The stray orange cat who became pregnant in only six months, the shovel officer refused to leave: please save your child

The shovelers know how cherish their children are, and they will not let go of a chance to survive.Rio’s father had seen a stray orange cat relying on the story of his child to save his child.

The orange cat was only six months old, but he was pregnant unexpectedly during the wandering.However, it did not choose to ignore the sudden arrival of children because of their childhood, but cherishes them.But its ability is too weak, not enough to support it alone and feed children alone.

So, when it was about to give birth, it met at a glance and moved quickly.That is to stick to him until he is willing to take it away.The shovel officer is also very confused about the sudden orange cat. Is this relying on me?I already have a cat in my family, and I ca n’t eat another one!

Orange Cat: I rely on you for the children in my stomach, and you take us back!Seeking you to save my child, I will definitely repay you!

Seeing that the orange cat was so attached, the shoveling officer could only take it to the car, and then drove in the direction of the home.On the road, the shoveling officer also said to the orange cat: Seeing your chubby figure, it is also very good in the wild. Why did you suddenly want to rely on me!

The orange cat’s fat is because of pregnancy, but it is small that ordinary people will not think in this area, and the shoveling officer is no exception.

Because there was a cat in the family, the shovel officer quickly found an idle cat’s nest for the orange cat, and prepared cat food and water.After eating and drinking, the orange cat probably felt a little tired, and he fell asleep in the cat’s nest.

The shovel officer didn’t care about the situation after it, so he didn’t know that the orange cat gave birth to four kittens in the middle of the night.When I discovered the next day, I was surprised for a long time.

He didn’t know the cat’s production very well, so he brought the orange cat and kitten to the pet hospital for examination.After inspection, I learned that the orange cat is only six months old, and its body has a bunch of diseases, and it cannot make milk.It is conceivable how weak the kittens it gave birth to.

Therefore, the cats it gave birth to failed to survive, and its own life is likely to disappear.The shovel officer also let it survive the surgical treatment.

The orange cat who lost the child was very sad, and felt that the world had no hope.This made the shovelers very distressed and didn’t know how to make it happy.At this time, he thought of the Sanhua Cat at home, and some companions would be able to get out of pain.

So the shovel officer put two cats together.Sanhua cats did not resist the arrival of the orange cat, but they were very happy, so they stayed beside it to make it familiar with their existence.

The orange cat felt the kindness of Sanhua Cat and understood the kindness of the shovel officer, and slowly adjusted his mentality, and came out of the pain of losing his child.When you are used to the existence of Sanhua Cat, the orange cat begins to play with it every day or lie on the window sill and watch the scenery outside the window.

The orange cat was on the shovel officer to survive the children in the belly. I did not expect that because of their own reasons, not only did they not save them, they almost lost their lives.Fortunately, the shoveling officer is kind enough to make it barely survive.

The orange cat’s encounter is very sympathetic. We must take it as a precepts. Do not let minor cats get pregnant prematurely, and we must always pay attention to the health of their own cat owners.

“I am a living home”

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