The newlywed couple is preparing for pregnancy, but I encountered this, I am very worried

In April, Ms. He saw someone transferred to the house on the Internet and took over.As soon as she entered the house, her husband felt uncomfortable. During this time, they were still preparing for pregnancy.

[1818 Golden Eyes] Suspected of the formaldehyde in the rental house exceeded the standard: Personal physique problem

Ms. He: On April 25, we found the former tenant on the idle fish. We felt that the house was OK. On the 26th, we came to the intermediary to sign the contract.In the process of signing the contract, I asked him if there was a formaldehyde problem, and he said no.Because my husband felt uncomfortable, after we signed the contract, we went to the room to get the key, and I stayed there for a while. We still felt a bit uncomfortable. We suspected that there may be formaldehyde.

Signed with Ms. He is Hangzhou Niuzhu Home Real Estate Information Consultation Co., Ltd.Her rental house is located in the second district of Jinhe, Yunhe, Yuhang District. The lease period is from May 1, 2023 to October 24, 2023. The deposit is 4,000 yuan and the monthly rent is 2,000 yuan.Ms. He said that she also paid a service fee of 240 yuan, but after the money was paid, she found that the house was a bit wrong.

Ms. He: At first I suspected that it was not formaldehyde, but the dust around the house.

Ms. He’s husband: People feel uncomfortable with their throats. Our considerations of the body, we still decide to do a formaldehyde test.

Ms. He: I found a professional testing agency. On April 28th, I went to test the house and inspected it on the door. The test report issued on the test report showed that its formaldehyde also had tvoc.

Former tenant: I felt dizzy when I lived, and lived for more than 10 days.

Reporter: More than 10 naturally, right?

Former tenant: yes.

Reporter: What is the reason?

Former tenant: I felt a little dizzy when I lived in it.

Reporter: Have you thought about the direction of formaldehyde overweight?

Former tenant: No, I didn’t consider this.

Ms. He entrusted Hangzhou spectrum Testing Technology Co., Ltd. to come to the door to test and test the samples from the bedroom.Ms. He said that the room was closed for 14 hours before the test, and the sampling time was 45 minutes.The cover of the test report is CMA China Measurement Certification Syllabes, which says that the detection value of formaldehyde is 0.125, and the reference index limit is 0.08. The detection value of tvoc is 0.866, and the reference standard limit is 0.6.After getting the report, Ms. He filed a termination of the contract with the "Niu Niu Zhijia", and issued a notice of the lease contract, which reads that the formaldehyde in the house seriously exceeded the standard, which affected the lessee’s health and safety.And requiring the payment to be refunded to pay compensation.

Ms. He: I took the report to find their store, asked him to refund and deposit for me, and that service fee, a total of 6240 yuan, he said he would not refund, his house has no formaldehyde problem, but my report shows that my report shows that my report shows that my report shows that my report shows that my report shows that my report shows that my report shows, His house is a problem, and my people feel, the body is uncomfortable, we are just married, a new marriage, and now it is a pregnancy stage.Influence, what should I do?

Ms. He’s contract was signed at the "Niu Niu Zhijia" Vanke Gongyu Store. Logistics management belongs to Wanjia City Store.Finding Wanjia City Store, the person in charge of the person in charge was not there. The reporter called the phone. After learning the intention, the other party directly hung up.Then I found Vanke Gongyu Store, and Zhao store, responsible for signing the contract to communicate.

Zhao Dian, a manager of Hangzhou Niuzhujia Gongyu Store: It was not rented from our hands. Our former tenants were completed by their own rents, watches, and a series of delivery. The two sides agreed.Signing this contract, because this house is first third year this year.

Reporter: Why is it still in three years?

Zhao Dian, the manager of Hangzhou Niuzhujia Gongyu Store: It is normal. If you decorate yourself, let alone three years, and in five years, it will have a little.As long as you go to test, there will definitely be a little exceeding the standard. This is normal, and everyone may have different constitutions.

Manager Zhao emphasized that Ms. He’s house was transferred from the predecessor, and it was not rented out by the "Niu Niu Tanjia" platform. They just signed a contract to provide custody services., Ms. He can go to the scene to supervise. If the formaldehyde is exceeded again, it can help to remove formaldehyde or refund.Before the press release, Ms. He feedback that the "Niu Niu Tanjia" had not yet determined the time to re -test, and she intends to solve it through legal channels.

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