The pregnant mother is helpless to go to the night shift to protect themselves be careful

The night shift during pregnancy will make pregnant women face a lot of risks.However, some women like to go to night shifts in this very very period.If you have to go to the night shift, women should pay additional attention to their physical changes in order to take necessary measures when they encounter emergency situations.There are no special cases, it is best not to go to night shift.

Night shifts are very interesting for some pregnant women during pregnancy, because it will give them more freedom to communicate with friends and relatives.However, women in this period should take care of themselves extra.

According to a study in the obstetrics and gynecology department, compared with those pregnant women who work during the day, the risk of premature births in pregnant women at night shifts is greater.This study is based on 1,900 pregnant women from North Carolona. Some of them go to white shifts, and some people go to night shifts.

Another study from Denmark on the relationship between pregnant women and pregnant women in the night shift showed that the risk of women in night shifts and the risk of dead births are increasing.Other factors such as age, smoking habits, and physical strength at work are also considered factors.

It is best to avoid going to the night shift during pregnancy, but if you choose the night shift, then you must enter your daily simplification and healthier.

1. Keep a comfortable posture

If your job requires you to sit for a few hours, it is very important to maintain a comfortable sitting position.Make sure your sitting position will not tighten your back.A firm chair and a cushion are useful during pregnancy.Be sure to stretch your legs every 30 minutes.

2. Let the elderly know the situation of your pregnancy

Communicate with the elderly and tell them that you may have to rest for a while, try to create a happy and relaxed working atmosphere

3. Fresh fruit and snacks

Even at work, keep fresh fruits on hand.The snack cabinets in the home must be stored in healthy snacks, such as roasted almonds, nuts, juice and glucose biscuits.

4. regular exercise

Make regular exercise during pregnancy a part of daily life, especially when your work needs to sit for a long time.Take a little time stretching your body, you can walk in the office in the office.

5. Sports at night

Aerobic and prenatal exercise must be done by pregnant women at night.

6. Safe good sleep

Maintain adequate sleep every afternoon and weekends to make up for the lack of sleep in the night shift.Most women’s sleep cycle during pregnancy will be affected.If you also encounter similar sleep problems, please consult your obstetrician and gynecologist in time.

7. Relax body and mind

During pregnancy, night shifts will increase the degree of fatigue and the pressure on the body.Practice some skills to relax your mind and mind to reduce the pressure of your own afford.Minding, yoga, and other skills will help you calm down.

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