The mysterious smell causes a crisis of love, the smell of ovulation is charming, and my boyfriend accurately smells?Doctor revealed

[Fan submitted] I have a boyfriend and my girlfriends to travel together. Our groups stroll in a beautiful park. It should be a happy moment, but I found that my boyfriend always had some weird moves with my girlfriend.I couldn’t stand the tangles in my heart and decided to face my boyfriend’s behavior directly.I was angry and asked if he wanted to cheat, why he always followed my girlfriend, and secretly smelled her smell.My boyfriend looked at me excitedly and tried to explain.

He told me that the reason why he did this was not to betray me, but because his girlfriend had a special and smelling taste.He even confidently said that she could accurately guess her menstruation two days ago.These words made me even more angry and difficult to understand. How could he understand more about physiological phenomena?

When my boyfriend saw me, he explained that the smell on her body would change within a few days of ovulation, and this change would attract men.Although I heard the doctor’s explanation, I still felt difficult to accept, and the anxiety in my heart had not yet dispersed.I can’t help doubt whether there is something wrong with, why can’t I smell this smell?Is there any abnormality in my body?

I simply went to the doctor to understand the situation. The doctor explained to me that everyone’s perception ability is different, and some people may be more sensitive to this smell, while some people are relatively weak.Not every woman can smell or notice the smell of the ovulation period.

Ovulation is the most important part of women’s menstrual cycle. It is not only a critical moment for pregnancy, but also may affect women’s emotions, physical and physical behaviors.

1. The definition and significance of ovulation period

The ovulation period is a stage in the menstrual cycle of women. At this stage, the female ovarian releases a mature egg and prepares.The ovulation period usually occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle, usually about 14 days after menstruation.For a typical 28 -day menstrual cycle, the ovulation period is about 14 days; for women with other cycles, the ovulation period will be shifted accordingly.

The ovulation period is the golden timing of pregnancy.If women and men have sexual behavior in this time, the chance of fertilization will be greatly increased.For women who want to get pregnant, it is important to understand their ovulation cycle.The ovulation period may also affect women’s emotions and physical conditions, because changes in hormone levels may lead to emotional fluctuations and physical reactions.

2. How to calculate the ovulation period

Record the menstrual cycle: The easiest way is to record one day of the menstrual cycle and calculate the number of days at the beginning of the next menstrual.Ovulation usually occurs around 14 days before the start of the next menstruation.

Basic body temperature method: In the ovulation period, women’s basic body temperature will increase slightly.Setal body temperature after waking up every morning, and recorded in the table, women can find periodic changes in basic body temperature.After ovulation, the body temperature will rise, which can help predict the ovulation period.

Ovulation test strip: Ovulation test strip is a tool for detecting the levels of luteal generating hormone (LH) levels in urine.The LH level reached its peak at 24-36 hours before ovulation. Testing with ovulation test strips can help accurately predict the ovulation period.

Ovulation prediction application: Modern technology makes the estimation of ovulation easier.There are many ovulation prediction applications for women. These applications are usually calculated based on the menstrual cycle and other factors to provide prediction results in the ovulation period.

Third, the physical response period of ovulation

The arrival of the ovulation period may cause some special reactions in women’s bodies, some of which include:

Abdominal pain: Some women have abdominal pain or discomfort during ovulation.This may be caused by the cyst on the ovary surface when the egg is released.

Change of body fluid: Some women may feel that private secretions will increase during ovulation, and the texture and color will change.This is to help sperm easier to survive and swim in the reproductive tract.

Increased sexual desire: Some studies have shown that women may feel increased sexual desire during ovulation, which may be to increase sexual behavior during the fertility period.

Ship sensitivity: changes in hormone levels may cause chest sensitivity or pain.

Emotional fluctuations: Some women may have symptoms of emotional fluctuations, anger or emotional instability during ovulation.This may be related to changes in hormone levels.

Fourth, can men smell the female ovulation period?

Research supports a sense of smell: A study published in the journal of "Physiology" shows that men’s sensitivity to women’s experience during ovulation will increase.This may be because the level of hormone levels in women’s body changes in the ovulation period, which has caused subtle changes in the body’s smell.

Research supports non -olfactory factors: Another study published in the journal "Human Reproductive" believes that men rely more on non -olfactory factors when choosing partners, such as visual and hearing.This means that men are more likely to be attracted by other aspects when choosing a partner rather than odor.

Ovus playing an important role in women’s physiological and psychological aspects.Understanding your ovulation cycle is vital to women who plan to get pregnant, and also help to predict and deal with physical reactions that may occur during ovulation.Although studies have shown that men are more sensitive to experience in women’s ovulation, whether they can accurately smell women’s ovulation periods need further in -depth scientific research to confirm.

We should realize that the body and experience of each woman are unique, and the ovulation period may vary due to individual differences.We encourage women to maintain good living habits and regular medical examinations, and conduct scientific and reasonable fertility planning according to their physical conditions.Men should respect the body and feelings of women, and jointly build a healthy and harmonious partner relationship.

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