The strange flavor reward during pregnancy, the woman who is pregnant is too cute, hahahahaha

I once watched a news:

There is a 25 -year -old pregnant mother in the UK. One day she suddenly discovered: the chalk is white and white, chewing is crispy, especially delicious …

Therefore, she started to eat chalk. At first, 2 daily daily, when she was pregnant until 6 months, she became 10 daily, otherwise it would be uncomfortable.

For the health of the baby, she decided to only buy natural lime littus chalk.

However, after her baby was born, she no longer stole the chalk. One day she wanted to try her heart, and then found that the taste was "disgusting."

It sounds really incredible, but there are really many people who have become very strange after pregnancy. Let’s take a look at what there is.


It’s my sister -in -law, pregnant love to eat soil, yes, the kind of soil in the earth wall …


I like to eat green arrow mint sugar. At the beginning, I can restrain one two at a time. After the baby is born, I can’t control it. I can destroy a box in one day.

After eating a lot, it is estimated that it can be sold a few dollars for selling iron boxes.


Radish … Various radish, white radish, carrot water, radish green radish, I vomit everything in the early pregnancy, except for radish.

Boil, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat …


Eat buns, eat buns every morning, sauce, buns, and eat every day.

My mother said she bought it, but I asked me every day when I wanted to eat what I wanted to eat in the morning.

I like to eat braised pork in the middle of pregnancy. I like to eat white.

After being born, now I want to vomit without seeing the buns, anyway, I ca n’t mention appetite.


I ate a month of fish in the early stages of pregnancy. My dad and husbands like to eat fish so much. When I saw the fish, I wanted to vomit. I just loved it.

Later I liked to eat pine nuts, a pound a day …


I especially want to eat figs.

It may be that the season is wrong, you can’t find it anywhere. There are only flowers and fruits on the Internet. It is not eaten throughout the pregnancy. It is a regret during pregnancy.


Tofu bean curd in the steamed buns, two pieces at a time, crushed it with a spoon, put a little sesame oil, and steam it for a while. Wow ~ It’s so delicious!


Mixing cucumber must be ice. While chewing peppers and cucumbers, I chewed the ice cubes, and I don’t feel cold at all (I don’t like to eat the cold legal person before pregnancy).


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I like to eat raw onion and raw garlic peppers, dip it in sauce directly, and lettuce.


The stinky pig’s large intestine, and it can’t be washed too clean, because it has the smell of pig shit to feel the meal.

However, before pregnancy, I hate this most.

What strange taste do you have when you are pregnant?Is there something that you usually don’t like to eat, but during pregnancy, especially delicious?Welcome to share and share ~

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