The second child’s mother was pregnant and induced labor.

Women must protect their bodies, especially pregnancy, and are not small.Try not to be abortion, this is a kind of irresponsibility to your body!

Zhang Hong is already the mother of the two children. Because the conditions with her husband are not very good, Zhang Hong’s economic situation has not been optimistic.However, I have been discovered recently because my menstruation is not regular, and I have not paid much attention to my work. I have been almost 3 months when I find that I am pregnant.Zhang Hong raised the two children very hard. Now she is pregnant, and the family really can’t afford so many children. Although her husband wants Zhang Hong to give birth to the child, considering the limitation of the future economy, Zhang Hong chose to be the flow of people.Broken this child.

At 3 pm, the operating room was promoted.Because of the first flow of people, it was relatively nervous.When I had a second child before, because the fetal position was not correct, I was doing a cesarean section. At that time, it was a local anesthesia. Zhang Hong thought that the flow of people was also a local anesthesia. The doctor said that the child was so big.agreed.

It didn’t take long before entering, and it was drowsy.When waking up, the operation has been completed.Zhang Hong is very puzzled. Why does the flow of people need to be anesthesia?Doctors said that in order to make women not suffer, since the child has chosen to give up, it is the safest to deal with it in the fastest way.

If the doctor does not say this, Zhang Hong will never think that this kind of approach is so unfair to the beaten child.She even regrets it, why is it because of her limited economy?In fact, many women have a lot of puzzles about full anesthesia and local anesthesia. Why do caesarean section only use local anesthesia, and the flow of people requires full -body anesthesia?

1. The difference in influence

The reason why a Caesarean section has a local anesthesia because considering the poor impact on the child, and the mother feels more safer during production.As for the flow of people, there is no need to consider so much. The flow of natal abortion is for mothers to consider. Since the child has chosen to give up, there is no need to consider the child’s feelings.

2. There are different methods

Local anesthesia is generally lumbar injection, and the whole body anesthesia of the flow is through venous injection.The reason why a cesarean section is local anesthesia is to make my mother clearly observe the surrounding things and reduce the burden in her heart.The flow of people does not need, and the speed war is the best way, so as not to delay too long, and give mothers the invisible harm.

3. Different time

The caesarean section needs to consume more time. It is necessary to cut the mother’s belly, and then continue to deepen. The process is cumbersome, and finally it needs to be sutured.The effect of local anesthesia should be longer, and the effect of general anesthesia is shorter, which is more suitable for short -term abortion surgery.And all the hemps are more harmful to the body, especially for women who often do people, accelerate skin aging.Women who naturally have a cesarean section will not use systemic anesthesia, which is not good for the body.

Therefore, after understanding the difference between general anesthesia and local anesthesia, you also need to understand the difference between production and people.However, women try to give birth to their babies as much as possible, otherwise the flow of people is also a kind of harm to the body.If you don’t want to get pregnant, it is best to take contraceptive measures, otherwise the psychology of women is also an invisible pain.

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