The pain of pregnancy outside of childbirth, they don’t have to endure

Xiang Nanzheng is with a second child.When I was pregnant for five or six months, my left buttocks began to hurt my thighs.The marching bed of the unit’s lunch break was very hard. When I got out of bed, the hips and legs always hurt sharply, and they had to move slowly for a long time.Until he was cured, she didn’t figure out what the problem was.

Gu Xing once got on the wheelchair.Two weeks after giving birth, her legs were so painful that she was afraid of her legs. When she was lying on the bed, she needed someone else to help.She got "sacroiliac arthritis".

Lingzi’s child is half a year old.She is still unable to compare the "four" with her right hand, because her thumb is afraid to bend.The palm roots and wrists will hurt severe, "hurting you to chop this hand", Lingzi described it.She said it was called "Mom’s Hand".

The second day after giving birth, Yawen felt like a zombie.Most of the time, she could only lie down in bed straight. She wanted to lie on the sideways and need to pursue the railing by the sick bed.She was diagnosed as "a combination of pubic bone".

They are not individual.Everyone knows that having children will hurt, but the pain during pregnancy before and after childbirth has rarely received attention.Even if a pregnant woman feels "back pain", "leg pain" and "wrist pain", it is often considered a normal phenomenon during pregnancy.Few people understand that these pains may also have formal medical diagnosis; there are few people who understand how to get treatment.

Pain may be encountered during pregnancy during pregnancy.

"Benevolence passed"

"Symptoms are relatively mild, you can bear it." Doctors in the community hospital said to Nanan.

I have to bear it again!Talk to the south.When she gave birth to a child in 2019, her back pain was severe, and she was "only tolerate one tolerance." Suddenly worsened after giving birth, and was sent to the hospital for two or three months.

This time, when the second child was pregnant, when the pain was at first, she went to the massage shop that she often patronized before pregnancy and wanted to touch her luck.But because of a pregnant woman, the other party bluntly dare not get started.Then she found a community hospital, and it seemed that there was still no way.

After half a month, the obstetrician of the Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital directly suggested that she went to hang the pain outpatient clinics.Xiangnan was surprised: "Newly opened? Huai Dabao didn’t have it yet." She knew that the elderly in the family had a bad cervical spine around the shoulder and had seen the Department of Pain -but what did this have to do with pregnancy?

Xiangnan will be regulated suspiciously, and the first consultation only feels speechless: the doctor did "loose solution", a bit like a massage, but the time was only ten minutes. It seemed that I changed a few postures.; Then the "bionic sticker" -like an ordinary cloth, there is no smell of plaster.

The second time after the treatment turned over and got out of bed. At the moment of landing, she had already made a psychological preparations that had a pain, but basically did not hurt.When she came again, she met Yue Li, the director of the pain clinic of the hospital’s pregnancy.Yue Li added a needle to her, and she took three more treatment in the follow -up.

Yue Li explained pain -related knowledge in the outpatient clinic

Xiangnan said, "I am still lucky, and I only endure the right (treatment) direction for half a month." She was diagnosed as "pear muscle syndrome".The pear muscle is one of the muscles responsible for external rotation in the hip joint, and it is also a muscle that is closely related to the sciatic nerve. Once a problem occurs, it will cause the symptoms of acid numbness and pain from the hip to the legs, the feet.Causes weakness of the lower limbs.This is one of the more typical pain issues among Yue Li’s pregnant women.

Gu Xing was not so lucky.About a week after giving birth, she also had pain in her hips and thighs.Gu Xing went to the nearest hospital to hang in the Department of Internal Medicine.The doctor comforted her: "It’s fine after confinement." Gu Xing didn’t care too much.Within a few days, she found that her feet could not be landed, and family members needed to help in the toilet.I went to the orthopedics again and did not work.

At the same time, the situation has deteriorated rapidly.Lying in bed every day, I can’t lift my legs, can’t turn over, and dare not touch."I think there is not so painful to have children! There was a painless (anesthesia) for having a child, up to seven or eight points (pain), which was very very good." Gu Xing is still worried so far.

She was forced to sit on the wheelchair, and she began to be unable to take care of herself.Pain is no longer a thing that can be passed by tolerance.

After inquiring about it, Gu Xing also found a pain outpatient clinic.At the beginning, she was also suspected of being a pear muscle syndrome. Later, the nuclear magnetic resonance discovered that it was "sacroiliac arthritis" -s also related to endocrine fluctuations during pregnancy, ligament relaxation plus pregnancy gait changes, or childbirth, or childbirthTime posture problems lead to abnormal sacroiliac joint activity and aggravate wear; typical symptoms are persistent dull pain in the lower waist. In addition, there may be pain in the hip, groin area, legs, and feet.

After finding the root cause of the problem, the symptomatic treatment finally started.

"Afraid of affecting children"

Because the hospital was far away from home and there was no bed, Gu Xing rented a room at the hotel opposite the hospital and went to an injection every day for two consecutive weeks.Because of the pain, she couldn’t hold her children at all for many days.I was afraid that the drug would affect the child. Although the doctor said it was okay, she still did not dare to breastfeed.

Every night, Gu Xing is going to get up twice, sucking milk with a breast pump, and then poured.When I sat up, I didn’t dare to move my legs. There was nothing to rely on behind, so I had to sit on four or five pillows.It hurts on one side and hurts in his heart -worrying that children can only drink milk powder, they will not be nutritious enough, but they can’t care about children.

Two months after giving birth, when Gu Xing got better, the child had been used to milk powder and refused breast milk.This does not seem to be a big deal, but Gu Xing is still a little bit stunned.

Also due to breastfeeding concerns, people in Beijing have not been treated so far.She works in the media, with a lot of paper and pen and computers daily. Before giving birth, she has a bit of sheathitis, which is relieved with plaster.

The child was born at the end of 2022. After three months, she started to bring the baby in person. It didn’t take long for the legendary "mother’s hand".The pain from the thumb to the wrist during the pregnancy and postpartum thumbs, the scientific name "narrowing tendon sheathhritis".Because of long -term hugging children, feeding, excessive use of the wrist and thumb, and endocrine effects during pregnancy, it is more common among novice mothers.

"Mom Hand"

Lingzi had lost tears several times for this.Once the right wrist was so painful that she couldn’t stand it. She thought about it. I wanted to see to what extent the most painful can, so the ghost made the left hand and knocked hard with her left hand."It’s better to die as if it is painful." Lingzi said.

When it was painful, she often forgot about it, until "he kicked me in the middle of the time when he changed his urine and wet." At that moment, the sweat of Lingzi burst out."I’m afraid that I instinctively responded to a slap fan. Fortunately, I left, so I quickly left." She said.

In the next two days, the days became fine and grinded.First of all, it is very difficult to hold a pen. For an editor, work is affected.Then everything needs to be cooperated with both hands, and it is particularly strenuous to do: wash your face, can’t twist your towels; drink water, the bottle cap cannot be twisted; even the private trivial matter of lingerie is difficult to complete independently.

If you want to seek medical treatment, Lingzi only knows that there is a "postpartum rehabilitation department", but he also feels that the production of Kang is "controlled by the bottom muscles, maybe this may not matter."I went to the orthopedic department again. The orthopedician said that either a closed needle or a numb medicine was used.Common plaster also affects breastfeeding.

Yue Li has seen a lot of patients like Lingzi.They may encounter all kinds of pain, but many people would rather lie on the bed and endure pain, and they are unwilling to get injections and medicine for treatment, fearing that they will affect their children.

Therefore, Yue Li will spend more time on soliciting consent and understanding."You have to respect the patient, let her know what kind of disease is, how to treat, let her participate, and the patient’s compliance is good." General patients have a diagnosis of three or five minutes, and pregnant women often exceed ten minutes.

Patients have concerns, Yue Li likes children like to coax children: It doesn’t matter if you drink sugar water?It doesn’t matter, then we hit a glucose to the edema place to promote the repair of inflammation and will not affect breastfeeding.Is acupuncture tight?Local tissue edema is like a balloon. The balloon is not discouraged. If there is no tension, it will not hurt so much, it will not affect the baby …

"Get out of bed" is divided into four steps

Postpartum pain causes specific inconvenience, and may also overwhelm the maternal defense line that is fragile.

For Yawen, the sense of collapse began with the little thing "getting out of bed".

I just felt a little strange at first.That night, she got out of bed to go to the toilet and found that her pelvis was faintly painful. She couldn’t lift her feet, and couldn’t make it."This is normal." Yawen, who gave birth to a child for the first time, thought and fell asleep again.

When I got up the next day, things suddenly became difficult.It takes force to turn over and sit up.Her husband was at a loss, and wanted to help and didn’t know where to start. No matter where he moved, Yawen couldn’t help crying.In the end, "getting out of bed" was refined into several steps, which took nearly half an hour:

The first step, first shake the sick bed, change from flat to half lying;

In the second step, after a short rest, I was helped to sit right -this process will hurt, but I can tolerate it, and I can relieve it for a while to save the courage for the next pain;

In the third step, put a small bench on the edge of the bed, turn the legs from the state of parallel to the ground, bend the knee, and fall on the small bench -the small bench is to reduce the level of the level.As soon as it fell, sweat came down;

Take a few more minutes and restore physical strength. The fourth step is to remove the small bench, let the legs fall completely, and finally step on the solid floor;

In the end, her husband helped her struggling, and the whole program was completed.Yawen never thought about it, getting up, eating, going to the toilet every day … The simple action of "getting out of bed", which had to experience, actually consumed such a great effort and even courage.

The obstetrician and gynecologists did not know what to do.As a result, the diagnosis was "unblocked pubic bone", and a condition that Yawen had never paid attention to before.She started to check the information: "Looking blindly online, the more you look at it, the more anxious." There was a mother on social software to share experience, saying that she was not good at bed for a long time, and Yawen was worried: "Will I not go for a few months and can’t go for a few months.road?"

Under normal circumstances, the distance between the pubic bone combination is 4-6mm. When the gap exceeds 10mm, the pubic bone combination is separated. Not only is pain, but also the difficulty of lift the lower limb and walking difficulties.If the treatment is not timely, it may also cause pubicitis, pubic bone combined arthritis, etc., which requires surgery seriously.

Normal pubic bone combination and pubic bone union separation

The pubic bone combination generally starts to wider after three months of pregnancy. Statistics show that about 31.7%of pregnant women and mothers have pain or discomfort in the United pubic bone combination.52%.

On the second day after the diagnosis, Yawen accepted the injection of Lidakin and glucose, and the outer method was loosened and bionic stickers.The doctor taught her how to work hard, from lying to being able to sit or stand up.Yawen’s mood was suddenly sunny.

This is the common feeling of pregnant maternal patients.In the days when Gu Xing was not diagnosed and could not take care of himself, he couldn’t help thinking. If he couldn’t cure well, would he have to sit in a wheelchair for a lifetime?She is desperate: "I’m only 30 years old. The child is still so young." When the treatment was tenth, when she could get out of bed and help the wall, she suddenly came back -she felt "I can be good."

For pregnant women, there is no need to endure pain, and self -care ability is gradually recovering is a great psychological comfort.

"A lot of bitterness, originally unnecessary"

When they were discharged from the hospital four days after giving birth, Yawen still needed a wheelchair.However, I took the plaster prescribed by the doctor to go home, followed the doctor’s order to rest more. On the 10th day, it can be easily turned over, and the pain is relieved to the tolerance range.

From the perspective of doctor Yue Li, the mothers have eaten a lot, it was originally unnecessary."The first is the issue of ideas. I feel that the pain of pregnancy is normal and does not pay attention to the pain. This is deep -rooted. The previous generation of women, including their grandmother and mother, all endured from generation to generation." Yue Li sighed.

She remembered that when she had a child more than 20 years ago, she also encountered a joint separation of the pubic bone."I also hurt, I can’t get up on the stairs, walking like a duck, I twisted and turned left and right." At that time, she was still the anesthesiologist. I was not familiar with the treatment of pain.It doesn’t hurt ", so I endured that.

After becoming a pain doctor, she originally attacked chronic pain.But maternal and child health care hospitals are maternal.Yue Li watched their pain every day, and would ask herself: "Now there is this technology, why do women suffer so much?"

In 2022, she put forward the idea of opening a specialist clinic for giving birth to the hospital.In the process of seeing the doctor, Yue Li gained a great sense of accomplishment: "When you see her coming, it hurts so much that she is so painful and wants to die; you solve her, you are proud, very valuable."

Yue Li is doing radio frequency treatment for patients.RF can accurately output ultra -high -frequency wireless radio waves through special equipment and puncture needles on local tissue, which plays a thermal solidification, cutting or neural regulatory effect to treat pain diseases.

In fact, this is not easy.Many peers are unwilling to intervene in the pain during the pregnancy period. Yue Li understands it very much. For the pain of pregnant women, the treatment methods are limited, and the treatment is relatively difficult. Compared with ordinary pain treatment, the research in this field is relatively blank; the risk is even more risky;Large, if the method is improper, it will cause harm to the patient and the consequences are unimaginable.

But treatment is so necessary.According to the professional pain scoring table VAS, the score should be admitted to the doctor immediately, because this score indicates that the sleep has affected the sleep; once the sleep is hindered, the immunity will be affected, which will not only hurt the body of the pregnant woman, but also affect the fetusdevelopment.Chronic pain is greater than three months, and pregnant women are also prone to emotional problems. Especially after postpartum, if postpartum depression, the damage is greater.

At the Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Yue Li has cooperated with the obstetrics and gynecology department, and you can see the information about the pain outpatient clinic of pregnant production after the pamphlet of the checkup.Some patients rushed from other cities to her, and she consciously took more responsibility: "The new department must introduce to the patient, and there must be enough patient communication. It starts for one or two years.Pregnancy pain) will definitely be valued by more and more people. "

Following her first pain in Jiangsu Province, she opened the first giving birth pain in Jiangsu Province, and many maternal and child -related hospitals inside and outside the province also came to consult.Yue Li was reluctant to suffer with limited ability, and he couldn’t be able to whip in other regions.Her latest idea is to do a "gestational pain to alleviate thousands of miles", and the team team team teams go to different counties, cities, and regions for preaching and exchanges.

On the day Yue Li looked forward to the "blooming everywhere" of the pain outpatient clinic, the pregnant women had painlessness during the anesthesia department during childbirth."Everyone manages the pain, and our pregnant woman is easy." Yue Li said.

(At the request of the interviewees, Yawen, south, and Gu Xing became the name.)

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