The top ten green tea in China, Anhui, two, two Zhejiang, it is not good for ranking, the third opinion is great

China is the hometown of tea, and the variety of tea is diverse.

Summer is the season of drinking green tea. This article will introduce the top ten green tea in China. These green tea types have their own characteristics, and their taste and aroma are also different.

I hope the content of the article will help tea friends.

1. West Lake Longjing

West Lake Longjing is one of the most famous green tea in China.

It is produced in the area around the West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Its tea leaves are tender, flat and neat, so they are also known as the "King of China Green Tea".

West Lake Longjing has the characteristics of high fragrance and long fragrance, and you can feel the unique charm of tea in the fragrance when drinking.

2. Dongting Biluochun

Dongting Biluochun is one of Hunan’s representative green tea.

This kind of tea is produced in Dongting Lake, Suzhou, with bright colors, tender tea, refreshing taste, and unique floral and bean flavor.

Dongting Biluochun has won the love of many tea guests with its fresh taste and aromatic smell.

3. Xinyang Maojian

Xinyang Maojian is produced in Xinyang, Henan, and is one of the four major green tea in China.

Its tea is tender and dense, and it shows light green, fresh and refreshing, with a light aroma.

Xinyang Maojian is famous for its high quality and unique flavor.

4. Taiping Monkey Kui

The Taiping Monkey Kui is the unique green tea variety in Anhui.

It is known for its thickness and strips of tea. It has a strong fruity and floral fragrance with mellow taste.

Taiping Monkey has attracted the attention of countless tea fans with its unique appearance and unique aroma.

5. Liu’an Melon Film

Liu’an Melon Film is one of the traditional Chinese tea, which is produced in Lu’an City, Anhui.

This kind of tea is flat and thick, the color is green, the aroma is fresh, the taste is mellow, and it has a unique flavor.

Liu’an Gua Mizu is highly respected in the domestic and foreign tea market, adding color to Chinese green tea.

6. Lushan Cloud Fog Tea

Lushan Yunwu Tea is produced in Lushan, Jiangxi. It is one of the famous famous mountain tea in China.

The tea leaves of Lushan Cloud Fog Tea are tight, the color is tender, the aroma is high, and the taste is refreshing.Drinking Lushan Cloud Fog Tea, you can feel the natural atmosphere of mountains and forests.

7. Huangshan Maofeng

Huangshan Maofeng is the representative green tea of Huangshan, Anhui.

Its tea is tender and dense, with a stiff shape, a high aroma, and a clear taste.Huangshan Maofeng is known as the treasure of Huangshan.

It is well -known for its high quality and unique flavor.

8. Anji White Tea

Anji White Tea is a specialty tea in Anji County, Zhejiang.

This tea is tender and green, elegant in color, with fresh floral and fruity aroma.

Anji White Tea has a unique taste and aroma, and has always been praised by tea customers as natural beauty tea.

9. Enshi Yulu

Enshiyu is produced in Enshi, Hubei, and is one of the famous Chinese tea.

Enshi Yulu’s tea is tender and uniform, with a long appearance, fresh taste, has a unique aroma, and has a fresh and pleasant taste.

With its unique quality and taste, it is favored by tea customers.

10. Du even hair tip

The last one is Duyong Maojian, which is produced in Duyun City, Guizhou. It is a famous famous tea in Guizhou.

Duyong’s pointed tea has a long shape, remarkable hair, clear tea soup, with mellow taste and fresh aroma.

This kind of tea has excellent quality and unique taste. It is popular with tea enthusiasts.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and a variety of vitamins, which are regarded as healthy drinks by tea customers.

Whether it is tasting or brewing, you can feel its unique charm in the mellow taste of green tea.

Whether you are a new and old tea friend, these ten major green tea varieties are worth trying.

Drink these tea, you can feel the fragrance of tea fragrance, and experience the comfort and relaxation of tea.More importantly, you can explore new beauty in the world of Chinese green tea and experience the charm of tea culture.

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