The prime minister was tolerance, but his wife was pregnant. It turned out to be a dream. Do you believe it?

Yang Guozhong, the prime minister of the Tang Dynasty, is well -known. He is a household name. He is the cousin of Yang Guifei, one of the four beautiful women.Yang Guozhong is extremely cunning, but he treats his wife Pei is extremely tolerant. He would rather be joked by others and tolerate his wife. Why is this?

Yang Guozhong’s tolerance was out. His wife Pei was pregnant during this period and gave birth to a son. Yang Guozhong asked Pei what was going on.Get together with me, and … (the following omitted a few words, everyone understands). "

After listening to these words, Yang Guozhong not only was not angry, but said joyfully: "This is the result of the missed husband and wife."

At that time, everyone passed this matter as a joke. How could there be a dream to get pregnant?Obviously he was wearing a green hat, and his wife was lying. Yang Guozhong not only believed it, but also very happy.

This story is recorded in "Kaiyuan Tianbao Restaurant". It seems that Yang Guozhong is the most enlightened husband. Even this lie believes that he also has his wife’s illegitimate child.

Yang Guozhong had four sons, namely Yang Yan, Yang Yan, Yang Xiao, and Yang Yan. I don’t know which one of his wife Pei’s dream was pregnant.

It is said that Pei was born in the dust. It is reasonable to say that such a woman should not be the lady of the main room, but Yang Guozhong not only asked her to be the lady of the main room, but also saw that she had an affair and would not be punished.It seems that Yang Guozhong’s relationship with Pei is too deep, and he can compare the Emperor Han Cheng’s pet concubine Zhao Hede.

Zhao Chengdi killed his son for Zhao Hede, and Yang Guozhong raised his dream of illegitimate children for his wife.

Perhaps Pei is beautiful. Like Zhao Heide, she is a big beauty in the national style.

Yang Guozhong is also unreasonable. He and his cousin’s wife are privately communicated, and he allows his wife to have an affair and have children. In fact, they just show that their husband and wife are wonderful. Whoever does not care.

As the prime minister, Yang Guozhong has been an official for many years. There must be many inside story that can be seen by his wife Pei. He dare not offend Pei, and also wants Pei to turn on the green light for him and Mrs. Xun.Pei was looking for a lover.

As for his willingness to be a father and help Pei to raise illegitimate children, that is because he has money. What is not a meal at home, what is it to help his wife to raise an illegitimate child?

There are also many couples in the society who do not want to divorce for some reason, but they are wonderful, but the husband does not allow his wife to have an illegitimate child and let many family members in the family. However, the ancient prime minister Yang Guozhong recognized his wife’s illegitimate son as his son.His thoughts are more enlightened than modern.

In fact, what does such a marriage make, just let others see jokes, it is not as good as each other’s loyal couples!

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