The six discomforts that appear in the early pregnancy, all because the fetal treasure is "rewarding peace" to the pregnant mother, don’t worry

When I was pregnant, I usually do n’t tell others easily. The folk says: Tell others too early, it will easily commit the fetal god and cause abortion.This statement is unscientific, but it is very reasonable that it is not easy to tell others in the early pregnancy. Why?

Because when I was pregnant in the early pregnancy, the fetal treasure was just a small embryo. It was very fragile. It was not particularly mature. Even the limbs of the facial features did not grow, and it could not even be called a fetus.Therefore, the danger is very high. A baby is disappeared by accident. At this time, it is also a sensitive period of teratogenic. Moms cannot take medicine randomly and cannot contact some toxic items, otherwise it will affect the health of the fetal treasure.

Studies have found that most abortion occurs in the early pregnancy.If we told relatives and friends early, in case there is something unpleasant, the result will not only have a bamboo basket, but the mother will face the care of relatives after sadness, which is simply sprinkled with salt in the mother’s wound.

In the early pregnancy, the fetal treasure is unstable, and the mother will have all kinds of worries. If you are uncomfortable, you think you want to go to the hospital to see a doctor. In fact, some uncomfortableness is not a problem with the fetal treasure, but the fetal treasure is reporting peace.”Zero plan”

The first discomfort: chest sensitive swelling and pain

When we went to the beach with a friend before, we went to change clothes together. I accidentally touched her chest. She called up, and I was joking at the time: Are you pregnant?I thought, I said it should not be. I should have been swollen and painful for all chests for two days this menstruation.

Unexpectedly, she told me two red lines in a few days!That is, I am really pregnant.

In the early stages of pregnancy, because of the rapid rise in hormones, many mothers will have chest pain. This symptom will even appear before the mother herself has noticed that she is pregnant.Some women’s menstruation is not regular, so it is not very sensitive to their menopause. After pregnancy, the body’s estrogen hormone rises, the chest becomes larger, the skin color will deepen, and even the lump will be touched, mainly the Montessor nodulesThe emergence caused.

The second discomfort: frequently want to go to the toilet like urethritis

Hormones can stimulate pelvic congestion, and the uterus begins to expand slightly, and it is expanded in the pelvic cavity. The neighbor as the uterus -bladder is first affected.

The bladder capacity becomes smaller, so I can’t accommodate a little bit, so I want to go to the toilet, so my mother frequently wants to go to the toilet. I want to go to the toilet without an hour when I go out.Drink water and soup.

It is even more obvious to sleep at night. If you can’t sleep, you must get up to the toilet frequently.And frequent to the toilet will cause sleep, so it affects the sleep of mothers in the early pregnancy.

Third discomfort: Mom will be sleepy and tired

The fetus is not very stable in early days. If the mother is full of energy, it is not a good thing for the fetus. Therefore, changes in hormones will make the mother feel sleepy and tired, just want to rest.

Mom resting can give fetal treasure more time and opportunities and better growth and development, so the mother’s trouble is actually a protection of the fetus.

Fourth type: more leucorrhea becomes more

After pregnancy, the menstruation was not menstruation, and the internal environment of the vagina also changed. After pregnancy, lactobacillus will become more, resulting in the increase in leucorrhea.

As long as these leucorrhea has no odor and no tofu slag, mothers don’t have to worry too much.

If the mother thinks that there are too much leucorrhea and too wet, it is not comfortable, then you can consider changing the underwear twice a day to keep the underwear dry.

Fifth type: Mom’s appetite becomes poor or even vomiting

In the early stages of pregnancy, human velvet gonad hormone rises rapidly, the digestive fluid secretion becomes less, and the gastrointestinal peristalsis becomes slow, so that the mother does not want to eat and not hungry.

Even because of human velvet gonadotropins, the mother got up in the morning or smelled inappropriate taste to vomit.

Xiaoxiao often needs to bring foreigners to see the goods at a foreign trade company, but every time Xiao Xiao sees the customer who spray a thick perfume abroad after pregnancy, it makes people feel like they are abandoned.

Later, the leader could not only let Xiaoxiao receive only customers who have not been so heavy.

About 70%of mothers after pregnancy will cause vomiting during pregnancy. Generally, they get up in the morning, or they eat too much in the stomach, or vomit when they smell some oil fume or perfume.

When vomiting, the mother will feel uncomfortable, but in fact, the fetal treasure is reported to be safe.Especially when mothers vomit when they protect their tires, it is a good situation, indicating that hormones are still at a relatively high level.

Sixth type: mild pain in the abdomen

It’s like a line is pulling, mainly because the uterus may be more sensitive in the process of expanding, and it will pull some ligaments in our abdomen when expanding, so there will be some painful feeling, indicating that the fetal treasure is long in one day.Big, the uterus is expanding day by day.

The symptoms of uncomfortable mother’s uncomfortableness are that the fetus is reporting to be safe. Don’t worry too much. Of course, if severe abdominal pain occurs and the amount of bleeding is large, then we must be alert to ectopic pregnancy or other problems. It is recommended to go to the hospital to see.

Conclusion: Each of us is really not easy to come to this world.Now our birth rate is not as good as the abortion rate, and we are born. We are grateful to our mother to bring us to this world, and let us lucky and healthy life.

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