The pregnant mother fox is hungry for help. Although the old farmers of Jilin still given the chicken generously, after 3 years, the mother fox brought the cub to the grace.

With a "squeak" sound, the harsh brake sounded, and the passengers on the bus dumped forward with inertia. People who did not help suddenly fell down and fell to the ground.

"What’s the situation?"

"That’s how, will you drive to the car?" The people in the car began to complain loudly, the bus suddenly braked, surprised them.

The driver also just turned back from the horror, turned his head and explained to the passenger sorry: "I don’t want to, some foxes suddenly rushed out! I haven’t left yet!"

Everyone looked out. Although the fox was not a rare animal in this small mountain forest, the fox was still the first time!

I saw a brown fox standing outside the car. The hair color was smooth and shiny, and it looked very beautiful. It stood stubbornly in front of the car and refused to leave.

Everyone lamented that this fox is so beautiful!Only the villager Lao Zhou did not speak, and looked thoughtful.

"This fox looks a little familiar!" Lao Zhou thought.

Indeed, this fox and Lao Zhou really have some relationships, and the fox is not bored to make a "blocking car" behavior. It comes to reward.

This incident occurred in 1979. There was a small village in Jilin Province, my country. The terrain here was remote and the economy and transportation were underdeveloped.

The drought for the years has made the crops without harvesting. The food stored by the villagers quickly finished eating. In the days when they ca n’t eat their belly, the villagers have worked very hard!

In order to find food, people had to go up the mountain to play wild rabbits and pick wild fruits so that they could barely fill their stomachs.

But the animals on the mountain have been suffering, and almost all small animals have been beaten. They have not eaten. Most animals starve to death or run away.

After a few months of this day, the villagers’ stored food was almost eaten, and even the native dogs at home were hungry. Occasionally, several households raised chickens. In order to eat eggs, they couldn’t bear the chicken.Stew.

These are villagers with long -term vision, and Lao Zhou is one of them.

Lao Zhou, his son, daughter -in -law, and grandson live together. Lao Zhou loved his grandson Xiaojun very much, and he was two chickens in the baby’s yard. He had to wait for the hens to eat the grandson to ensure the child’s nutrition.

For this reason, the old Zhou would hold the chicken into the kitchen every day and lock them up before going to bed. He had to optimize the chicken. In this era, he was stolen and stewed.

One morning in the autumn, the villager Lao Zhou got up in the morning, opened the door, and was going to the kitchen for some food for grandson.

"Hey, it won’t be long after the rice at home, what can I do next?" Lao Monday thought to the kitchen while thinking.

Open the kitchen door, take the pot, and go to the yard to scoop the water again. When he returned to the kitchen, he suddenly found that there was an orange shadow in the kitchen.Old Zhou’s hen.

Lao Zhou picked up the broom in the corner, threw it towards the fox, and scolded it while throwing: "Hey! Animals, let go of my chicken!"

The fox was frightened. After turning around, the old grandson looked at the fox.

The fox’s body was orange -red, and the fur was closely attached to the body, which was clearly hungry for a long time.

Although it is thin and bones, the belly is extremely large, it seems to be pregnant.

The fox stared at Lao Zhou, his eyes blinked, and Lao Zhou looked at the fox.

The pregnant mother fox was hungry for a long time, and for the child in the stomach, it had to come to steal the chicken.It can be hungry like a human mother, but for children, it must take risks to find food!

Lao Zhou’s cold heart suddenly became soft. He thought of his grandson, and he was born a few years after he was born. Before that, his daughter -in -law fell with the grandson. Thanks to the help of the people nearby, the grandson was fine.

Now, in the face of this pregnant mother fox, Lao Zhou couldn’t bear to kill it.

"Okay, let’s go, don’t steal my chicken in the future!" Regardless of whether the fox could not understand, Lao Zhou stretched out his hand to drive the fox out. The fox stared at Lao Zhou and reluctantly moved out.

Animals have the instinct to survive. Maybe the fox knows that he can’t find food again, and the children in the stomach will starve to death!

He stared at Lao Zhou with his eyes, as if to say, "Let me eat it!"

Lao Zhou looked at the fox’s belly, sighed, turned around and picked up a piece of cake from the stove. This piece of cake originally kept Breakfast for Lao Zhou and his wife.

Seeing that the fox was so pitiful, Lao Zhou threw the cake to the fox.

The fox picked up the cake, glanced at Lao Zhou, turned around and ran away.

"Oh!" Lao Zhou sighed again, "No one is too good!" After speaking, he turned to start cooking.

After the family knew that Lao Zhou had eaten the cake to the fox, he complained about him: "Everyone is starving to death, why do you still eat it for animals?"

Lao Zhou looked at the little grandson, and said with some grievances: "It’s pregnant, I can’t bear it, let’s accumulate the virtue of the little army."

Hearing his grandson’s name, Lao Zhou’s wife would no longer count him.

I ate a little cushion and padded my belly. Lao Zhou picked up his grandson and put it on his legs. "Little army, do you say Grandpa is right?"

Xiaojun blinked his big eyes, he was ah for a long time, as if he had affirmed Lao Zhou’s approach.

In the next few days, Lao Zhou saw the chicken more strict, for fear that one would not pay attention to the fox. After that, the fox would occasionally come to the Lao Zhou family, and Lao Zhou would eat a little bit at a time.A few meals.

One day in the morning, Lao Zhou planned to go to the mountain to see and dig a little wild vegetables back.

When he walked to the mountainside, Lao Zhou suddenly heard a burst of movement. He walked along the voice. He did not expect to see two foxes. One fox’s belly was very large and obviously.

Another fox was beside it as if guarding the fox.Seeing the coming, the Gonghu immediately made an attack, but it was so hungry that it could not be threatened at all.

Lao Zhou looked at the pregnant mother fox and recognized it at a glance. "Isn’t this a mother fox who wants to eat cakes?" Lao Zhou said to himself.

"Well, it seems that he is hungry and has no energy to give birth to a child. What can you do?" Lao Zhou was anxious. If the fox died, it would be a dead body.

Thinking about it this way, Lao Zhou turned around and trot all the way home. His wife saw him back and asked, "What about wild vegetables?"

Lao Zhou could not answer. When he got up in the kitchen, he had to go out when he was caught. When he saw the baby chicken caught, his wife quickly stopped and asked puzzled: "What are you doing?

Lao Zhou rushed out, and said, "It’s going to be born, I have to be soon!"

"Who?" Lao Zhou’s wife couldn’t touch it!

"That mother fox!" Lao Zhou ran away and shouted at his wife.

"You kill Qian Dao, our family is almost not eaten, and the hen gives the hen to the fox! Don’t kill you!" The wife scolded at Lao Zhou’s back.

Lao Zhou ran up the mountain all the way, walked to the fox, and took the hen to the hen.

When the two foxes saw the hen, their eyes were shining, and they immediately went up to eat. After eating the mother fox, they had a rest for a while. At this time, the sky was also dark, and Lao Zhou could only go down the mountain.

"You should be born when you are full, I wish you good luck!" Lao Zhou glanced at the mother fox unreasonably before leaving.

On this day, Lao Zhou not only dug back the wild vegetables, but also lost a chicken, and he could not help but be blamed by his family.

"Dad, I didn’t say you, we didn’t eat it, you still gave the fox. Even if the cake, you send a chicken directly. You know how important this chicken is for our house.! "The son couldn’t help but start to complain about Lao Zhou.

Lao Zhou bowed his head and listened to the number, and did not refute. He knew that today was a bit impulsive, but he just felt that he did not do it wrong!

Three years have passed!

The weather has already returned to normal, the crops in the ground have begun to harvest, and the days of the villagers gradually get better.

The village also passed the bus. The villagers could take the bus to the town to buy things. Lao Zhou’s grandson Xiaojun gradually grew up, and his clothes became smaller.

Lao Zhou and his wife intend to take a bus to the town and buy a few clothes for the grandson.

Unexpectedly, the bus just walked through the village entrance, and suddenly "squeaked" and stopped, scaring Lao Zhou and his wife.

The driver said that a group of foxes were blocked in front of the car, and the villagers poked their heads. Lao Zhou also stretched his head out of the window and saw a group of foxes in front. Lao Zhou felt a little familiar.

Later, I suddenly remembered that the fox was very similar to the mother fox he had rescued. The group of little fox next to him was probably the cub produced by the mother fox, and the big fox may be the public who was lying around the mother

Lao Zhou thought about it, he heard the harsh horn, and the driver kept holding the horn, hoping to drive this group of foxes away.

However, the mother fox was very stubborn. It walked around in front of the car, and the sorrow was anxious and miserable.

No matter what the driver said, he refused to leave, and the driver tried to start the car to scare it, and it refused to leave.

A carman and a group of fox were deadlocked for 5 minutes. The fox did not leave, and the car could not start.

The driver said impatiently, "Hey! It’s really evil! This group of fox is blocked!"

Some villagers simply said, "Drive, they will avoid them when they go down!"

Lao Zhou, who has been silent, quickly stop: "No, fox is also life!"

It was deadlocked, and the people in the car suddenly heard a loud noise in front of them, and everyone was startled.

"Is this?"

"Yeah, this sound is so scary!"

At this time, a villager hurried over from the front side. Everyone quickly stopped him and asked with a mouthful of mouth: "Fellow, what happened to the front? Why is it so big?"

The villagers answered pantingly: "The front collapse and the mountain collapse, you can never pass!"

When you hear the fellow, everyone is glad: "Thanks to this group of foxes, if it wasn’t for them, we would likely be dead!"

"Yeah, yes, this fox is quite spiritual!"

Lao Zhou listened to everyone’s words, glanced at the fox, smiled at it, and said in his heart: "Thank you! It’s really not saved you!"

Animals usually perceive the disaster earlier than humans. Perhaps some time before the mountain collapse, what the mother fox felt, so they stubbornly blocked the buses and did not let Lao Zhou and a car people go forward.

Three years ago, Lao Zhou rescued the pregnant mother fox many times, and even when his own food was very scarce. He gave the precious hen at home to the female fox and saved the life of it and the little fox.Stubbornly stopped the car and saved the lives of Lao Zhou and a car.

Kindness is like a seed. As long as it is planted, it will germinate one day!

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