The same room during pregnancy can be avoided, but these times should be avoided as much as possible, so as not to endanger the baby’s health

Some time ago, a hit drama attracted the attention of Sister Na:

In order to save the male lead, the heroine lied that she was pregnant. At the dinner table, the heroine picked up a crab as usual as usual and was ready to enjoy the deliciousness. Suddenly, the mother next to her mother was interrupted.can not eat"!

In fact, do pregnant women really can’t eat crabs? What are the real taboos of pregnant women?

The search engine enters "pregnant women taboo food" and "slippery food", and there are more than two million related results. Sister NA found that many foods listed are often listened to the elders: crabs, watermelon (cold cold and cold cold (cold and cold and cold cold (cold and cold cold cool), Pepper, pepper (hot), hawthorn, barley (can cause uterine contraction) and so on.

There are rumors that crabs are cold, and have the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Dr. Liu Ying, the Department of Reproductive and Infertility of Guangdong Provincial Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital: Crab does not directly induce miscarriage of pregnant women. Most clinical abortion is caused by abnormal embryonic development, endocrine disorders, deficiency of qi and blood, and emotional ups and downs.

Many pregnant women have a miscarriage after eating crabs, which are related to the physique of pregnant women. The pregnant woman itself is allergic to the river, or the crab itself is not fresh, with parasites in the body, and the pregnant woman’s stomach is weak. Allergies or food poisoning occur after eating.

Although the list circulating on the Internet was chosen, experts said that abortion is not much related to food.

Professor Xin Bao, Director of the Food and Nutrition Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the scholarship has a standard definition of medicine: those who have been aborted more than three times in a row can be called a sliding tire."Smooth food" was originally a wrong concept.

Professor Cai Yan, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University, pointed out that abortion has never been found clinically related to eating any normal food.The abortion on the Internet caused abortion, which has a great relationship with the personal constitution of pregnant women.

For example, pregnant women who allergies to protein, high protein foods such as crab, animal viscera, sea cucumber, can cause allergic reactions, cause gastroenteritis, and then stimulate uterine contraction and cause abortion.For pregnant women with normal constitution, the chance of diet caused a low chance of abortion.

Although the "sliding tire food" circulating on the Internet has no scientific basis, pregnant women are pregnant in a sensitive period. Indeed, some diets need to "pay attention":

1. Unde -cooked foods: Raw meat and seafood may have bacteria and parasites. If they are not fully cooked, they will bring infection risk.

2. Refrigerated cooked food: The refrigerated cooked food in the refrigerator will breed a bacteria called Listera.This germs can be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta, causing abortion of pregnant women.

3. Caffeine and sugar: The caffeine has high fat -soluble. After intake of too much caffeine, it can be transmitted to the baby by the placenta, which affects the baby development. Therefore, the daily intake of pregnant women should not exceed 200ml of caffeine intake.

The weakened metabolic ability of pregnant women, and too much intake of sweets can also cause increased blood sugar during pregnancy, causing symptoms of gestational hyperglycemia.

4. Fried and greasy foods: Fried foods have high fat content. Foods cooked at high temperature can contain a certain amount of carcinogens, which is not good for fetal development.

According to the dietary guidelines of the residents, the dietary suggestions of pregnant women should be diversified. Grain (rice, millet, corn), vegetables, fruits (apples, bananas, strange fruits), meat (pork, fish), eggs, milk, beans(Red beans, black beans), oil, etc. are matched with each other, and the balanced diet will help pregnant women to enhance their physique.

Everyone knows that women are pregnant in October, and many prospective dads in love have to endure desire at this time, which is indeed a bit "lonely and unbearable."American experts said that as long as they are scientifically arranged, they can also enjoy sex during pregnancy.

Generally speaking, abstinence is needed 3 months before pregnancy and 4 weeks before giving birth. If the placenta has a vision in the pregnant woman, she also needs abstinence.

It should be noted that with the changes in the body of pregnant women, the position of intercourse should also be noted. It is recommended that the female upper position and the side position are mainly to avoid the posture of the abdominal pressure of the pregnant woman, leading to the danger of the mother and the fetus.

Many pregnant women are worried about the weight gain during pregnancy and want to try some exercise to help them control their body shape.For pregnant women, fast running, jumping high -oxygen -consuming exercise is not suitable for pregnant women, you can try gymnastics, swimming, yoga and other exercises for exercise.

Sister NA knows that expectant mothers are not easy. If this can not be eaten after pregnancy, that can not be eaten, and it will not let people have a fetus?Remember that as long as you have a good constitution, pregnant women can still enjoy your favorite food drip ~

Of course, for the sake of safety, it is recommended that expectant mothers can consult the doctor first, clarify their physique, and then choose food for targetedness.””” Qingfeng Plan “” 39 Health Super Energy Group”

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