The three methods commonly used by the small three forced palace, how should the original match be dealt with and how to separate the Primary Three?

Ninety -nine percent women make primary three to replace the original match, so they will eventually embark on the road of forcing the palace.

The ninety -nine percent of the original match will encounter the various methods of the primary three ways, so you must not be kicked out of the game, you must learn to deal with it.

In this article, Lan Fang talked to you about the commonly used means of forced palace, and the response method of the Central Plains in the case of successful separation of Primary Three.

The low -level juniors took the initiative to take the initiative, and came directly to the door to expose himself and then forced the original to divorce himself.

To be honest, such a small three is really not afraid. In addition to it looks strong and bold, dare to play the original family,

In fact, there are no means at all. It is neither convinced that the derailed man goes home and divorces his wife.

There are no other means to allow the original match to abandon the derailed man, so you can only hit the door with a knife and gun.

This method is not good for others, and the enemy will not lose 800 self -harm. The original match can successfully separate the Primary Three as long as they retire.

For example, Ms. Zhao’s case that Lan Fang had dealt with before is the case. Xiaosan blocked Ms. Zhao to divorce.

When Ms. Zhao came to me, she was very panicked. I felt that Xiao San dared to come to the door to prove that Xiao San was very powerful, so the original match was afraid.

The reality is that this young three encountered by Ms. Zhao is a love brain, and the extramarital affair with the derailed man is for the relationship.

Always urged the derailed man to divorce and marry himself, but the derailed man was unwilling to divorce for the third, but he also wanted to continue to talk to Xiao San.

I cheated Xiaosan himself and Ms. Zhao that Ms. Zhao was unwilling to divorce. She could not force Ms. Zhao for her husband and wife.

Xiao San believed in the derailed man, and directly hit the door forced Ms. Zhao to divorce, and the original match mistakenly thought that Primary Three was full of confidence.

This is very simple to this small three method. You don’t have to fight against the small three.

If you do n’t give the small three opportunities, you pretend to be weak and say grievances, turn the primary three into wicked people, you are innocent and frightened.

The derailed man did not want to divorce. Xiao San forced the palace to cause trouble for himself. He was not happy.

If his wife was in trouble at this time, then the husband and wife would definitely quarrel on the muzzle.

If the original with a clever way to avoid the muzzle and let the derailed man’s muzzle facing Primary Three, the Primary Three will naturally start a war with the derailed man.

In the medium level, Xiaosan will be forced to force the palace after relying on it. For example, if you have a child, you have a child.

Many primary three rely on their children to succeed, and it is the ability to make a derailed man and their own children.

Although most men are derailed, they do not want to divorce and do not want to cause trouble for themselves. They are unwilling to live with their children.

Therefore, those who can stand up to the pregnant belly or bring their children to the house are all means, and the primary three are also relatively high.

For example, in the case previously processed by Lan Fang, the original with Ms. Liu encountered such a primary three.

The forefoot and derailed men went to the hospital to check that she was pregnant. After the derailed man went to work, she directly took the pregnancy checklist to find the original match.

On the one hand, I told the original man who was pregnant and derailed.

On the other hand, it is also to stimulate the original match. Your husband and I have children. Your husband really loves me, so that the original match and derailment man make trouble.

At that time, Ms. Liu did hit the trap of Xiaosan, and made a noise with a derailed man.

Derailed men actually swayed between two women when they were pregnant. The original match was so troubled.

The derailed man’s heart is naturally biased towards Primary Three, but Ms. Liu does not really want to divorce, and does not know how to save it, come to Lanfang for help.

As long as the derailed man did not mention the divorce, Primary Three took the initiative to come to the palace, and the derailed man was unwilling to divorce for Primary Three.

The low -ranking Primary Three didn’t understand this, so it was them who suffered a loss, and the high -level Xiao San understood this. They stimulated the original match and made the original match.

In fact, the derailed man did not want to divorce from the beginning. What the original match needs to do is to make the derailed man’s idea of not divorced.

Primary three knew that they could not be supreme by their children, and they were reluctant to give birth to a child to drag themselves.

The small three of the high segments will not take the initiative to force the palace at all. They will use various means to control the derailed men and let the derailed men take the initiative to divorce.

Lan Fang also encountered such a junior when dealing with a derailment case. They well understood the psychology of the derailed men.

I also know how to control the heart of a derailed man.

They let the derailed men rely on themselves, and control the derailed man’s heart in their hands.

But even if they occupy the absolute dominance of emotions, they will never take the initiative to give derailment men divorce.

Instead, through words and deeds, the derailed men make them feel that they should marry Primary Three, otherwise they are sorry for Primary Three.

After the derailed man has the idea of divorce and marrying Primary Three, if you do not go home to divorce his wife, Xiaosan will continue to retreat.

For example, in a case previously processed by Lan Fang, after the Primary Three controlled the derailed man, the derailed man refused to divorce at Xiao Sanqian Yishun, but he would not divorce.

Xiao San said that he didn’t want to continue to be a bad person, and did not want to hurt the original wife, so he had to break up with a derailed man, and to blackened the derailed men’s various contact methods.

At this time, the derailed man could not do without the primary three, and he also felt that the third kind of kindness still loved himself, so he looked for Primary Three everywhere.

After finding it, Xiao San made himself very embarrassed and said that he was very sad, but he was unwilling to continue with the derailed man for his conscience.

In the end, in order to let Xiao San and himself choose to divorce his wife, his wife did not agree with him.

When the original match came to see Lan Fang for help, it was very helpless. The complaints were derailed men, but I didn’t know that it was Xiao San’s work.

In fact, in the face of such a junior, all you need to do is to show more derailed men than Primary Three, and it is inseparable from the derailed men.

Those who forced the derailment men to pick up divorce, the original match can also be taken to let the derailed men take the initiative to break up with Xiao San talks about the breakup with Primary Three

Finally, summarize the means of forced the palace, Xiao San finds the original match for divorce,

It is proved that the derailment man is unwilling to divorce, otherwise Xiao San does not need to find the original match by himself, and it is not better to let the derailed man go directly.

Therefore, on the issue of divorce, the derailed men and the primary three opinions do not meet the opinions. The original match provides the most effective way of responding through this.

And for the kind of high -ranking primary three for the derailed man to take the initiative to divorce, the derailment man actively operates.

The original match needs to understand the means of Xiaosan, understand the psychology of a derailed man, and then cure the body of his person with his own way, and can successfully separate Primary Three.

Of course, the method is easy to do. If you don’t know how you should use these methods, you can directly consult me.

I am Lanfang, an emotional mentor who tells the truth.

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