The pregnancy test stick may not be the key to see how you use it

"Where is the baby, where is the baby, the baby is in the mother’s expectation …"

Some female friends are looking forward to the arrival of the baby, and the days when they are prone to pregnancy, all kinds of carefulness, all kinds of consciousness.After love, calculate the days, and feel that the sperm and egg baby should meet, but how can you know that you are pregnant? By the way, use the pregnancy test stick to test.Can the pregnancy test stick accurate?

1. What do you know about the pregnancy stick?

If you want to know that the pregnancy test stick is inaccurate, first of all, we have to figure out why can the pregnancy test stick know that you are pregnant?

It turns out that women will secrete a type of choric membrane gonadotropin (HCG) in the body after pregnancy. This hormone exists in urine and blood. The general pregnancy test tool isThe reaction presented by the antibody in the urine determines whether it is pregnant.

This sounds a bit dizzy. It doesn’t matter if we don’t understand it. We just need to grab the key points.The pregnancy test stick is actually testing whether your body is like HCG. You can get pregnant, because you will have this hormone in your body when you are pregnant.

2. The use of pregnancy test sticks is particular, and it is not estimated to be useless.

Want to know if you are pregnant?The first choice is definitely a pregnancy test stick, but no one can say how high the accuracy of the pregnancy test stick is.Some female friends said that they did not measure the two bars with the pregnancy inspection stick, but they were pregnant. Is the pregnancy test stick accurate?Use the pregnancy test stick to learn!If you want to know if you have HCG in your body, you have to pay attention to methods in addition to the artifact of the pregnancy test stick, otherwise you can also test it!

Use the pregnancy test stick casually?wrong

First use the packaging along the gap and remove the pregnancy test stick.Put on the disposable plastic film gloves attached to the box, pinch the end of the gestational stick handle with your thumb, tilt the end of the urine pores towards the bottom. Pay attention to the observation of the pregnancy inspection stick to the bottom.Then align the urine pores on the side of the gestational rod, so that the urine passes through the urine -absorbing hole, and maintains the urine time of 1 to 2 seconds.Finally, the pregnancy test stick will observe the window to the top, and continue to hold the pregnancy test stick obliquely, waiting for the result.

Examination after the next holiday?right

HCG will be secreted after 7 days of fertilized egg development, so it should not be tested on the second day of the intercourse.Because women’s ovulation days are generally in the middle of 2 menstruation, such as 28 days of menstrual cycle, ovulation day may be around 14 days, plus about 7 days of bed, and the increase in HCG secretion. Therefore, it is generally recommended to recommend it. Therefore, it is generally recommendedAfter the next holiday test, the accuracy rate will be higher.

When are the urine?wrong

Pregnancy testing is best to test in morning urine. Generally, there is generally the highest HCG value in the morning urine. As a result, sex is more accurate. If self -test at night, the accuracy rate will be more or less affected.And the HCG content in the early stages of pregnancy is not high, which may cause the situation of being unable to measure or appear "deep and shallow".

Third, one shallow and one deep, two bars, are you pregnant?

Many women use the pregnancy test stick to test whether they are pregnant, and the pregnancy test stick mainly judges whether to be pregnant by looking at the control line on the stick.Generally speaking, there will be such three situations such as the color testing of the pregnancy test:

1. If you only have one control line in your pregnancy test stick, it means that there is no pregnancy.

2. If there are two lines in the pregnancy test stick, that is, the control line and the detection line are all color, and the detection line is clearly clear, indicating that it is pregnant.

3. If the pregnancy test stick does not appear within 5 minutes, it means that the pregnancy test is invalid or failed.

The pregnancy test stick is deeper and shallow, is it swollen?

The pregnancy test stick is deeper and shallow. Generally speaking, if the control line occurs is obviously clear and the detection line is shallow, it means that you may be pregnant, not necessarily that you are really pregnant.Of course, the deepening of the pregnancy test stick may be caused by external reasons. The following three types are:

1. If there is just an ectopic pregnancy, such as ectopic pregnancy in the pregnancy, the level of HCG in the body is generally low, and the color zone of the detection area will only appear faintly, which will cause the pregnancy test stick to be deeper and shallow.

2. In particular, such as hydatidal and velvet cancer, the level of HCG in the body will be too high, and urine detection without showing positive.

3. After 3 months of pregnancy, HCG levels decrease, and urine detection sometimes occurs negative or weak.

Occasionally, the pregnancy test stick is shallow, which has caused this throbbing and troubles of many friends.If this happens, Xiaobian recommends that you use a new pregnancy test stick to collect morning urine to re -test, and repeat the detection several times before conclusion.

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