The pregnancy skills of "hiding deep and not revealed", if you don’t want to publish good news for the time being, then do this

Everyone has their own ideas, and sometimes the pregnant mother does not want to quickly notify the people around them after learning about pregnancy.

It may be because the first three months did not want to say for the baby, or maybe the baby coordinated between the baby and the work, etc. When the pregnant mother did not want to share the message with others, it was necessary to conceal the fact that she was pregnant.

Gu Jiao learned that he was happy and worried after pregnancy. What was happy is that he finally had his own baby, but Gu Jiao was worried about work.

This month, there are performance assessments in the group evaluation. The case of next month must be strived for. If others know that they are pregnant, there will be prejudice. Maybe this case will be divided into other groups.

Gu Jiao intends to conceal his physical condition, and he does not want to worry about himself in the same group. He intends to wait until three months of stability before telling the leader together.

However, Gu Jiao’s superior leader recently aware of her strangeness, so she asked her to talk alone and asked her how she was mysterious recently. When she got off work, everyone also applied for a bureau together. Now she is the first every day.

Gu Jiao and the leader explained that there was no problem with his emotions, and told the leader about his pregnancy. He did not want to affect the entire group’s performance. He planned to wait for three months to wait for the fetus to stabilize and share it with you. He hoped that the leader could help her keep secret.

In fact, if you want to conceal your pregnancy, you really need to pay attention at all times. A few times of "hidden" pregnancy skills for your reference.

①Colin assistance

Don’t let others have the opportunity to observe your stomach. The ladies’ big shoulder bags are sent in handy. Not only can you install some items you need to use, but also using huge bags can also help block your belly.

Usually pregnant mothers can also use counters or potted plants to hide behind, or sit in the seat only to see the upper body and face, and prevent others from having the opportunity to study the abdomen bulge.

② Wear loose clothes

Adjust your clothes size. After pregnancy, you may wear some loose clothes. If you want to make your belly less obvious, the dress is also a good helper to cover the weight.

Like black or gray clothes, it can also help cover up, making you look slimmer, and everyone will not focus on you.

③ Let it be natural

Pregnant mothers must first relax their mentality. Don’t be nervous every day. You don’t pay much attention to this, and others will not take the initiative to mention or express doubt.

Pregnant mothers only need to spend early pregnancy at ease. Pay attention to rest. As for your pregnancy, you can let it go. Don’t always worry about being discovered.

④ Dive the topic

When someone suspects that you find that your waist is increased or your body becomes fat. If someone does not want someone to know, it can only be used to eat too much. When asked if you can only blame your own food, it is too good to blame your belly.A appetite.

Many women do not want others to know about pregnancy during the pregnancy period during pregnancy. Some of them think that interaction with you will be carried out around the topic of pregnancy every day.How to be educated as a mother.

Everyone has the freedom of everyone. If you don’t want to share with you, it is understandable, but the following people must know after pregnancy.

1) Intimate people

The news of pregnancy is the first to know first, and his husband is always the first. After all, it is the crystallization of the love of the two husbands and wives.

At the same time, share the joy of new life with your parents and elders, and family members will also teach more experience during pregnancy. At this stage, you will also become the key protection target of the family, take care of your body, and give birth to successfully.Baby.

2) Doctor

Most people will judge whether they are pregnant through their physical response and test strips, but when they detect good news, they still have to go to the hospital to confirm whether the child is healthy during the safety period.

In addition, your physical condition should be reacted to the doctor so that the doctor can help pregnant mothers over pregnancy. During pregnancy, you can hide anyone, but do not lie to the doctor.

3) Colleagues

Many people usually conceal their pregnancy facts in their work, but this is actually not good for their physical condition. During the three months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers are more fragile. The most protected and care -oriented stage requires more care of colleagues.

If the work pressure is not said, it is not conducive to pregnant mothers.Although the problem of work and the conflict between pregnancy cannot be balanced, the body is still the first. Pregnant mothers must first consider the safety of their baby and the baby in the belly.

【Topic today】

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