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March 20 is the "World Oral Health Day". Is your mouth okay?Do you really understand some misunderstandings about oral problems?Yesterday, Huang Jinhua, chief physician of the Department of Stomatology, Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University, answered one by one.

Correspondent Epither Xuan reporter Lu Kangjie

Can’t you look at your teeth during pregnancy?

wrong!4-6 months of pregnancy can be visited

Recently, Xiao Chen Zhi Chen’s toothera was inflamed and painful, because she always thought that she could not look at her teeth during this real?

For women, pregnancy is a special period. If there is a problem with oral cavity, it will affect eating and rest, and it will also affect the health of the baby.Therefore, oral health during pregnancy should attract great attention.

Huang Jinhua introduced that women should prevent pre -pregnancy problems in the early stage of pregnancy. Before preparing for pregnancy, they can conduct oral examinations early to treat dental diseases, such as dental caries, pulpitis, periodontal disease, etc.During pregnancy, tooth pain, inflammation, swelling and other adverse conditions occur.

Once you have oral problems during pregnancy, can you see a doctor?Huang Jinhua introduced that 4-6 months of pregnancy are the best time to go to the doctor.In 1-3 months, you can only deal with emergencies to avoid shooting X-ray films to prevent X-ray from affecting the development of the fetus. In 7-9 months, you should avoid oral treatment as much as possible to prevent children from producing premature birth.

What should I do if children eat sweet caries?

May wish to eat fibrous food

Most children like sweets with high sugar content and strong sticky foods.In addition, children’s self -oral cleaning ability is poor, making dental caries easily occur.

How to prevent the occurrence of dental caries in children?

Huang Jinhua introduced that parents can encourage their children to eat more fibrous foods. This is not only conducive to the self -cleaning effect of teeth, but also to promote the growth of oral and maxillofacial, making the teeth arrange neatly and beautiful.And giving children a good brushing habit is also a major factor in preventing dental caries.Finally, parents are advised to take their children regularly for oral examination, at least once a year.

Can you not make up for your teeth?

It will affect the entire oral system

It is often said that "a piece of teeth is missing" or "drop a teeth."Dental implants are more expensive, and some people think about tolerance. Is this okay?

Huang Jinhua introduced that these not only affect the diet, but also have an impact on the social psychology of life, which has reduced the quality of life.For a long time in the oral cavity, the teeth are abolished with the teeth of the jaw, and the neighboring teeth are tilt towards the lack of tooth gaps, which then causes food to be cleaned and cause dental caries and stones to accumulate.

Tooth displacement can also cause the bite relationship, which will affect the entire mandibular system.There are even some residual roots. Because of its sharp tip, it can cause a certain stimulation of the oral mucosa, which may eventually cause cancer.

He suggested that the lack of teeth in the mouth must be paid attention to and repaired in time.Common repair methods are: planting repair, fixed dental repair, and full -mouth dental repair.Different methods are selected according to different oral conditions.

Painless mass on the face

Can you let it go?

No, it may be early tumor

Many people find that there is something on their faces, and they don’t care. When there are some symptoms, such as pain, redness, and even affect daily life, they will feel that they should go to the hospital.

However, asymptomatic lumps, that is, "not painful or itchy pimples" really do not need to care?Director Huang reminded that it should be more alert to this, especially the painless mass of the maxillofacial area.Clinically, it is only manifested as noodles and neck lumps without other symptoms, especially early tumor discovery.

Such as malignant lymphoma that occurs in maxillofacial and cervical lymph nodes and various metastatic cancer (such as nasopharyngeal cancer, cervical lymph node metastasis of oral cancer), and migrant glands, tongue glands, malignant tumors, hemangioma, etc.There are no clinical symptoms such as painlessness, skin redness and swelling.

At this time, patients often chose to ignore because they had no other symptoms, which delayed treatment.In particular, some malignant tumors have lost their chances of early diagnosis and treatment. When the disease is further developed, they will go to the medical treatment. It is often advanced and it is difficult to achieve satisfactory treatment results.


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