The reaction of the dog’s dream, it turned out that the dog’s different psychology was hidden

I don’t know if the pet owner has paid attention to what reactions have their own dogs dreaming?In fact, dogs often dream when sleeping, and the different reactions when dreaming. It turned out that the dog’s different psychology was hidden. Let’s take a look if you don’t know!

During the dog, 15-20 hours in a day, I was sleeping on my stomach.

But it is not that dogs will dream when they sleep, because research finds that 44%of the dogs are in alert, 21%is in a state of drowsy, and 12%of time is in fast eye movement sleep.Only when the dog is sleeping quickly, the dog will dream.

When some dogs dream, you will see its little paws desperately struggling, and even the body will tremble, which shows that the dog is in a panic and fear.

And dog dreams will have this reaction, indicating that it does not have much trust in this home, and the surrounding environment cannot give it a 100 % sense of security, so this is the case.

If your dog dreamed, it suddenly occurred, it was likely to dream of your favorite dog.

Because they know that dogs will shake their tails, they usually see people they like and feel happy, so the tail will be so cheerful.The pet owner can observe that your dog usually likes which dog is the best.

There must be a pet owner, and the dog drools when dreaming. What does this mean?It is likely that dogs dream of being bones or eating other delicious foods.

And this also shows that this dog is a greedy dog, or it is not full when eating, so this is the case.No matter what the situation is, when the owner usually feeds the dog, it is best to feed the dog with well -known dog food, and to feed regularly regularly.

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There are also some dogs who like to humming when they dream. In fact, the dog’s reaction is just to attract the attention of the pet owner.

Because dogs are often at home alone, they are lonely. When the owner returns home, the dog will be sad. At this time, the dog will try his best to attract your attention.

Therefore, no matter how busy, the pet owner must accompany the dog and make some games with the dog, interact, and reward some snacks appropriately.How to choose a good snack for the dog is what many pet owners want to know. Without anxiety, you can refer to the blue text below to help you.

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Conclusion: What reactions do you react when your dog dreams?

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