The pregnant wife was gang raped by 4 people, her husband was forced to see, the criminal means cruel, and the documentary on the big case

In the early morning of May 15, 2013, when Mrs. Liu was preparing for breakfast, she found that her son Li Gang and daughter -in -law Li Hong had not returned home. When they called, they found that both mobile phones were shut down.The restless Mrs. Liu came to their residences around 10 am, but found a series of weird situations.First of all, the door is not locked; second, the house is empty and messy; the most confusing is that there is a pot of red meat on the coffee table.This makes Mrs. Liu strange, because her son Li Gang never eats meat, and daughter -in -law Li Hong only eats lean meat.Obviously, someone has arrived in this house.

An ominous premonition in Auntie Liu’s heart.Without finding the two, she decided to go out to find.However, she noticed the poor scene of the poor watching dog in the courtyard.The head of the dog was almost flattened, which made Aunt Liu collapse instantly. She understood that there was an unfortunate incident in the family and immediately called the alarm.

Ten minutes later, the Feixian Interpol Brigade arrived at the scene.Through simple investigation and many years of experience in handling cases, the criminal police confirmed that Mrs. Liu was not worried.The camera covering the entire area on both sides of the yard was artificially cut, and the computer host of the storage video was gone, leaving only one display.This is a typical means of theft of crime and destroying evidence.

The police immediately blocked the scene of the incident and launched a small investigation.They first noticed the traces of climbing and shaking on the peripheral wall of the courtyard.In the yard, the investigators discovered the stainless steel anti -theft window that was pried open.After entering the house, they found that the entire house was 120 square meters, including two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

With the deepening of the investigation, some ominous signs began to emerge.On the bed, pillow, and mattress on the south bedroom, the investigators found two blood stains of palms, and there were obvious artificial wiping marks on the blood stains.In addition, there should be a mattress quilt on the mattress, but the whereabouts are unknown at this moment.The investigators boldly speculate that there may be more blood on the mattress, but it may be destroyed because it is difficult to deal with.

In addition, as soon as the northern bedroom door opposite the south bedroom opened, the investigators immediately noticed that Li Hong’s personal clothes were scattered on the ground, and these clothes had obvious tear marks.The investigators observed silently that there were already answers in their hearts.The question now is where the couple are now, is they still alive?

During the police search, they discovered Wenliang Village.When searching for the clear river bottom of Wenliang Village, the investigator noticed several bright plastic bags.They immediately salvaged and successfully salvaged three bags.Because the bag was squeezed tightly, the items in the bag were not scattered by the lake.The investigators opened the plastic bag in turn and found that most of them were domestic garbage.But in addition, the police also found a savings card and a men’s pants of a rural credit cooperative.In the pockets of the pants, they also found a bank card, which is precisely a minimum guarantee card, and there is a name on the back of the minimum guarantee card.

Police cannot determine whether these items come from the scene of the crime until a marriage certificate appears.The marriage certificate proves that these items are indeed related to the missing couple Li Gang and Li Hong.

At the same time, another reconnaissance team in the abandoned Yangshui Station also had an important discovery.On the stone wall on the west, the investigators found a small amount of wiping traces, suggesting the guidance of the deceased.They followed the direction of these traces and started searching south, and finally stopped at a cave 100 meters away from the abandoned Yangshui Station.After entering the cave, they saw a bundle of fresh wheat straw, which should not appear in this environment.

The investigator gently pulled away the wheat straw, and suddenly saw a pair of small feet, a woman’s feet.When the other investigators saw it, they immediately pulled all the surrounding wheat straw away, and the answer to the disappearance of the husband and wife finally surfaced.People present could not help but fight.According to the preliminary judgment of the forensic doctor, Li Hong’s body has been dismantled, and Li Gang’s body can hardly find a complete piece of meat.Who is such a cruel murderer?This question makes people feel scared.

In further investigation, the two bank cards salvaged from Hediland became the key to the police’s case.The first is a savings card of the rural credit cooperative, and the cardholder is Li Hong.Through withdrawal records and videos, the police determined that on the evening of May 14th, the card was taken away by a man wearing a lady’s hooded jacket and took RMB 11,000 in six times.To be angry, the suspect smiled every time the withdrawal was successful.Through the identification of the victim’s family, the police confirmed that the lady’s hooded jacket worn by the suspect was Li Hong.

Another bank card is a minimum guarantee card in Xintai City, Shandong Province, which is commonly known as a minimum guarantee card.Through inquiries, the police found that the card was withdrawn in Wennan Town, New Tai City on May 11.Through further tracking, the police quickly found the cardholder Fu Fu.However, the survey found that the actual user of this card was Fu Gang, Fu’s 23 -year -old son.Fu Gang’s identity surfaced. Subsequently, the police found three other people involved through Fu Gang. They were Zhang Xuejun, Wang Jiying and Zhao Feng.

With the surface of these suspects, the police will increase the investigation and further trace their whereabouts and motives of the crime.

Through technical means, the police quickly locked several suspects on a long -distance bus in Ningyang County, Tai’an City, and successfully captured it.In the interrogation room, the suspects initially shirk each other’s responsibility, but then gradually explained the incident.

On the evening of May 13, 2013, the four suspects came to Feixian and noticed a new house.When theft was implemented, they noticed the wedding photos of Li Gang and Li Hong, attracted by Li Hong’s beauty, and the evil thoughts were about to move in their hearts.The next day, the four came again and stepped on the spot early.Although they repeatedly claimed that they were not interested in the arrest, they had to admit that the front steps were stepped forward.They denied intentional behaviors, but could not explain why they smiled when withdrawn, maybe this is just a hypocritical performance.

Around 6 pm that day, they noticed that the couple left their house.The four people broke into the yard with a light car and waited quietly for the husband and wife home.At around 7 pm, the husband and wife returned home.They instantly controlled the husband and wife.At first, Li Gang tried to resist, but in the face of the threat of people, he was unable to resist.What is even more terrible is that they seized Li Hong, who had been pregnant for three months and dragged her into the room.In Li Hong’s scream, Li Gang reluctantly revealed the bank card password.In the next eight hours, the husband and wife suffered intolerable torture.Simply put, they repeatedly violence against Li Hong. Mid -way, they also asked Li Gang to make a meal for them.Li Gang originally thought that he could protect his life and his wife’s life through compromise, but the cruel facts proved that he was wrong.

I don’t want to describe the bad situations suffered by the husband and wife too much, but it can be said that they spent eight hours on the nightmare.During this period, the atrocities continued to repeat and tortured Li Hong cruelly, and they still asked Li Gang to cook for them when hungry.Li Gang originally hoped to exchange for the opportunity to survive by him and his wife, but the result was cruel and ruthless.

At about 3 am, Fu Gang and Wang Jiying started to Li Gang.They first packed Li Gang’s neck with an iron chain, and then put the plastic bag on his head. Li Gang was strangled alive.Then, they went to the bedroom and strangled Li Hong.In the process, Fu Gang put the bank card into Li Gang’s pants. He originally planned to put on Li Gang’s pants, but found that there was blood on it, so he changed his pants and accidentally forgot to take away the bank card.Justice is coming, without the fish that missed the net.

For the trial of the four suspects, Zhao Feng, who was only 17 years old, was sentenced to 22 years in prison, and the remaining three were sentenced to death.According to the publicity in 2019, Zhao Feng was in prison for 22 years in prison because of his good performance in labor transformation, and he was likely to be reduced.This news caused a strong public response, and people were angry and hate about this criminal gang.This crime caused huge harm to the victim’s family, and their thoughts were difficult to calm down.

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