The pregnant woman was bullied by the 8 -month pregnancy, and the husband was angry when she learned it.

Pregnant women 8 months pregnant were forced to eat milk and bananas by men. After 3 seconds, the man turned and left with satisfaction. Strangely, the man had disappeared strangely since then. Is this the real version disappearing him?

A few months later, the police received a report. Someone salvaged a legs on the beach. The police immediately blocked the scene to conduct an investigation. However, in recent days, there were continuous heavy rains.In addition, the police did not salvage in the river. The dead of the deceased could not determine the true identity of the deceased. In desperation, the forensic doctor had to bring his legs back to the police station to prepare for further inspection.

After the forensic corpse examination, it is determined that the legs are male’s left legs, and the length of the residual legs is about 100 cm. It is inferred that the deceased is about 1.9 meters tall. Since the leg has been soaked for more than 3 months, and it, and it, this leg has been soaked for more than 3 months, and it has been soaked for more than 3 months, and it has been soaked for more than 3 months.The legs have been swollen and white, so the forensic doctor cannot determine the accurate killing time of the deceased.

The criminal police captain Meng learned through investigation that the town of the incident was basically by the sea, and the villagers were basically fishermen, and 80%of them were foreign populations. The structure of personnel was relatively complicated.The case was in a deadlock.

However, when the police were closer, a man took the initiative to surrender, and the police officer instantly stunned and quickly called the Meng team.The Meng team learned that the man named Dazhuang was a fisherman who lived a living all year round. He took the initiative to acknowledge that he had lost his hand and killed people, and after being brutally divided into corpses, he put it in a sack and throw the corpse.

The deceased is the dog egg, the famous local mixed, and the Ma Zi of the Black Boss Mountain Cannon.Digesty, too few abandonment is not enough to stuff the teeth at all, and the big stood said lowly that because the wife was 8 months pregnant, it was time to take care of someone to take care of it.Children, do more work, definitely make up for it. After hearing it, the dog egg kicks him directly to the ground. If he is insignificant threatening, if you do n’t pay back the money, you must make his beautiful wife compensate.leave.

Dazhuang looked at the back of the dog egg, and instantly felt that he was insulted. The wife was his inverse scale. Whoever bullied his wife would be desperate with him.Dazhuang couldn’t help it anymore. After getting up, he was a heavy punch at the dog egg. The two twisted together, but Da Zhuang was not a dog egg’s opponent.Fricate, and keep talking and provoking.At this critical moment, Dazhuang touched the roots in the sand pile, and then picked up the stick and smashed into the head of the dog egg. The dog egg suddenly disappeared.

Seeing that there was no one, Dazhuang put the corpse in a sack, and planned to throw it into the sea to throw the corpse, but after death, the corpse was too heavy.The wife, and the child in the belly of the wife, in order to prevent the child from being born without a dad, was full of strength. He used the energy of milk to carry the dog egg’s body to the boat.After throwing the body into the river, as for the murder weapon, he threw it in the desert behind the sand field after throwing the corpse.

The corpse was obviously discovered by the sea, but Dazhuang said that he was throwing a corpse in the river, which is obviously not right!The Meng team noticed that something was wrong. Suddenly, Meng team remembered that on the boat on the sand field, a pregnant woman who had seen a plate seemed to want to say something.

Combined with the abnormal moves of the mountain artillery and Dazhuang, the Meng team believed that the pregnant woman had a problem. The police officer Ajie immediately went to investigate. Ajie learned that the pregnant woman was quiet and the two married 6.It ’s been years, but after marriage, I have n’t been pregnant with children. The bottom of the family who treats disease and treats has been hollowed out. In the end, it spent hundreds of thousands of test tubes.It was spent, in order to supplement his wife, Dazhuang looked for a mountain gun to borrow usury loans.

The Meng team was a little curious. Only when Dazhuang’s family was giving birth to her father, and his wife was 8 months pregnant. At this exciting moment, how could he come to the police station to surrender?How about going to the sand field?With a question, the Meng team tried again with a question.

In the interrogation room, when the news of the weapon was found, the strong momentum was a little panicked. The Meng team asked Dazhuang again. What did it have to do with the mountain artillery? When he heard the name of the mountain gun, the big stood clenched his hands.It was found that Dazhuang’s psychological defense was already on the verge of collapse, so he went on to say that his wife was about to give birth. Is it necessary for the child to have no dad as soon as he was born?Dazhuang thought of an unborn child, and suddenly broke the defense.

After actively explaining everything. In fact, the strong said that the day before yesterday, the mountain cannon came to the boat to find him, because the little miles had internal fighting and killed the dog eggs.Da Zhuang went to surrender, and the arrears of Gaoli had a stroke, and threatened Da Zhuang with his wife. If he didn’t go, he killed his wife and children.For the personal safety of his wife and children, Dazhuang had no choice but to compromise and took the initiative to surrender to the police station, and made up the murderer’s speech. As for the place of throwing the body, he also listened to the mountain gunner.

With the strong testimony, the police immediately arrested the men’s men, and the mountain artillery was also charged with the criminals of criminals. The police were arrested and brought to justice. After interrogation, he also frankly acknowledged the killing dog egg.It provided an important clue. The police let him go after criticizing the education, but the location of the corpse that the prisoner explained was near the small wharf by the beach, but Dazhuang said at the time that the corpse was threw in the river.It’s big, can’t you remember the wrong memory?

Seeing that the case was successfully detected, the police officers went to the director’s house to dinner and planned to celebrate it. However, the meal had just eaten half of the meal, and the Meng team received a call.Dog eggs, everyone was shocked after listening. Is there any other people who were killed?

Who is the identity of the deceased?Is the strong testimony true?What is the real hidden love behind the case?

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