time they pass the level, they are upgraded to the monsters, but fortunately, the baby is working with her mother, so pregnant mothers must maintain a good attitude.How many check -up during pregnancy?Welcome to discuss the various situations in the process of checking in the process of checking in. If you have any problems, you can ask everyone to solve it together.

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