The third party told me that his wife was pregnant, making me feel messy

I do n’t know how to talk to you when I have too many real experiences and mental journey some time ago.After you read it, he laughed and forgot: Last year he told me that his wife might be pregnant. I didn’t know how to face me. I was guilty.I have been crying, but you can’t control the life of others.After the second child policy was liberalized, his wife wanted to give birth, and his mother also wanted a son HB rural areas. Before he was a daughter.On the side, it was found that their husband and wife were in good feelings. One 77 years, one 79 years, and a age of age.

The menstruation did not come in May, and two were measured.It should be pregnant, he was very happy, because at that time, her wife was very dangerous to keep the placenta bleeding. He was worried that he couldn’t help let his mother disappointed.At first I bought a pregnant Shu Songzi and walnuts for me, so I pay attention to rest.On June 18, his wife was born for more than 37 weeks and gave birth to a 6.6 catties of son.I think he must be very happy.His mother brought chickens and eggs from HB rural, and he brought me to my colleagues.At that time, I was so stupid that it was a good person, and my wife remembered me.Afterwards, I really don’t want much.Preservation during pregnancy, platelets 37, women’s insurance does not allow the transfer to the hospital, and Rh negative blood is found.Turned to the comprehensive hospital for bones and worn, and finished the thighs.Diagnosis is platelet reduction purpura, and doctors recommend abortion.But I can’t bear it. Most of them are because the child who is nearly 30 years old is not easy to be a man who loves men.Placental bleeding in the middle of pregnancy, gestational diabetes, and tie your fingers every day to control your diet.He did not dare to contact me because he was busy taking a second child to take a child.He came back to the unit for a month to see that I took me for a meal.I felt the fetal movement and told myself that I was going to live.

Suddenly bleeding in the middle of the night called an ambulance to the hospital, and the blood flow floor was everywhere.Three staff members carried me on the stretcher.I thought that my parents would be dead that day.When I arrived at the hospital, I took the B -ultrasound in the needle. The diagnosis was placental hematoma and observed whether there were signs of early peeling.The next day, I transferred from the fetal heart monitor to the rescue room and sent him QQ to tell him that I was hospitalized.After that, he contacted me to ask me how to do.For one week, the magnesium sulfate of the hemostatic needle was still bleeding. During the day, pushed four or five color Doppler ultrasound with a wheelchair, and one came in the middle of the night.Tie blood glucose four times a day.In the end, the statistics stayed in a total of 15 days of hospitals and picked up 60 times.On average, one finger five holes.During that time, when I heard the sound of the nurses of Guru Guru, I was afraid that the baby was madly moved.In the later period of the bleeding hospital, Cui asked me how you thought about it every day, they suggested that it was cut.Because the tendency of hematoma is not ideal.It is also to avoid the baby who can avoid the responsibility for more than 35 weeks, but I am sad, and I have not allowed the baby to stay in the stomach to the full moon.

A few times of blood test platelets were drawn several times that day, which has always been more than 44, about 50.If the arms are pumped without blood vessels, the pain is so painful.36 weeks +1 obstetric director said that it was urgent immediately.My scared leg shook too much and suddenly didn’t prepare in my heart. I prepared two units of platelets and panda blood in 4 units.Using bureau hemp+general anesthesia, what anesthesia is calculated, two stitches on the belly, and I was worried that I would not dare to kick the baby when I hurt the baby.My family told me to have 6 pounds of sons.In the middle of the night, the doctor pressed the belly to take a bath blood again and again, and continued to hang the platelets with pickles.The blood glucose continued with his fingers, and he never contacted me.Afterwards, he said that when I was hospitalized, he didn’t sleep well.I really don’t know if it is what he said.The contraction is beaten to death.I hope he can come and see if I can.There was no prestige because he said that my family was here and I didn’t know what identity was embarrassing, and my heart was tangled.After giving birth, I ca n’t shed tears. After giving birth to my baby, I burst into tears silently for three days. I am always full of surprises and frightening in my life. People I really treat may not be able to change my heart.People who are perfunctory of things can care for you in danger.The baby was born to the insulation box for 5 days because he was afraid of panda blood maternal hemolysis, and he was worried that the baby’s blood plate was low.I was discharged with my baby for a week after giving birth. The breast milk felt a wonderful feeling of drinking milk.Twenty days after giving birth, we must wear adult diaper to install blood.The B -ultrasound found that there is a 55*17 large blood clot, platelet 7, live blood department, bell protein, hormone, hemostasis and hemostasis, the hospital is in a hurry to adjust my panda blood in the middle of the night.

Patients with acute lymphoma carcinoma in the blood department, either malignant bone marrow hyperplasia. The sister of the next bed is 19 years old. The parents have given up the treatment in the countryside. In contrast, I have a son as an concern.EssenceI told him that I was hospitalized again, because my family had no prestige around me.Ten days later, the prestige told me that he forgot to remind me that I wanted to wipe myself with ginger water, and worried about me, so that I would not hold the baby to hurt the uterus in the confinement.But I was really disappointed.It is really important to save people who save people in water and fire.My feelings of his feelings also faded, and there were also resistance.Until the day before yesterday, his wife put a photo of their second son as an avatar, which made me collapse across the board.Emotions have defeated rationality and entangled in this relationship.He told me that he had always been guilty to me. Many things he couldn’t do or did not do it without seeing me.Tell me that life is short for a short time, and he will always pay attention to me and my baby will bless us. I have collapsed ~~~ A love that is obviously impossible to lack moths.He came to this world again.He told me that his heart was very stressful, because he knew that the existence of my baby was a hidden danger of his family.I don’t want to contact him but can’t control it.A photo of the emotional venting like a flood. I think most of the grievances that have been depressed for too long ~~~~

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