The pregnant mother looks at it

Pregnancy is a wonderful time. Pregnant mothers began to pay attention to the matching of food, care about physical changes during pregnancy, and eat more carefully and walk carefully.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssence

But the whole pregnancy mother will still worry about various problems. How to control the weight during pregnancy?How to do the B -ultrasound in the birth check?How to control blood sugar?Fetal position is not how to do?

"Dr. Wu accompanies you scientific pregnancy", like your exclusive doctor, helps you answer all questions during pregnancy.

Who is Dr. Wu?

Dr. Wu was formerly known as Wu Long and was the attending doctor of the former women’s obstetrics department of Chaoyang District Hospital in Beijing.In the spare time, there are more than 12 million fans on the Internet for pregnancy, production and education in the Internet. At present, there are more than 12 million fans on the entire network.

Dr. Wu summarized thousands of questions that fans have consulted during pregnancy, gathered his popular science content in these years, and sorted out this "Dr. Wu with you scientific pregnancy", which can become a manual for the entire pregnancy of pregnant mothers.

This book is divided into five parts, which are from "what to do" after pregnancy;"Preparation" 5 aspects, for pregnant mothers to tell the problems and solutions that may be encountered in the whole process from pregnancy to childbirth.

This book has a total of 137 gestational knowledge points, more than 50 fun illustrations, and more than 60 knowledge charts. Many places also come with QR codes. You can use WeChat to scan.The video explanation allows you to have a deeper understanding of every problem.

Reading this book, there is also the easiest way to help you solve the problem at any time.You can find the knowledge base through the directory of this book, or see the knowledge base through scanning the code, and then find what you want to know according to the problems you encounter.So this book is a reference book during pregnancy, you can check it at any time.

Each family is looking forward to the arrival of new life, but for compliance parents, pregnancy and production are not a simple matter. They also need to pay attention to pregnancy safety, nutritional diet, scientific pregnancy.

If you are also preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, and about giving birth, this book is undoubtedly the best choice for your scientific pregnancy.Then I also hope that this book is like the exclusive doctor of pregnant mothers, and the whole pregnancy of pregnant mothers.

There is also a big egg in this book: Let me quietly tell you that Dr. Wu also presented a blessing card to each pregnant mother in the book, including "Mother and Child and Children", "Fetal movement normal blessing", "No pregnancy without pregnancy""Blessing", "Feeding and Blessing", "When will you launch a blessing when you want to launch".EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssence

I don’t know what blessing the pregnant mothers were drawn with the book?Did you tell me quietly?

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