The swollen feet in the late pregnancy are like pork trotters. The old man let me really use it.

Mothers with children know that when the calf and ankle are edema in the late pregnancy, they are a big pit with a hand -pressed hand, and they cannot recover for a long time.Edema also brings a lot of inconvenience to pregnant women’s pregnancy.

During pregnancy, edema is generally divided into two types: explicit edema and invisible edema. The most common edema is common. Generally, the skin is smooth. A deep pit is pressed with a hand with a hand. Generally, it will spread from the ankle to the thigh.Invisible edema is invisible and invisible. The moisture is left in the organ gap and deep muscle tissue, so the weight increases rapidly, and it grows a pound in a week.

Reasons for edema pregnant women:

1. Increase tissue liquid

After 6 weeks of pregnancy, the blood capacity began to increase, reaching its top peak in 30 weeks, and it continued until half a month after giving birth.During this time, the blood capacity increased by half of the pregnancy, and the tissue liquid would increase.

2. The adrenal glands cause water retention

Due to the increased aldosterone secretion of hormones and adrenal glandular secretion, a large amount of water accumulates in the body.If the urination is reduced, edema will appear.

3. Decreasing plasma protein leads to edema

Plasma protein maintains the main component of blood penetration pressure. The plasma penetration pressure during pregnancy is far lower than before pregnancy, so that the water in the blood can easily penetrate into the organ tissue, so edema appears.

4. Pelvic pressure becomes greater, leading to edema.

The uterus is getting larger and larger, and the pressure on the pelvic cavity is increased, so that the vein return of the lower limbs receives pressure, and edema appears.This kind of edema will be relieved by paying attention to rest.

5. The closer to childbirth, the more serious the edema is

Edema usually occurs in ankles, calves, thighs, and even abdomen. Some severe mothers have edema on their faces.If edema is accompanied by hypertension and turbid urine, mothers should be alert to whether there are pregnancy hypertension or other diseases.

How to relieve

1. Lie flat and raise your feet

The pulse of the leg vein is difficult because the heart is too far away, and the venous blood relies on muscle contraction and blood vessel valve to return to the heart.Raising your feet will help the blood return to the heart, and the edema naturally reduces it.When a pregnant woman is sitting, use a stool to pad

2. Use the left side when resting

Pregnant women must pay attention to rest, it is best to have a lunch break at noon.It is best to lie on the side when resting, and the left side is conducive to alleviating edema.

3. Massage

Massage can promote blood circulation and have a good effect on edema during pregnancy.Massage can start from the ankle and slowly upward, which is conducive to venous return.

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