The soil method judges that the cow is pregnant. What is the problem that the cow is not matched?Learn it very useful

Recently, some farmers are consulting us with any soil methods to determine whether cows are pregnant, and cows are always not worthy. What are the causes.In fact, judging whether cows are pregnant and there is no soil method. We mainly judge by observing the symptoms of cattle.This article will explain the symptoms of the cows after the cows are successful, and what are the causes of the cows.

How to judge cow pregnancy?

1. The love period of the cow is about 21 days. If it is not estrus after 20-30 days after the breeding, the appetite has increased, which means that the breeding is successful.

2. The cows with successful breeding will become docile and like to stay in a quiet and comfortable environment.

3. The abdomen of the cow will gradually increase, and as the fetus grows, the oxygen required for cows will gradually increase, and cows will increase their breathing.

4. Use the pregnancy test paper to test whether the cow test is pregnant.

There are two main reasons for the reasons why the cow cannot be planted: the most important points:

1. The endocrine disorders of the cow will cause the cow to be worthy of the species. It will cause the estrus cycle of the cow to be disordered, and it will not be estrus or inaccurate.It is mainly caused by improper breeding management, such as unreasonable medication, mold toxin, and inflammation of reproductive systems can cause cow endocrine disorders.When we treat cows, we are mainly based on traditional Chinese medicine. We can use cows to mix it: Mother An Tai Bao+Kim Tuotao, so that we can regulate the reproductive system of the cow to avoid this due to endocrine disorders due to endocrine disorders.The cows are not worthy.

2. Insufficient nutrition.Many of our farmers have more extensive management when raising cattle, and do not pay much attention to the nutrition of cow feed. When the feed lacks various vitamins, minerals, and various trace elements for a long timePhenomenon.So we must pay attention to the nutrition in cow feed.You can add it to the fine feed of the cow: multi -dimensional Pacific guarantee, or it can be added in drinking water.In this way, the cows can prevent the cows from being deserve due to lack of nutrition.

The above is the reason for the judgment of the cow’s pregnancy and the reasons for the cows that cannot be specified. In the daily breeding process, we only need to use the cow for the cow: Mother An Tai Bao+Multi -Vitamin Pacific, so that it can effectively prevent the cow’s estrus and matchingIf you do n’t have the case, I hope the content of this article can help our farmers.

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