The six major fruits that are most suitable for eating during pregnancy. After eating, the baby is more healthy


Apple has a high fine fiber content, which is conducive to the development of the sea -horse area of the edge of the fetal cerebral cortex, and helps the fetal memory of the day after tomorrow.


Strawberries are the most suitable fruits in spring. Strawberries are rich in nutrition, have the effects of promoting appetite, conditioning the stomach and intestines, and alleviating anemia. They are especially suitable for pregnant women.


The content of potassium in bananas is extremely high. Potassium in bananas has the effects of lowering blood pressure and protecting the heart and vascular endothelial. It is very beneficial to pregnant women and friends. In addition, bananas also have the effect of improving human emotions, so bananas are one in one.Fruits that can make people happy, nutrition experts recommend expectant mothers to eat a banana every day.

Dragon fruit has rich plant proteins and has the effect of detoxification.Eating fire dragon fruits can effectively relieve heavy metal toxins in the body. There is also a rich dietary plant cellulose in the dragon fruit. It can regulate gastrointestinal function and can effectively prevent women with constipation during pregnancy.In addition, dragon fruit does not contain sucrose and caramel, and has the effect of lowering blood pressure. Therefore, you can avoid the occurrence of gestational diabetes and hypertension. It is recommended that pregnant women can eat a dragon fruit for 1 to 2 weeks.

Durian high protein, high carbohydrate, rich in vitamins and trace elements, suitable for adolescents during development.

High -vitamin C, enhance human immunity.Trace element zinc and selenium make you think more agile and more memory.

Durian is known as the king of tropical fruits, and its taste is uniquely loved by the public.Durian has a short seasonal season for seasonal fruit. In order to be able to supply consumers around the world throughout the year, producers carefully selected high-quality durian during the Thai durian production period.The system is instantly frozen and then vacuum and dry. This drying technology can completely maintain the sweet and nutritious value of durian flavor and nutritional value.Vacuum -free and dry durian is made of 100 % durian flesh. There is no additive. It is rich in protein and vitamins. High fiber and zero cholesterol are the ideal green foods of modern urban people.Vacuum frozen and dry durian, first place fresh fruit flesh in the frozen dryer, and then frozen instantly to turn the water in the flesh into ice kernels, then place it in the vacuum container to sublimate, and the ice will be transformed directly into steam.In addition to removing only water from this method, the flesh can still maintain the original state, and retain the original nutritional value and the vitamin of the vitamin and minerals of fresh fruits.

Moniah is sweet, vitamin C content is extremely high, it has the effects of relieving heat, quenching thirst, diuretic, and milk, and regular eating can strengthen the immune system.It is extremely beneficial to recovery after cesarean section.Whitening and anti -aging.Vitamin C in kiwi is extremely rich, as well as vitamin E. Eating kiwi can whiten the skin, eliminate acne, antioxidant and other effects.Enhance immune function.Some people are weak and have low immune function, which will lead to diseases in the future.Eating kiwi can enhance immunity because it contains a large amount of antioxidant and vitamin C substances.

Improve the intestine.Kiwi can promote intestinal emulsification, accelerate metabolism, quickly remove the accumulated toxins in the body, and finally achieve the effect of laxative laxative.

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