The pregnant wife was gang raped by 4 people for 8 hours. The husband saw the whole process at the door, and the details were shocking!

On a peaceful night, a young couple was preparing to start their happy newlywed life.However, they could not predict that this night will become the darkest moment in their lives.

The four hair thieves quietly broke into their warm home, and they brutally carried out a nightmare rape to the pregnant bride, which lasted for 8 hours.Her helplessness and panic were ruthlessly deprived of, and her husband could only witness all of this helplessly.

The details in this story are shocking and unbearable.The criminals treat the young couple with a cold and ruthless attitude, and the harm to them exceeds all their imagination.Their evil behavior is not only angry, but also heartbroken.

This story sounded the alarm to remind us to be alert to the danger around us and protect the safety of ourselves and his family.We must strengthen the safety awareness of the community, unite, and create a safer environment for our society.

Although the plot in this story is shocking, we cannot ignore the real problems it revealed.We must resolutely oppose any form of violence and violations, and strive for justice and protection for the victims.

May this story be an opportunity for us to think, evoke the concern and actions of society, let us work together to create a safe, harmonious and dignified society for everyone.

In May 2013, the streets in Feixian, Shandong Province were the same as usual. The work of everyone’s busy day was finally over, so after get off work, they rode on their own car home for dinner.In this small county, there are people who are riding a small eDonkey everywhere. The protagonist we want to say today is no exception.

The protagonists are Sun Gang (pseudonym) and Li Hong (pseudonym). They are a husband and wife who have just got married, and they are working and off work together for two days.On the day of May 2013, I ended home as usual, but this day happened a particularly horrible accident.

Based on understanding, we learned that Sun Gang and Li Hong knew through the matchmaker, and both family backgrounds were almost the same.When the other party had already understood the other party’s family background, and the personality was very close, so they talked for two months and decided to flash marriage.

Even if the two have known each other for a few months, the feelings of Sun Gang and Li Hong are very good. Everyone who has been in contact with them will praise their talents.

Therefore, their reputation in the village is also very good. According to the character of the two, there is no contradiction with others, so there is no enemy’s statement.

Because the husband and wife are just half a year of marriage, both are still in a sweet period. In order to not disturb their lives, they live in a new house built by their parents after they get married.The son’s marriage is usually covered with a new house.

Sun Gang’s parents covered him with a small house on the second floor in the village. Although the construction of the small house was very beautiful, he could see the vast fields around the top of the building.

However, there is a disadvantage of this house, that is, the location is too remote, and no one around the house is deserted. However, because the parents’ house is also in the same village, it can still be in the door from time to time.

Many young people in the rural areas at that time would choose to go out to work, but Sun Gang and Li Hong considered that both parents were in the countryside. None of the guards here were unable to do it, so the two stayed to take care of it.

Less than half a year after marriage, Li Hong was found to be pregnant. The news that Li Hong was pregnant was very happy.Although pregnancy is a happy thing, in reality, there are always some problems.

Sun Gang and Li Hong are reluctant to be old at home, and the salary of the two is enough to solve the problem of food and clothing.Originally, the two planned to work for two or three years to save a little money, and then planned to have children. Who would expect that the two were pregnant.

Now that they are already pregnant, they are reluctant to be reluctant to like their children. In addition, it was a taboo thing in the village in that era.Of course, her mother -in -law wanted to take Li Hong over and live together, so that Li Hong said that she could not use her parents’ help.

Sun Gang’s parents wanted him to go out to work outside to make money, but Sun Gang couldn’t go to success because he wanted to take care of her.Sun Gang’s parents knew that it was impossible for Sun Gang to go out to work, so he called Li Hong over to discuss it.

Li Hong heard this idea. She said that she had a way to let Sun Gang willing to go out to work, but she also had to follow Sun Gang out.When her mother -in -law heard it, she couldn’t make it. Li Hong was just pregnant what to do if she was accidentally aborted.

No matter what kind of mother -in -law is, Li Hong is not as much as Li Hong. Although Sun Gang and Li Hong have a strong career, they can only ask for another way.

Sun Gang’s cooking skills were very good. When Li Hong was just pregnant, she fed her for more than a dozen pounds.Isn’t this a chance?Li Hong suddenly thought that it was better to open a small restaurant in his county, and went home to eat at night during the day.

Sun Gang also agreed with her approach, so the two took all their savings out of the county to rent a shop on the county seat. Two days, they went home to sleep at night in the shop during the day.

The mother -in -law was very hard to see that the couple were so busy. It was very hard. There was nothing to do at home without making themselves at home. It was better to make breakfast for them. After breakfast, they would call them to eat.

So her mother -in -law has gradually become a habit of making breakfast for her husband and wife. One morning, her mother -in -law still gives them breakfast as usual.But I have been doing breakfast for more than an hour, and I haven’t seen Sun Gang and Li Hong over.

The mother -in -law was afraid that the breakfast was not delicious, so she picked up her mobile phone and called Sun Gang, but it showed that the other party was in a state of shutdown, so she called Li Hong again and showed a shutdown.

My mother -in -law thinks it is really strange. Even if she was too busy in the store yesterday, I was tired and fell asleep, but the mobile phone was not in a state of shutdown.Essence

When my mother -in -law came to the new house, I found that the door in the house was open. At this time, the mother -in -law hadn’t noticed anything or thought that the couple were too tired to forget to close the door.The mother -in -law continued to walk in and found that the dean was quiet. She usually came over that Sun Gang and their dogs would scream to her.

My mother -in -law thought why she didn’t even call the dog. Is it because Sun Gang and Li Hong took the dog out to do business early in the morning?The mother -in -law came to the living room and saw several plates on the table. The plates were contained in big fish and meat, which was very conspicuous.

My mother -in -law thought that Li Hong would definitely not like to eat such greasy things, and she also knew Sun Gang very much. Sun Gang did not like to eat fat. These dishes may be used to entertain guests last night. There is no time without time. There is no time.tidy.

The mother -in -law did not see no one in the living room, so she came to the bedroom of Sun Gang’s husband and wife.I still didn’t see anyone in the bedroom. I only saw that the quilt and beds in the room were messy, and her mother -in -law became more strange.

She went to the dog cage in the courtyard to see the dog. Who would think that the scene in the dog cage surprised her?I saw that the dog was lying in the dog cage with blood, obviously this is what the dog can commit suicide?And Sun Gang and Li Hong like this dog very much, and they will not kill them.

The mother -in -law did not see Sun Gang and Li Hong. Instead, she saw that the dog was killed. The mother -in -law felt that the matter was not so simple, so she immediately picked up her mobile phone to call the police.

After the police received the phone call, they immediately sent someone to come over.The police checked up and down, and found that the monitoring had been deliberately destroyed by others.The police also found that Sun Gang and Li Hong’s bank cards and other documents were gone.

My mother -in -law told the police that this family had stolen things before, so she installed a monitor and raised a dog.Will this time like someone to steal things like before?

The police also found that there were obvious traces of climbing and overwhelming on the wall of the dean, and some blood stains were found in the corner of the room.This time it was not just as simple as stealing things. Sun Gang may have happened.

The young couple had only been married for half a year, and the position of the house was so remote, so the police entered and exited the house around the house.

The police salvaged a few black bags of garbage in a nearby river. One of the garbage bags found a pair of jeans that were not Sun Gang, and then there was a subsistence allowance with a name with a name.Card has become one of the clues to solve the case.

The police continued to investigate and soon discovered the same blood near a water station near the house.The police followed the direction of these blood, and finally came to a hole in a mountain.

There were some corn straws around the hole, and this corn straw was just cut off at first glance.Police took someone into the cave and found a large piece of corn straw, so they revealed the corn straw.

It was found that there were two dead in it, and the two were Sun Gang and Li Hong.After the forensic identification, Li Hong had been pregnant for three months when he was killed, his body was deliberately fractured in many places, and his bones were seriously dislocated.Who is so cruel?

According to the social security card, the name on the social security card is a man with the surname.And the man is inconvenient, so he has always handed this card to his son to use and save.

The police immediately locked the suspect on Fu Gang.According to the survey, it was found that Fu Gang was a little confused and often stole other people’s things.

Moreover, some villagers reported that on the day of the incident, I saw four people hiding from ghosts near the water station, and their appearance and figure were very much like the police provided the suspect’s information.And when the police were looking for the suspect, the four of them flew.

The police confirmed that the four were suspects. Soon the police lurked in various traffic arrangements, and eventually arrested the four of them at a certain station.

The four were Zhang Xuejun, Fu Gang, Zhao Feng, and Wang Jiying.They said that they had been stolen at Sun Gang’s house before, and the second time was the last time I planned to steal again because I had no money.

On the day of the incident, the four secretly slipped in and stole, and destroyed both monitoring and dogs.During this period, I saw the wedding photos of Sun Gang and Li Hong, and when I felt that Li Hong was very good, I wanted to rape him.When the husband and wife returned, he tied Sun Gang and asked him to watch his wife raped with his own eyes.

The whole process lasted for eight hours, and during the period, Sun Gang also gave them big fish and meat to eat.Continue to implement rape after eating.After the incident, they felt that they should be killed, so they happened later. It was really ruthless. I believe the police would preside over justice.

This incident is angry and shocking. We should condemn this cruel behavior and pray for the victims and her family.At the same time, we should also reflect on the issue of sexual violence and infringement of women’s rights.

We need stricter laws and systems to protect women’s rights and educate people to respect and treat everyone.Only in this way can we build a more harmonious and fair society.

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