The son -in -law’s son -in -law is a girl who is addicted to the second generation of the Shangfu second generation. After her pregnancy, the son -in -law ran away (last)

City C, the richest man, Wei Jianlin Zhaoyu. As soon as this news came out, the financial layout of the city C was exploded.

For a while, all the guys in the city C and even the whole country began to cut their heads to apply. There are some young talents with high education and high -profile value.

Everyone knows that the richest man in the city C has no son. The woman of the richest man is sweet and beautiful, and she is a big beauty.This marriage is not lost anyway,

Wei’s human resources director, he played twelve points of spirit, and began to help the young lady choose Jiayu.

The final finalists, the top is the handsome guy with high education and high -value value, Luo Mingzhou is one of them.

He is a scientific researcher, and he mainly comes to those 20 million gifts.Their family is also a well -off family. Although they do n’t worry about eating and drinking, scientific research is too burnt. He can not get money for a while and a half. After seeing this news, he came to sign up.

He thought that as long as he had enough money, he could engage in scientific research.

Luo Mingzhou is not tipper inside, but fortunately he is approachable, without the pride of those talents, so he entered the top five smoothly.

At this step, they can meet the young lady.

That morning, several other people dressed in suits and leather noodles, and that image seemed to be able to take wedding photos at any time.

Only Luo Mingzhou was wearing a casual suit, which is regular and clean, and it seems that the whole person is very affinity.

The director took the five of them to the villa where Wei Shihan lived. They waited an hour before Weidina yawned wore pajamas.

This Weidina is completely different from their imagination. Although she looks very Peugeot, what everyone doesn’t expect is that she turned out to be a gaming fan.

Weidina sat in front of the dining table and looked at them while eating, "What are you all?"

The male armor took the lead in saying, "Miss I am a platinum section."

Male B: "I am a diamond."

Male B: "I am the Supreme Xingyao."

The man’s expression said unnaturally: "I’m bronze."

Luo Mingzhou said aggressively: "I won’t play games."

After hearing this sentence, Weidina said to the director directly: "Pay the last one, and the rest will be discussed tomorrow. I have to make up for a while.

When the director was not knowing what was good, the chairman suddenly came out of the study.


Weidina said impatiently, "What’s wrong? Is that my recruitment or you?"

Wei Jianlin glanced at five people with a black face, and finally put his gaze on Luo Mingzhou: "What are you doing?"

Luo Mingzhou took a small step forward, and then said, "Good chairman, I am a doctoral doctor in C, and I have been engaged in scientific research now."

Wei Jianlin looked at him and said, "Why choose to enter the Wei family?" Luo Mingzhou said sincerely: "It takes funds to engage in scientific research, but I don’t have so much funds."

Weidina smiled and said, "I am the first time I see how bright the meals are."

Luo Mingzhou said, "Who is not here for money? I can also say if I am a grand words, but I hope we should be honest."

Weidina said coldly, "Qiao Qiao’s tongue is like a spring!"

Wei Jianlin looked at him and said, "Do you have scientific research results?" After hearing this sentence, Luo Mingzhou quickly listed several well -known award -winning results, and also focused on his recent scientific research progress, and the problems encountered.Essence

Wei Jianlin hesitated for a while and said, "Is Luo Mingzhou?" Luo Mingzhou gently whispered.

Wei Jianlin: "The amount of gifts promised by Wei at the beginning, I asked them to hit your account tomorrow. What I want to say is that after marriage, you need to conquer Dina to have a child within two years.It ’s with the surname of the mother. After the child is born, I will give you 10 million. In addition, you can get a lot of pocket money every year. As long as you and Dina live a good life, this pocket moneyI will grow up. I want to declare that there is no property in Dina’s name, so if you divorce, you will not be able to divide any property. If you can give birth to a male Ding, you will not only have money to get it, I alsoWill help you realize your research dreams, such as investing in your scientific research results, so that you have your own assets. "

After hearing this sentence, Luo Mingzhou couldn’t help but began to jump.

Weidina sneered and said, "Daddy, are you going to let me have a heir? Do you believe in my gene? Why should you find a young three and four lives, maybe they can give you a son."

Wei Jianlin glanced at her, and then looked at Luo Mingzhou, "If you think about it, let’s sign the agreement now."

Luo Mingzhou was immersed for a while and said, "Okay, I agree."

Wei Jianlin beckoned to the director. Seeing this, the director hurriedly took out the early plan.

Weidina glanced at them with no love, and then went back to the room to sleep.

She knew that she couldn’t resist. The old man always told her that she had a good sideline for several days before they won the opportunity to fight, so she would not make trouble with him at this time!

After the agreement was signed, Wei Jianlin looked at him and said, "Dina was very well -behaved at the beginning. Later, after being obsessed with the game, she began to rebellion. However, she was not blindly obsessed with the game, and her academic studies were not pulled down. This yearGraduated from undergraduate. Now the tricky problem is that she wants to play the game, and what competitive competitions do I have to do. I am afraid that she will not be able to extricate herself, so I will give you a task to help her to quit herDrop the game. When she is always playing, her body will collapse. "

Luo Mingzhou hesitated for a while and said, "I don’t know if the chairman smokes to smoke?"

Wei Jianlin said unnaturally: "This is different from smoking."

Luo Mingzhou: "I mean, what a person likes, not so good, the more he will resist, the more he will resist. Instead, it is better to let her be reasonable. The chairman has said that she has no delay in school.Then it proves that she still has a few in her heart, so why not give her a time and let her allocate reasonably? "

Wei Jianlin hesitated for a while and said, "Well, I will consider this matter, and you also have to find a way to merge with her."

Luo Mingzhou gently whispered.

On the eve of the wedding, the staff went directly to the Wei family villa with the machine, which took a few wedding photos for the two.

On the wedding day, Weidina also took a closer look at the gap in makeup. Only then did Luomingzhou really understand why the chairman wanted her to quit the game.

On the new wedding night, Weidina wore pajamas and headphones, scolding swear words, like a female hooligan.

Luo Mingzhou slowly walked to her, then went to her, and took off her headphones.

Weidina blown his hair instantly: "Who asked you to pick my headphones? Hurry up and put it on." She scolded him in her mouth, but her eyes kept looking at the screen, and she hadn’t stopped in her hand.

Luo Mingzhou cough and said, "We should have a cave." Weidina glanced at him, and then smiled and said, "What do you think of?What else to want to think about beauty? Wei Jianlin’s mind was in the water, I didn’t get into the water, you hurriedly rolled me up, otherwise my mother would abolish you. "

Luo Mingzhou pursed the corner of his mouth and turned off her host directly.

Wei Dina was dumbfounded for a moment, and she reacted after a while: "His mother, the old lady fights you."

Wei Dina was about to do it, Luo Mingzhou pressed her arm directly, and then carried her up.

Weidina scratched her back desperately and threatened in her mouth: "Putting me down, what do you dare to put me, I will help you abolish you."

Luo Mingzhou put her directly on the bed, and then leaned over and pressed her and said, "The task that the chairman gives me is to have a child with you. I have to do it when I get the money, so I am sorry for the young lady."

When he said he was about to kiss her, Weidina shouted quickly when he saw this, "Wait for a while, let’s talk about it first!"

Luo Mingzhou sneered at her, and then sat up.

Weidina sorted out his clothes, and then slanted him at a glance, "I need to state it with you. Even in the marriage, it is rape that you violate the will of women."

Luo Mingzhou blinked her and said, "This matter still depends on the chairman’s meaning."

Weidina hugged herself with both hands and said, "I’m playing, and the game is over a month later. At that time, I will definitely cooperate with you."

Luo Mingzhou frowned slightly and said, "But I can’t explain to the chairman like this!"

Weidina looked at him and said, "Can’t you tell him that he has done it? He can’t always ask the details!"

Luo Mingzhou cough and said, "Do you want me to lie, what are the benefits of me?"

Weidina said at a glance, "It’s not a big deal. I play a close play with you in front of my dad so that my dad may be happy to send you a red envelope."

Luo Mingzhou nodded and said, "It sounds good!" Wei Dina hurriedly said, "Of course, it is good. I will not investigate your recklessness today, so you go to bed early, I will go to the last game."

Luo Mingzhou suddenly reached out and held her and said, "I also have a condition."

Weidina: "What conditions?" Luo Mingzhou "must sleep at twelve o’clock."

Weidina stared at him and said, "How big your face? My dad lets me play less for a while, I can’t."

Luo Mingzhou heard the words directly holding her and said, "Then continue!" Wei Dina: "Okay! Transaction!"

Luo Mingzhou heard the corner of her mouth and glanced at her, and then got up and sat up.

Weidina glared at him and said, "You have a kind of kid!" After speaking, she quickly left.

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