The Phoenix man thought: With a child, I will let him go, dream!

Sometimes I think that a boy is good. It ’s not that I’ m a young man, and you have heard me slowly.

First of all, the marriage fee is expected. As long as you find a girl willing to follow you, it is better to do anything else.

Parents and friends can borrow it. Anyway, this time it is a bit troublesome, and then take a little energy to conceive a child. After that, he will accompany him for a few days and give birth to a child for a few days. This is the standard of a good man and a good husband.

House -care wives do, children’s wife, and homework wife counseling. It would be better if you can make money to support the family. The rest can be used as a big shopkeeper.

After all, the pain of having children does not need to experience it by themselves, and there is no need for trouble to do housework. Anyway, it seems that everything is natural. I think it is difficult to be a woman. It is particularly difficult to be a Chinese woman. I did n’t realize it before.

It is said that the princess of a woman for ten months, the queen of the day, and then the old mother, and the identity is also embarrassing. For your in -laws, you are always outsiders. For your mother’s family, you will be married.

So always like a duckweed, I do n’t know where to be home, so I advise sisters, you must be cautious when choosing a husband, because you choose the right life for a lifetime.

I was a tragedy. At first, my eyes were not good, so I caused later tragedies.

I know that my husband is introduced by his parents. In the words of the matchmaker, the young man’s body is great, and you can eat three crickets in one meal. It is from the countryside.Nympho

To put it bluntly, as if I didn’t marry him, I would miss the five million prizes, but my boss was not small. It made my neighbors say that I had a high vision.

God was pitiful to see me hard, and I kept running to various blind date dinner, just to find a suitable Ning Ken who missed it and missed it.What is the fate, what can I do?

Fortunately, this one that looks pretty good looks pretty, at least it does not look annoying, so I try to get along and see if I can jump out of love.

Fortunately, boys are more talkative and know more about it. I always say that all kinds of stalks are for me, and I will say all kinds of love words to me. Let me think maybe this should be love!

I did n’t know that he had a lot of routines for half a year, but I was so good to cheat the sheets. What is even more amazing is that I actually believed that his ghost words did not take any protective measures.

It didn’t take long for me to find that I was pregnant. I was thinking about waiting for a year and a half to talk about marriage.

At that time, I was very nice. When I gave the gift, I had some problems. His family was only willing to get 450,000 lottery gifts. At the beginning, he explained that he would buy a house and then buy a car. Anyway, rest assured that he would be good to me.

I actually believed in his ghost words. I didn’t expect that he threatened me in the child in his stomach. After all, the longer the day of the drag, the more beneficial to him. It was ridiculous that I also helped him persuade his father to say that he was not a poverty alleviation cadre.

In this way, I got married. I thought that everything would be better after marriage. I didn’t expect everything to be too funny. The child had never coaxed it once.

But when the child grows up, his mother is also my mother -in -law. She dislikes me with big hands and saying that it ’s all the money of his child.

Seeing that it was all the money my dad secretly gave me, the most irritating to talk about my pregnancy first, and my hot temperament would not care about divorce on Sanqi Twenty -one.

I can see that they just think that I have a child, and they can do whatever they want, so I think there is no meaning to live on this day. They are so loving, anyway, I am tired.

Although there may be impulsive factors, I think I can hold me, I advise them to save them. Do you say that I do right?

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