The taste is hundreds of years, and German beer is delicious and art.

Source: Global Times

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] East Barvaria, Germany, is one of the most distributed density in the world’s brewery. Most of them are small wine workshops with full personality, and some have a long history.When you hold a cup of beer, it is not only delicious beer, but also sustainable time.

From Kyleham to Wiltenburg Monastery, it is necessary to pass the throat in the Danube.This is the earliest monastery of Bavaria. History can be traced back to the 7th century AD, and there are still monks still live here.

It is magical that there is a beer factory in Wil Tengbao Monastery that lasted for nearly a thousand years. The shortage of food that year made beer become the best hunger and deliciousness. This is why many German monastery brewed beer.In the past thousand years, the beer brewing method has not changed. The required water still comes from more than 30 meters deep underground. The fermentation room still uses the cool underground and does not use air conditioners.The stainless steel equipment is changed, as well as the wine brewing, the taste of beer is consistent.

Each Saturday, the Brewery Brewery in Wil Tengburo can make an appointment.There is a beer garden here, which is extremely popular in summer, and the huge courtyard is full.At that time, the monastery could only brew beer and did not provide food conditions. Guests could bring their own food.This habit has been inherited so far in Bavaria -to drink beer at the beer garden, but it can bring food, but it is limited to outdoor gardens.

The taste inheritance of German beer thanks to the beer brewing method issued more than 500 years ago. It stipulates that beer can only be brewed with water, grains, yeasts and beer. Any other ingredients can be called pure beer.Therefore, according to this regulation, the popular craft beer and various seasoning beer are not regarded as real beer.

In addition to the water from the ground, the beer and barley that produced beer to produce beer also come from local. Due to the reduction of long -distance transportation, winery to the dining table is extremely fast, and the environmental protection is maximized.The hills of growth beer hills are undulating in the flower field.The slender beer flower is a perennial herbaceous plant similar to a tree. The root system is more than 4 meters deep underground, and the beer can survive for about 40 years.Beerlogen and male and female, blooming for female plants, plays only a point at the roots of petals.The roots of beer can be accompanied by a kind of wild vegetables, which are not low in the market.The important thing is that there are by -products such as beer tea, beer essential oil, etc. "Sustainable concepts" are everywhere in Germany.

The Kochesle on the banks of the Danube River has an interesting art beer factory operated by a family. It has been produced for more than 700 years. At present, the ninth generation of the winery is the ninth generation.The eighth generation of the Eighth generation of the Koches Brewery loves art collections. How to combine art and beer plants is always a problem he thinks. The ninth generation head has solved this problem.A Austrian -born artist has a nice Chinese name "Hundred Water". He is a winery reconstruction designer.Design inspiration.

Bai Shui is a firm supporter of the concept of environmental protection. Many details of the winery are completed by environmental protection materials.Kockepad not only creates a "fairy tale" in appearance, but also the golden ball located on the top can also hold an air wedding, or small seminars and gatherings.Standing in the golden ball, overlooking the charming scenery of Abbel, it is very comfortable.

The raw materials for beer to produce beer not only come from local suppliers, but also require barley to ensure the quality of beer.A large number of tourists come to visit the beer factory in the fairy tale world every year, which also contributes to Abbel.In addition, the training provided by the Beer Museum and Kockel also benefits young people.

Kockeele has become a perfect combination of art and beer plants or industry. This factory that produces delicious beer in the atmosphere of the art museum is the only one.Add new elements to ancient things to make traditional new machines, not only big friends and children come to the eyes, but this is also a sustainable creation of ancient law brewing.

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