The stumbling block on the road to pregnancy?Adjusting follicle development and difficulty in discharge, traditional Chinese medicine has a wonderful recipe

In March last year, a couple of long -standing infertility came from the clinic. The young couple were busy at work every day. Ms. Xu, a female patient, was 30 years old.Ms. Xu was not in good condition when she first came, and she was obviously weak.Before the two came to me, because they were not pregnant for a year, they had to choose to go to the reproductive assistance center of the hospital.

In the hospital, the young couple did a lot of inspections. The results showed that the man’s sperm indicators were normal. The diameter of the female follicles was less than 18mm.After reading the doctor, the doctor prescribed ovulation, but there were no results in a few rounds.After that, the doctor of the Reproductive Assistant Center told Ms. Xu that she could only try IVF, but she could not skip the step of ovulation. Under the dual pressure of the drug and the economy of the drug, the young couple finally chose to give up the Western medicine.

From the perspective of Western medicine, follicle dysplasia has a great relationship with the incomplete ovarian function. Ovarian dysfunction causes estrogen and progesterone to decrease.But it will lead to osteoporosis for a long time, and once the follicle development of the drug is stopped, it will still become poor.In addition, endocrine problems caused by pituitary problems, health problems, and excessive stress can lead to dysplasia of follicles and then affect pregnancy.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the failure of follicle development is caused by insufficient renal essence and qi, qi and blood loss, and can improve ovarian function and promote the development of follicles through the method of nourishing kidney yin and filling the margin through traditional Chinese medicine.According to the period of menstruation, the pathological phase of follicle development is in the late stage of menstruation, which means that it is important to grasp the late period, that is, the period between the end of menstruation and ovulation.

Fangyi: Purple quartz, chicken blood vine, female Jeongzi, Zihe car, Sichuan dome, white peony, angelica, motherwort, black seed grass, rose, gelatin, black sesame, lily, honey, honey, honey, honey

Blood vine

Fang 2: Houttuynia cordata, orange nucleus, antlers, mulberry parasites, Xiaotongcao, thorns, small leaf lotus, Zhuru, Maokezi, mulberry


Fang San: Angelica, Chi Yan, He Shouwu, Jewelry, Wolfberry, Baiji, Yam, Wolfberry, Yam

White peony

It is worth noting that in the process of treatment, we must understand the endocrine conditions of the patient, pay attention to the medical history and systemic investigation, and avoid blindly increasing the dose or extending the medication time.

For 8-12 days of menstruation or withdrawal, make follicle soup.

Groups: Angelica, Bai Zhi, Cooked Land, Yam, Johnzaka, Silk Silk, Shouwu, Xiangfu

This stage is mainly nourishing yin and nourishing the kidney.The female Jeongzi is used to nourish the yin and nourish the kidney, and the clear palace is relieved; Angelica, Baiyan, Shouwu, and Clear Earth can nourish qi and blood, nourish the seeds;Supplement the kidney with aphrodisiac, the warm palace is scattered.


For 13-15 days of menstruation or withdrawal, take ovulation soup.

Groups: Angelica, Chi Zhi, Cooked Land, Danshen, Wolfberry, Chicken Blood Teng, Motherwort, Achyranthes, Chuanxiong, Peach Ren, Safflower, Xiangfu

At this stage, the kidney yang is mainly nourishing.Angelica, peach kernels, safflower, Danshen, motherwort, Achyranthes and Chuanxiong mainly played the role of promoting blood circulation and stasis, and dredging the pulse.


For 16-28 days of menstruation or withdrawal, take luteal soup.

Groups: Angelica, Bai Zhi, Yam, Sichuan Broken, Parasitic, Xiangfu, Xianmou, Salviat, Xianling Poor, Morning Halberry, Cistanche

At this stage, it is mainly nourishing yin activating blood circulation stasis.Sichuan breaks and parasites have the functions of nourishing liver and kidney, and tires. Sichuan breaking is mainly based on warmth and kidney yang. Parasites are used to nourish yin and blood first. The two medicines are used together.


Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to dialectical treatment. According to different conditions, the medicinal materials used should also be dialectically added and subtracted.Those with qi deficiency plus astragalus; those who do not pass the fallopian tube plus mountain armor and king do not stay; those with qi stagnation can add firewood and tulips.

Some time ago, I received a call from Ms. Xu, saying that I was pregnant after taking 40 medicines, and my child was about to be born in full. I was very satisfied and grateful to my diagnosis and treatment results.

(The prescriptions and methods of dosage appear in this article are for reference only. In specific applications, please follow the doctor’s order or pharmacist guidance and avoid blindly.)

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