The old people always say 5 pregnancy taboos and listen to superstition, but it makes sense

Once a woman is pregnant, the whole family will protect the pregnant mother like "national treasure".This cannot be done, that should be careful, anyway, all kinds of taboos come.Especially the older generations seem to care more about some "superstitions". Although young people now ignore these at all, you have to pay attention to the following 5 statements.

1. Can’t say three months before pregnancy:

Older people often say that they must not tell others in the first three months of pregnancy, which is not good for the fetus to pregnant mothers.In fact, this statement is not "superstition", but because the bed in the early pregnancy embryo is not stable, that is, the first three months is a dangerous period.Clinically, about 80%of the accidents occurred in the first three months.

If the pregnant mother shared this good news with you when she was pregnant, but the fetus had an accident without surviving for three months.Therefore, it is not too late to tell everyone after three months.

2. Pregnant women cannot attend the wedding or funeral:

The old man said that pregnant women are easily criminal to attend the wedding or funeral, and this sentence has been misunderstood.It is not the ghosts and gods that everyone thinks, but because there are many people who participate in weddings or funerals, and there are many emergencies. It is not safe for pregnant women.In addition, pregnant mothers can easily increase their blood pressure due to emotional excitement or great tragedy, which affects the safety of the baby in the belly.

3. Pregnant women cannot soak hot springs:

Doctors suggest that pregnant women should take a shower instead of taking baths. In fact, it is the same as not to let the hot spring.Because pregnant women are soaked in hot spring water for a long time, it may cause genital infections and inflammation, etc., and severe premature birth can be induced.At the same time, the temperature of the hot spring water is high. If the immersion time of the pregnant woman is too long, it will cause the body temperature to rise, which will also be unfavorable to the fetus.

4. It is not advisable to move after pregnancy:

Old people often say that they cannot move after pregnancy. The fetal gods have different occupations every month every day. If the position is moved, it will be unfavorable to the fetus, which can easily cause premature birth or defects.

This statement sounds terrible. In fact, the fetal god has long been said that it has no existence. Now the scientific statement should be worried that the pregnant woman is too tired during the movement of the movement, and there will be a certain adaptation time in the new place. At this timeAffecting the rest and mood of pregnant women, excessive fatigue may also cause abortion and premature birth.

In addition, if it is a newly renovated house, it is even less suitable to move, because the newly renovated houses are likely to have formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful gases that are not good for pregnant mothers and fetuses.

5. Do not take scissors and needle thread lines:

The old man thinks that taking scissors will cause the baby’s "rabbit lips". In fact, this statement is more to allow pregnant women to avoid the damage of the weapon, and can have more time to rest and do less needle.healthy.

Specific mothers, although some explanations are superstitious, there are certain truths. Are there any pregnancy taboos in your place?May wish to share it.

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