The smallest baby in the world is born!She was born in 23 weeks as big as one little apple! · Calligraphy Journalists Bian Yinghao

According to foreign media reports, on May 29, local time, a hospital in California in the United States stated that a premature baby girl born in the hospital had been successfully discharged.The baby girl named Saybie may become the smallest surviving baby in the world. The 5 -month -old baby was born with only 245 grams.

In December 2018, Cybi’s mother was diagnosed with signs of eclampath when she had prenatal examination in the hospital.It is reported that this is a severe pregnancy complication, which can cause hypertension, which will have a certain impact on the safety of maternal and baby life. Emergency cesarean sections must be performed.

At that time, Cybi’s mother was only pregnant for only 23 weeks and 3 days, and generally pregnant women would give birth at about 40 weeks.Serbia has been compared to "full moon" for more than 5 months.According to data from the University of the United States, which records the world’s smallest infant information, no premature babies born at about 23 weeks before 2006 were survived.And today, this number is still a few.

Since then, Cobei Women’s Neonatory Hospital has completed a cesarean section surgery.The birth weight of Cybi is only 8.6 ounces, or about 245 grams.Her head is just equivalent to a little apple.

The hospital initially judged that Serbia’s life was only 1 hour.However, miracles have appeared, and after birth, Swing did not have any adverse symptoms of premature babies, including lungs and heart problems and cerebral hemorrhage.Although it is necessary to breathe through intubation, Cyber’s heartbeat is very powerful.

One hour of life has gradually extended to 1 day, 1 week, 1 month … or even a lifetime.

At the beginning of May local time, in the neonatal intensive care unit for more than 5 months, Serbia was successfully discharged.At this time, his weight has reached 5 pounds, and his body indicators have returned to normal."For us, this will be a special day, and we will always remember this day!" Said Cybi’s mother.

Although the temporary difficulties have been spent, Serbie will continue to face long -term observation and need to be followed up every six months.Various development problems such as vision, hearing, and brain will still be a lot of challenges.

According to data from the University of Iova, the University of Eva may be the smallest baby in the world. The previous record holder was born in Germany in 2015, and Sei is 7 grams less than him.It is reported that the registration form contains only babies who have been submitted and medical confirmed, and they cannot rule out those little babies who have not reported to the Registration Office.

The smallest premature babies in China were born in 22 weeks+2 days.According to the Yangtze Evening News, a newborn born in Jiangsu in 2018, weighs only 550 grams, is as large as one slap in size, and is called "slap baby" by medical staff.A point is also the smallest age of the minimum of reporting in China.

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