The process of marriage inspection items explained in detail, you need to know these before the inspection, you must read before the newcomer gets your certificate!

Although the New Marriage Registration Regulations in October 2003 have stipulated that pre -marital health inspections are not used as a prerequisite for marriage registration.However, for the two people who are newly married, pay more attention to the health of both parties. Through pre -marital medical examinations, they can control many genetic diseases, avoid the birth of defects, and improve the quality of the population. Secondly, the spread of infectious diseases such as hepatitis B andSexual communication diseases, etc. can we work hard for the future of two people.

What is pre -marital examination?

Pre -marriage examination refers to a regular physical examination and genital examination of both men and women before marriage to discover diseases and ensure the happiness of marriage after marriage.Before marriage, it is of great significance to both men and women.The content of pre -marital examination includes two parts: medical history and physical examination.

Pre -marital examination content includes: pre -marital medical examination, pre -marital hygiene guidance, pre -marital sanitation consultation.

Precautions before marriage

1. Go to bed early the night before the marriage inspection. Do not be too tired and tired to ensure good sleep.

2. Do not drink it the day before the inspection, avoid greasy, avoid spicy, don’t be too full, light and best.Drinking can affect the test results of the liver function, and too greasy foods may affect the results of the blood test test.

3. Fasting in the morning before the inspection, an empty stomach check.

4. Remember not to do thoracic diamond examination for 3 months of pregnancy.

5. Due to the need to do vaginal discharge checks, sexual life should be prohibited three days before the marriage inspection, so as not to affect the results of the examination.

6. The woman will be checked 3 days after menstruation to avoid the possibility of being misjudged by nephritis and other diseases due to the high content of urine red blood cells than usual.

Pre -marriage medical examination project

Including inquiries, physical examination, conventional auxiliary examination and other special examinations.

Conventional auxiliary examinations should be performed, blood routine, urine routine, syphilis screening, blood tootase and hepatitis B surface antigen detection, female vaginal secretion trichomonas, and mold examination.

Other special examinations, such as the detection of hepatitis B serotics, gonorrhea, AIDS, mycoplasma and chlamydia, semen routine, type B ultrasonic, breast, chromosome examination, etc., shall be determined according to the principle of need or voluntary.

Then there is physical examination, including the inhability of blood on the hospital in the morning for blood, blood, urine routine testing, and general examination items:

Blood pressure, pulse, breathing, height, weight; speech, behavior; physical activity status; reproductive organs development;

There are also health guidance: introduction of sexual physiology and sexual hygiene knowledge, contraception and conception.After the inspection report is reported, the doctor can issue a certificate of whether you can get married according to the test results.Doctors will keep secrets of the parties’ privacy.

First, it is conducive to the health of both men and women

Through comprehensive medical examinations before marriage, some abnormalities and diseases can be found, such as infectious hepatitis, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, mental illness, and other serious diseases.Young men and women who have these diseases can aggravate their illness if they get married, or pass the disease to each other through contact and sexual life. Therefore, they must be treated, and they must be married after the disease is stable.

Second, it is conducive to eugenics

Through pre -marital medical examination, you can discover the condition of genetic diseases in men, women or both sides of the family, and analyze the analysis of genetic risk calculations and genetic methods based on the actual situation of the disease.Once a pre -marital medical examination is found, when both men and women are closely related, the marriage must be prohibited from affecting the fetus to reduce or avoid the birth of inappropriate marriage and genetic diseases.

Third, it is conducive to the healthy growth of the fetus

In addition to finding some obvious genetic diseases before marriage, the blood can also understand whether the blood types of both men and women can match the blood types of men and women to reduce the occurrence of blood diseases.Pre -marital medical examinations can also find the diseases of some important organs of both men and women or severe infectious diseases. If conception can be passed to the fetus and affect the healthy development of the fetus, they need to be cured before pregnancy to ensure a healthy and smart child.

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