The time arrangement of artificial insemination

Because artificial fertilization is closer to natural pregnancy, there are fewer artificial intervention in the entire process. Many infertility couples hope to have an artificial insemination to have a baby. In order to better coordinate the relationship between pregnancy and work, many patients will meetConsult the time of artificial fertilization in advance. So, how to do the time arrangement of artificial insemination?

Artificial insemination means that through non -sexual intercourse, the men’s semen is optimized after the woman’s ovulation is placed in the female reproductive tract through medical equipment to help women get pregnant and have children.It takes about a month to fertilize the whole cycle. Let’s take a look together. There are probably the key time points.

1. Early inspection

Woman: Due to the different inspection items, the woman’s early inspection was performed twice, once in the menstrual period for 2-3 days, and one at a time should be carried out for 3-7 days.Every day it can be completed.

Man: If there is no problem, the man can check it as long as you come to the hospital.

2. Folkmine monitoring

After entering the cycle, the follicle monitoring is performed to determine the time of artificial insemination.

Woman: Most women ovulate about 2 weeks before menstruation (12-16 days). Due to the changes in the effects of ovulation, emotional, environmental, and drugs, doctors estimate ovulation time through follicle monitoring.Generally, around the 10th day of the menstrual cycle, the woman began to monitor follicles for the first time.Through the size and hormone level, the doctor determines the next monitoring time.During the entire monitoring stage, the woman needs to come to the hospital about 3-4 times. The period in the early period is long, and the monitoring will be more frequent before and after ovulation.If the woman’s menstruation is irregular, there will be more times to come to the hospital.

Man: Raise your body, avoid colds and fever, and affect sperm quality.

3. Artificial insemination surgery

Woman: When the diameter of the follicle is more than 18-20mm, the doctor will perform HCG according to the patient’s ovulation time for surgery.It is generally once each before and after ovulation.

Man: Take the fine on the day of the operation.Before artificial insemination, the man needs to abstain from 2-7 days.

4. Pregnancy test

14-16 days after artificial fertilization, the woman went to the hospital for blood drawing.Follow the doctor’s advice to protect and re -examination.

According to the time arrangement of artificial insemination, to coordinate your work and pregnancy time, and adjust your mentality to better and faster to welcome the arrival of small lives.

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