The new crown meets pregnant women, these common questions have answers

What should I do if pregnant women fever?Can I still have a check -up?What is going to go to the hospital?Positive, will it be transmitted to the fetus?Wait for 8 questions to answer for you.

On December 13, 2022, that is, yesterday, the State Council joint defense and control mechanism held a press conference on the health management of key groups.New crown related questions answered questions from reporters.Yesterday, a video was circulated in the circle of friends. Professor Zhao Yangyu, director of the National Obstetrics and Quality Control Center and obstetric expert, was interviewed. The main content was what should do when the special group of maternal women encountered a new crown.The two are real experts. No one knows in the obstetrics and gynecology industry, and Professor Zhao has also worked in the clinical line. Therefore, the two answers given by the two are very professional, scientific, and convincing.The author learns the answers of the two experts and combines his own work experience to summarize several issues that are more concerned about maternal women. I hope that in this special period, it can play a role.

Academician Qiao Jie at the press conference

1. Is it easier for pregnant women to infect the new crown?

Pregnant women do not belong to high -risk people and belong to a special population. They are mainly worried whether the fetus will be affected and whether the medication is safe to the child.At present, for pregnant women who have no other diseases and healthy health, they will not be more likely to be infected with new crowns.

2. Will pregnant women be more serious after infection?

Pregnant women find that she is yang, and it is estimated that they will be very nervous.At present, data shows that after the infection of pregnant women is basically the same as the clinical manifestations of ordinary people, mainly due to the symptoms of the upper respiratory tract, such as cough and fever, the severity is basically similar, and the severe illness occurs very little. You do n’t have to worry too much.

3. Will pregnant women infect the new crown, will it be transmitted to the fetus?

There is a placenta barrier between pregnant women and the fetus, which generally does not be transmitted. This has been confirmed by a lot of data.

4. At this time, can you go to the hospital for a checkup?

It is recommended that you still have to check the checkup, especially some important, time -limited examinations, such as NT, Tang sieve, fetal system ultrasound, glucose tolerance test, etc.At present, many hospitals provide appointment, so that they can minimize the time to stay in the hospital.Of course, during the checkup, or when you are in the hospital, you must protect it. It is best to wear a N95 mask.

5. What are the cases of pregnant women who must go to the hospital?

① There are more bleeding, even more than usual menstrual flow.② Vaginal flow, premature fetal membrane breaks.③ The regular lower abdominal pain, or abdominal pain, and lower abdomen swelling gradually worsen.④ The blood pressure rises, exceeding 140/90mmgh, especially at the same time, dizziness, headache, eyesight, and bilateral calf and thigh edema.⑤ The increased or decrease of fetal movement.⑥ Fast heartbeat, and at the same time, there are chest tightness, asthma, cough at night, and unable to sleep flat.There are other cases or other diseases. If they are uncomfortable, it is also recommended to go to the hospital for treatment.

6. Pregnant women are positive, what should I do if there is fever?

This issue should be the most common. The author has received 4 calls in the past two days, and the acquaintances are consulting with pregnant women.On the one hand, deal with symptomatic treatment, drink plenty of water and physical cooling.On the other hand, choose Chinese medicine that can be used by pregnant women.If you choose to reduce fever western medicine more than 38.5 degrees, you can choose acetaminol. It is relatively safe for maternal mothers. In particular, a single drug should be used for fever and do not superimposed. This can relatively reduce possible side effects.From the above suggestions, it is the same as the way to treat ordinary colds.

7, infection with the new crown, do you want a cesarean section?

Whether or not you can produce or not need a lot of influencing factor in cesarean section, we should comprehensively evaluate by obstetricians.Simple new crown positive, without other problems, you can choose vaginal test, no cesarean section.

8. Can you still breastfeed in the new crown?

It is generally possible. It is recommended to protect it when feeding. Bao Ma wear a N95 mask.If Baoma has a high fever and mental state, she temporarily stops breastfeeding. At the same time, she will empty the breasts at the same time to maintain lactation.

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