The pregnant wife was quarreled with insomnia, and her husband was angry and counterattacked!As a result, the people in the whole building came …

Source: Jiangsu News

Recently, Suzhou Taicang Police received successive receiving

The alarm of the residents of the same residential building in the same community.

The alarm is the same reason:

The noise of the shock tower was noisy!

At around 8 pm on April 20, the police station of the high -tech zone of the Taicang Public Security Bureau received an alarm again.After the police, the police took the police to the residential door suspected of installing the shock building.At this time, a group of uncomfortable residents of the same building have been gathered here.

"It should be at more than 5 o’clock to start using a broom, and then open the building instrument." The residents complained.The police then evacuated the gathering and contacted the homeowner.Half an hour later, the owner returned home.

As soon as the door was opened, the police found that there was a shock building next to the sofa in the living room.

Yao’s family lived in the house. Her husband Yao told the police that his wife was pregnant and was troubled by insomnia. The residents upstairs often made footsteps and the sound of moving tables and chairs at night, which seriously interfered with his wife’s rest."He was dingling on it in the morning, and he was dragging and wiping and smashing. It was still like this from last night until two or three o’clock in the evening." Yao Yao was unable to disturb, so he bought a shock building to fight back.

The police learned that there was a man who lived upstairs. Because the evening shift was on, men often worked in the middle of the night.

In the man’s house upstairs, the police found that there was a shock -absorbing carpet in his house, and some tables and tables were wrapped in small rags.Nevertheless, there will still be some sounds, which makes the Yao family downstairs unbearable.

However, the loud sound of the shock tower also had a significant impact on Yao’s own home.

At present, the police have confiscated the shock tower and warned Yao’s family.Police reminded: "According to Article 58 of the" Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China ", those who deliberately create noise to interfere with the normal life of others will be given for the first time.Penalties of more than 200 yuan or less than 500 yuan. "

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